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Top 12 Best Grammarly Alternatives in 2021.

Grammarly is a popular tool for checking grammar and plagiarism. It provides many writing styles, suggestions for vocabulary enhancement, find grammar and punctuation errors, and many more. On the other hand, this does not assist you to come across all misuses of correctly-spelled words. Occasionally it does not distinguish the poorly-constructed sentences. There are lots of Grammarly alternatives obtainable in the market. At this blog by Blogging Coffe, here is a list of best Grammarly alternatives below:

1. Free Expresso App
2. SlickWrite
3. OnlineCorrection
4. 1Checker
5. GrammarCheck
6. SpellCheckPlus
7. SentenceCheckup
8. After the Deadline
9. Hemingway
10. Writefull
11. Unicheck

1. Free Expresso App :

Free Expresso App  is one of best and free Grammarly alternatives. You can use it to checking all blogs and articles. FreeExpresso assists to improve your writing in a good manner by pointing all your mistakes. This tool has one of the best advantages; it does not accumulate your information for privacy. Additionally, it is easy to use the tool by putting your content in the box. Despite that, it is known as a certified tool that does not harm your system. Also it is free of malware, viruses, and adware. So you can use it on any device.

2. SlickWrite:

SlickWrite is a free online grammar checker. It does not need installing and downloading the user client. SlickWrite is a web-based platform where you may type, paste, and save content to the local computer after you have completed the post. It confirms for sentence length, assesses reading time, readability, unusual and transition words, passive voice, adverbs, and unneeded phrases. At this tool, double-clicking on any phrase will assist you check details through Wikipedia, Google, Thesaurus, Associated Words, etc.

3. OnlineCorrection

OnlineCorrection is a free online grammar checker. The tool evaluates your content circumspectly, and then lists the mistakes. Correcting grammar is easy as wrong words are seen with different colors. The tool provides the optional words. This searches for grammar, spell, punctuation, and repetition of words in the text. Despite it features English correction; OnlineCorrection supports also numerous languages making it best among other free Grammarly alternatives. This is a simple tool to proofread the article before publishing it.

4. 1Checker

1Checker is a free Grammarly checker. It creates faultless articles and assignments. The tool gives both versions online and desktop software for Windows and Mac machines. To use it, you will have to register first. It takes only a few seconds to evaluate and proofread your content through the advanced AI engine and identify grammar, spelling, and sentence style issues. Powered by contextual learning (CL) technology, this tool suggests words placement for complete and unique writing. So, it is helpful for users to keep away from using ineffective words and make sentences clear without spoiling the genuine meanings.

5. GrammarCheck

GrammarCheck is a free online Grammar checker. The tool is a simple writing application. It is a web-hosted service that comes with functions to assist you write content more efficiently and perfectly. You can test your text by a write-up into a given dialog box. Using the tool to prevent grammar mistakes will boost you in writing confidence. Start and correct any grammar errors, check the text for plagiarism, and get vocabulary suggestions. The online grammar checker may save you editing time; you can correct all mistakes into your text with a few clicks. In general, using this tool will benefit you in numerous ways.

6. SpellCheckPlus: 

SpellCheckPlus is a free Grammarly alternative. It checks for grammar, spelling, and punctuation with explanations when hovering the cursor on the highlighted words. The online tool also brings a grammar score and word counts along with search, copy/paste, and printing preferences. Put your articles into the editor and press “Check Text” button. Shortly the tool will bring up all the doable fluffs. SpellCheckPlus offers numerous advantages, such as fullscreen editor, text archiving, summary of errors, interactive grammar exercises, and more.

7. SentenceCheckup: 

SentenceCheckup is a free online grammar checker. It may check for run-on sentence and piece check. Also it can correct grammatical errors and improve style issues in your writing. SentenceCheckup can check essays and blog posts; it needs to type or paste text and click on the checkup button to get the result. It comprises American, British, and Australian English, but may be too restricted for a few purposes. The tool is certainly more apposite to irregular checking of sentences, and short documents rather than long dissertations.

8. After the Deadline: 

After the Deadline is one of best free grammar alternatives. It can check and proofread your grammar and spelling while writing online. It has a good selection of configuration alternatives, such as the ability to check a series of elective grammar points: lines and unfair language. As a free spell and grammar checker, this is certainly a good alternative. Also it makes use of Natural Language Processing, which takes it apart from several other free platforms in terms of general functionality. The tool is truly a simple and perfect for those who need to keep an eye on grammar as well as spelling.

9. Hemingway:

Hemingway is one of the best Grammarly alternatives you can make use of it in daily life. It is easy to use. Not only will it show you the mistakes, but also it will give the better words to use. With this online grammar checker, you may learn to get quality writing. It is the best tool for beginners. In addition, Hemingway makes use of diverse colors to show mistakes. This will assist you to easily analyze the errors and correct them. Also it provides the score of readability to explain you to get better your writing skills. Generally, it is a good tool to use for proofreading.

10. Writefull:

Writefull is an online grammar checker. It comments on your writing by evaluating your text against large databases of language such as such as Google Scholar, Google Books, and Google News. You can use it in any writing tool (From MS Word to Gmail). Just pick a piece of text, hit the short-key to start Writefull, and choose one of its many options. It lets you to hear text pronounced, learn general words used in the article, and confirm synonyms of a particular word. Writefull deserves really to be a Grammarly Alternative.

11. Unicheck:

Unicheck is one of the best grammar alternatives to check plagiarized content. This tool is developed by some of the most intellectual educators. Unicheck is broadly used in the best institutions of the countries such as Australia and U.S.A. In addition, this comes with a good user interface and remarkable options. The tool is the ideal tool for bloggers and content writers. It helps on many file formats and gives full reports on plagiarism in your content. This tool does not affect your text. You can consider it one of best Grammarly alternatives to help you correct mistakes in the content.


Choosing the correct word is everything.  Whether you’re working on an Essay , a Blog post, or an important email, presenting your thoughts with clean, precise text gives a huge     impression on the reader. When the stakes are up, the grammar checker will be a lifesaver.  But with all these online tools available, it’s important to choose one that you will rely on to get errors every minute. 

Most of us use but can be a good alternative of Grammarly. provides all the tools suitable for you, providing  an attractive  format to your content , with the help of its Al tool giving more accuracy for choosing a correct word  for you.

After a precise discussion on the best and free Grammarly alternatives in 2020, it is now your turn to pick the most suitable Grammarly alternative for your content writing projects. Usually professionals who write each day will appreciate best tools that give high functionality. So there is nothing left to look for another one. Pick the best and make your writing error-free grammatically. At this blog, you have more yet best options to choose from.


I’m Jai, The man behinds Blogging Coffee. I am a professional blogger, Digital Marketer, and Certified Google Partner. I write about Business ,Tech News,Travel, Food Recipe, YouTube Trending Video and Health And Fitness here on Blogging Coffee.

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