MP3 to Text Converters

10 Best Websites for MP3 to Text Converters Online

There are numerous ways to convert the MP3 format into text in today’s world filled with technology. MP3 is a file format that contains designated files of audio. The conversion process is quite simple as all you have to do is upload your MP3 file and click ‘auto transcribe,” and download your text file. So, […]

Voice Changer Software

Top 9 Voice Changer Software, 6th one My Favourite.

What a derivation from the technology, it is none other than voice changer software to change the pitch of a user’s voice! After Blogging Coffe has written content on different technology liable to make life easier, this new technology has made sure to change the voice offering numerous sound effects and voices, to the users. […]


Top 11 Free Text to Speech Converter Apps for Android

Text-to-speech converter apps help to convert the written text into a voice version. It is quite useful when you do not have time to read. You can sit back in your car and driving relaxed while listening to the essential texts. It helps a lot in many ways. However, these applications are good enough to […]

Best Password Manager Apps for Android

12 Best Password Manager Apps for Android

What is a password manager app? Internet is an indispensable part of our life. So are the passwords. Nearly every website or application nowadays asks for an account secured with passwords. Now, this is next to impossible for a single human mind to remember so many passwords at a time. One password overlaps on the […]