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How to delete search history on MacBook

How to delete search history on MacBook Tips

You may want to remove your browsing history for a number of reasons. You shouldn’t be on the lookout for a surprise birthday gift to surfing places. There is no question of removing proof from your browser’s history menu, for instance by using violet-clicking on Google to highlight the search results. Also, if you visit a completely different website, your wife or boss will not comment on the products you’ve researched.

What is history browsing, and why it is deleted, basically, it’s all that your computer searches online. You leave footprints in a browser every time you go into the Internet. The website name and its url are stored in a log when you search the website by the browser. That is why you see the sites you visited previously when you start typing in autosuggestions.

Helpful as it stands browsing history takes anonymity away from you and could pose serious data security risks. Everyone who has access to your Mac can track your activities online easily. You may have to compromise your data via malicious software when you are not removing the history and have some kind of malware on Mac.

Clear browsing information for Safari

You won’t sleep well if you use multiple browsers before you delete the history of each browser. Each browser has its own track of your online activities. A few simple measures are required to manually remove browser search history. Or, in seconds you can get a tool to wipe it off.

Below are working tips on how to build a safe browsing environment without software from third parties.

             Tip: Turn on or off private browsing to visit sites without a history.

  1. To remove the site, go to the History Tab of Safari in the menu and click All History Show. Find a website to delete, click and click Delete. Delete. If you want to get rid of multiple items simultaneously, keep commanding.
  2. Click Go to Folder and add: ~/Library / Safari / Databases, and delete the contents of the folder to make sure everything is being deleted in the Finder’s Go menu.

Remove the content from the folders Local Storage and Database. You use these to store information related to your operation on these sites from websites you visited.

Clear Browsing data in Chrome

The first thing you notice about Chrome is that Google wants you logged in when you use it. Google can collect your browsing data and use it for advertising purposes whenever you have logged in. So, you can make sure that you’re not connected to Google when you use it if you don’t want to know where to go.

  1. Click on the History menu and click Show full history to delete Google Chrome browsing data.
  2. Now, in the left hand sidebar, click on Clear browsing data
  3. The options for clearing the following items will open a new web page. Select a time period for which data is being clear and then tick the boxes next to the data that you want deleted.
  4. Click Clear Data Browser.
  5. It will take no more than 2 minutes for the whole process. It sounds simple, unless your history clears up, it’s not Google’s going to disappear.

Go a further mile and remove all the traces of Google’s online business!  Your Google Account allows you to view, control and delete data on all your activities.

  1. Click Data & personalization on the top of the navigation panel to remove multi-device searches and other Google Activities.
  2. In the top right corner, click on the More icon. Access My Activity and timeline panel
  3. Choose Delete Activity by > Delete by Date > Download > Everytime > Delete To remove the whole history.
  4. Select More > Item view to delete only specific items. You can search or apply filters either by hand. Click More > Remove the item you want to remove from your history.

You can also prevent Google from first monitoring your activities. Select the menu button in the left top corner of the My Activity tab. Go to Activity checks and deactivate tracking for each service.

Delete Browsing History in Firefox

  1. Click on the history menu and click’ Clear History.’ In a window that opens, select the details of the browsing history, and then select a period to delete the data. To delete the data, click the tick-box, click Clear Now.
  2. Go to History > Display All History to remove a specific item from your Firefox history. You can find an URL to delete by clicking Right and select Forget this webpage, you can filter by date and start typing it.
  3. Click the Firefox menu and select Preferences to avoid Firefox ever storing history data. Choose ‘ Firefox will’ in the History heading and then’ Never Remember History.
  4. Delete Firefox browsing history How to get Chrome, Safari, or Firefox history clear from all browsers at once is easy to get your browsing history off in minutes. But if you have access to your computer with more than one browser or other people, the whole process could be cumbersome.

You can just forget to get rid of all the traces, not to mention. Automatic clearing or clearing on exit to ensure confidentiality of browsing.

Thus, we have seen the key ways in which, browsing history can be deleted on the Mac book.

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