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MilesWeb Review: Hands-On Review on Managed DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting


You might think cloud computing is a simple term.Once there was a time when every few of us are struggling to learn the definition and not really gaining its full potential. But today, we have lifted the fog on cloud computing once and for all.

With cloud computing you can keep your programs and data over the internet rather than storing it on your computer or hard drive. Simply speaking, you should have an internet connection to access the data you need. One of the best examples of you using the cloud services is when you access the files on Google Drive or listen to some decent tunes on Spotify, you’re utilising cloud services.

Cloud computing offers flexibility and functionality to the companies. Cloud is a vast network and so, it is very easy to store as a huge volume of data you need to. One of the important things to note is that cloud computing in the business industry is completely different from the cloud used for personal or home-based offices. It is required for the business to take a decision on selecting a cloud platform from home-based offices or personal needs. Businesses need to decide whether they should go with Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).

In short, PaaS enables companies to work on customized applications that suit their needs, SaaS needs them to select an application for subscribing. Therefore, for SaaS the service is offered by a host that manages the application by itself.

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The Common Characteristics of the Cloud

To get the complete knowledge about the way cloud computing functions, and reasons for businesses using it to store data and programs, it is important to learn about the most common characteristics of the cloud.

On-Demand Availability

This is the most important feature of cloud computing services.Due to these self-service characteristics you as a user, don’t need to take the assistance from the IT department to complete the process. Just contact your provider, and your request will be processed. There is no need of human hands—on the part of the provider —for completing the procedure.  

Easily Accessed through a Broad Network

The next significant feature of cloud is getting access via a broad network. It means that it is possible to use multiple and different types of devices such as mobile phone, laptop and tablets for getting the resources required.

Multi-Tenant Resource Pooling

With a multi-tenant model used in cloud computing, multiple users get the ability to share resources but without exposing them to security risks. Simple speaking, privacy is reserved.

For example, imagine a building comprising of hundreds of individuals. Though they live in one infrastructure, they will still be able to keep their privacy as the live in separate flats. The tenants will share will same amenities offered by the same infrastructure and this is what resource pooling means.

In the cloud, the resources that are pooled so as to serve a multitude of users are called as computing resources.

Ability to Scale Rapidly

The ability to scale up or down quickly is termed as elasticity and it is necessary in cloud computing for meeting the website’s demand. If an application displays large volumes of traffic, service won’t be affected because additional servers will be automatically provided. It means that the cloud can immediately provide or release according to what’s needed.

After taking a look at the characteristics of cloud, you need to find the best cloud hosting provider for your website. Let’s check out with it!


MilesWeb aims at helping small and medium businesses to grow by offering the best and affordable web hosting services. They know the importance of their customers and are therefore, struggling to keep their websites up and running.

Use of latest technology, instant support, best uptime, patiently handling customer queries, etc. are some of the features that have made them popular among the crowd.

When it comes to cloud hosting, MilesWeb offers managed cloud DigitalOcean hosting and take the complete responsibility of managing your cloud. MilesWeb also provides Linux and Windows shared hosting, cPanel and Plesk reseller hosting, WordPress hosting, cheap VPS hosting, dedicated hosting and SSL certificate. 

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Summing Up

Cloud computing is one of the best platforms where you can keep your data safe as well as access it from anywhere and with any device. Additionally, MilesWeb’s managed DigitalOcean cloud hosting offers you all the features for managing your droplets easily.

So, leave all the obstacles and complexity of managing your cloud to MilesWeb and save your precious time for your business.

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