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Top 12 Best Comedy Anime Of All Time


We all have heard of the saying “laughing is the best therapy”, which is valid at its best. Many sources could bring laughs and happiness to all, but have you ever thought of Anime? 

Whenever it comes to anime, people believe that if it is anime, then it must be an action-packed, thriller, or suspenseful, but no, it’s not true. There are comedy anime too. 

Comedy Anime are so sarcastic and humorous that it will make you laugh like crazy. 

Comedy anime series are so attractive in their storyline, characters, acting, gestures and facial expression that they make you fall in love with them. 

For your leisure and pleasure, we bring you the top 12 best comedy anime list.


1. Good luck girl

One of the best comedy anime revolves around our female protagonist, Ichiko Sakura. 

This pretty 16-year-old lucky girl is induced with fortunate energy, which draws power from the surroundings. 

But this fortunate energy becomes the misery of her life as the God of Misfortune is sent to Earth to suck out some luck from the protagonist’s life. 

Another powerful character who gave it a sarcastic look on the screen was monk Static whose comedic punches were just right. 


2. Gintama

Gintoki Sakata is a master samurai who leads on to save the earth from the attack of aliens called ‘Amanto’. 

But currently he works as a freelancer and trying out different jobs under the regime of the aliens. 

This blockbuster comedy anime shows Gintoki’s adventure of samurai fighting beside his friends and expelling enemies and aliens out of this world.

What can one ask more for than a trio-combination of samurai, action, and comedy adventure?


3. Crayon Shin-chan

This marathon comedy anime series has 1000 episodes under its name. 

One of the longest-running anime to date is creating wonders worldwide with its fanbase in around 45 countries. 

People love to watch this anime because of Shin-chan. This naughty little kid becomes the source of comedy by asking irrelevant yet comedic offbeat questions to adults, which makes them confused throughout the episode. 

But some jokes in this anime are so unnatural and have double meanings that some countries withdraw from translating them into their native language.  


4. One-Punch Man 

The protagonist of the story, Saitama, is overwhelmed with his superpower of finishing his opponent in one punch, and he is troubled by this. 

Yes, because no one can stand before him for more than a single punch. 

Hero Association, where Saitama is an associated member, gives an exam but fails it nearly. 

From the start of the anime, you will burst out laughing for sure. 

This should be on this list, and if you haven’t watched it, then go ahead and binge-watch! 


5. Grand Blue

This whacking comedy anime is best in its own sense. 

Here’s the plot – a shy guy moves into a new city to live the college life but later finds himself in a diving club which is more focused on partying and doing enjoyable stuff rather than on what they are assigned. 

It is a perfect blend of lovable party scenes and an unmatchable sarcastic approach to characters’ facial expressions giving that extra dose of comedy. 


6. The Devil is a Part-Timer 

This entire comedy anime is subjected to 13 episodes of a peculiar comedy genre. 

The protagonist named Satan, who escaped during the fight, entered Tokyo through a mistake from the portal. 

He got stuck in the city with no option left but to take a job in a food restaurant. 

His conversations with his customers were the moments where viewers couldn’t stop their tears from laughing. 


7. Kill La Kill 

This anime blends action fiction, science fiction, and satirical comedy. 

It’s a story of a girl, Ryuko Matoi, who took vengeance as her profession to bring death to the killer of her parents. 

In her quest, she reaches where clothes give superpower to the wearers. 

This anime is home to various comedy scenes, which were enhanced by the character’s wit.


8. Seitokai Yakuindomo

This anime is filled with lots of laughs as the main character, TakaToshi Tsuda, joins a high school. 

The school turned into a co-ed school, Osai Academy, before it was an all-girl school due to the declining birth rate. 

The jokes are objectified and have sexual undertones. 

Because of its dark comedy, this anime has a vast fanbase.


9. Sket Dance 

In this anime, you will find a Sket dance club which listens to the problems of characters- different for each episode- and try to solve them. 

What’s pleasing in this anime is that they create humorous scenes where one character cracks an inside joke, and another character parodies it, followed by the breaking of the fourth wall, leading to an outburst of laughter. 


10. Baka And Test

This anime revolves around Baka– Akihiso Yoshi. 

In this anime, the whole school is divided into six sections– A, B, C, D, E, and F. Our main character belongs to the F section, where nobody desires to sit. 

But Baka, along with his friends, had to join section F, unfortunately. 

It is here when comedy enters the scene while Baka and his friends fight to eliminate section A of the school. 

This anime is full of comedy and thus makes it to the list. 


11. Prison School 

This anime shares the concept with Sietokai Yakuindomo but with a different plot. 

This show also has many girls but with a bunch of boys – a group of six. 

They got caught doing some stuff, and that’s when the School Council decided to put them in Prison School.

So far, this anime was buffering comedy, but now it flashes like a bullet train when the boys decide to escape the Prison School. 

It is a fantastic comedy at a level where you cannot be able to laugh properly, and your stomach will ache.


12. Ouran High School Host Club

 Last but not least, this comedy anime list is incomplete without Ouran High School Host Club. 

This show will make you sick of laughing with its charismatic characters who ooze sarcasm from their dialogues, facial expressions and, of course, their parody.

Twists and turns in the anime will bring you down the couch while laughing. 

It is the most recommended anime, so please watch it.


Wrapping Up 

There are many comedy anime down the line, but we listed the top 12 best comedy anime of all time

Most of these anime series will offer you seasons on continuation, while some are left with only one season, creating suspense. 

Until they are busy creating a new anime season, you should also make yourself busy with one of these listed for you. 

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