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Top 5 Best Folder Locks App For Android To Secure Your Device in 2021

Top 5 Folder lock

Android is now a trusted operating system in these times and also we are switching storage place in the computer drives to our phones storage.  Since I told me that we’re shifting our private files storage out of computer to android mobile also it’s merely because of cellular phone manufacturer providing the massive amount of storage that simplifies the storage issues.

Much like computer devices, Mobile-Phones have internal memory that’s used to save personal files such as photos, video along with also different items.  Our private documents are rather vital for us and we hide files out of hiding and other isn’t enough if we now have a friend who’s smarter and tech geek in relation to you.  

Thus, concealing is maybe perhaps not sufficient to safeguard your own personal files. As we are aware that android may be your popular operating platform and you can find lots of software which can be found on the play store that permit one to protect your own individual files from the friends as well as some specific persons.  

Some software can lock your documents folder and manage accordingly so that nobody can navigate and watch your own photos, videos, documents and other files that are personal. Here, we will have a look at some best app lock for android. These are all folder lock apps, that can work on Android Platform.

1. Folder Lock

Folder Lock allows you to password-protect your own personal files, videos, photographs, contacts, documents, wallet cards, notes and sound files in Android Phones.  The program includes a pleasant and clean interface. You could even move files in Gallery, PC/Mac, Camera and browser. It safeguards your contacts and documents too that will be challenging to locate in just about any different app. Folder lock additionally secures wi-fi File Transfer as well as others.


Download Folder Lock on Google Play Store

  2. Folder Lock advanced

This Folder Lock advanced level may be the absolute as well as most comprehensive data protection and document manager, telephone ringing program that’s readily available for Android. It has Program Lock, Gallery Lock also it protects your media files along with also others.

Folder lock advanced additionally simplifies your private or private confidential documents in addition to secure your phone as soon as your utilize your e-wallet and cover on line from the card. It also includes cloud backup therefore that your files will spare cloud and also at the circumstance once you forgot your trap password then just it is possible to recover easily.


Download Folder Lock Advance on Google Play Store

3. Folder Lock Advanced-II

Guard your articles against unauthorized studying, playing, watching, etc. This application encodes the document and also makes it more searchable.  Are you perform some networking such as movies, movies, papers, all you could would like prevent others from reading. File-Locker is ideal for you personally.

4. File and Folder Secure  

This is an app to Lock Folders & files, quickly and trustworthily.  No one can browse your private documents after you lock those documents.  You simply have to start out the program and place your password. After affirming the password, nobody could easily see your own personal files.

You are certain to receive retrieval choice to get regain your password SMS or via Mail.  This app includes a function to receive your password in the event that you forgot the password.  You may retrieve your password by SMS or by Mail.5.

5. File Locker

This application is also used for clearing your own personal files.  The files are secure inside this application and are all password-protected and are hidden from others. With this application, you also may add text, text, video and image files from the folder and, you can protect text, video and image files.  

Both added and generated files will probably be accessible only by means of this application.  While adding the document from the folder that is local, the exact identical document will be eliminated from the folder.  When it got added you can find solutions to go straight back into the original site. Utilizing this option, it is also possible to move the newest files also as to the folder.

Thus, we have seen some of the best folder lockers for android. Some of the apps listed here are free folder lock apps for android and other are paid ones. You can choose out of free and paid ones depending on your budget. So what are you waiting for, just download these apps from the play store and install these on your smart-phone.



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