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How to Fix Windows 11 Start Menu Not Working Issue ?

How to Fix Windows 11 Start Menu Not Working Issue

Do you use Windows 11? Do you often need help with the Windows 11 start menu? Well! Read this post until the end to know the right solution for the windows start menu not working windows 11. It helps fix the problem as soon as you get it and focus on your tasks without stress and tension.

Why do users experience an issue with the windows 11 start menu?

Windows start menu is one of the features renovated over the old one from Windows 10. Many noteworthy changes have been made, and then introduced windows start menu in Windows 11. But, it still confronts some issues and troubles. 

Many users commonly report that the start menu suddenly stops working, gets frozen, or becomes unresponsive. It makes them feel they need help to use the system or laptop. In many cases, the random bugs are behind the issue that can fix with ease. It does not need an expert to fix the problems.

Conversely, issues with the background processes may be a reason for getting this error. Windows Explorer is also a major process responsible for the taskbar and start menu. Facing issues with windows explorer is also behind this trouble. 

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But, in many cases, you need professional assistance to sort out the windows 11 start menu issue. In that case, you can contact Windows customer support or reach the nearby service center. The technician will resolve the issue instantly. 

 How to fix the issue of the Windows 11 start menu not working?

Whenever you confront an issue with the start menu on Windows 11, you can try any of the solutions mentioned. It will resolve the issue immediately and let you enjoy seamless access to Windows 11. Remember to try every solution to find out which one works for you. 

You would not confront this trouble after using any of these solutions. But, in unexpected scenarios, you can face the same issue again and utilize a similar solution you have used before. It will render you peace of mind and fix the problem immediately.

Solution #1 – Restart the PC

When you find the Windows 11 start menu is not working, you should restart your PC. Follow these steps for restarting your PC.

  1. Press ctrl + alt + delete.
  2. Choose the power icon at the screen’s bottom right corner.
  3. Click on the restart button.

It is every user’s first step to sort out the problems. It helps you when encountering random and temporary issues with the system. 

Solution #2 – Restart windows explorer

Windows Explorer (sometimes called file explorer) is the specific component helping browse and open files on the PC. It controls OS options such as the start menu and taskbar. So, restarting windows explorer from the task manager is the right way to fix the start menu issue. Here are the steps to follow. 

Solution #3 – Look for the Windows update

Not updating your Windows software is vital for experiencing the windows 11 start menu issue. Press Windows + I to open the settings app and then click on Windows Update. On the right side of the Window, choose check for updates. 

It helps you to check whether your device is up-to-date. When there is an update available, you can download and install it quickly. Microsoft issues several updates and patches regularly. So, check for the latest updates and install them properly to avoid the start menu and other related issues. 

Solution #4 – Sign out and log in again

When none of the above methods work, you can sign out of your account and see whether the issue is fixed. Many users have reported that the start menu works smoothly without any trouble after signing out. Here is how to sign out and again log in to your accounts.

These are the most popular methods to sort out windows start menu not working windows 11. You can try these solutions and get rid of the problems immediately. In case the problem persists, you can try alternative options such as:

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Bottom line

Windows start menu not working is a common problem, and thus do not panic. Plenty of ways exist to solve this issue immediately. You can use any methods mentioned above or contact customer support. 

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