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How to Fix Windows 11 Wi-Fi Connection Issues?

How to Fix wifi issue

Recently, Wi-Fi connectivity has been a common issue in Windows 11. The Microsoft team has noticed this problem and suggested the right solution for users. You don’t want to worry about Wi-Fi problems because they are solutions available to fix Windows 11 Wi-Fi Connection Issues. You must understand why Wi-Fi remains disconnected in Windows 11 and pick the right solution.

When your desktop or laptop has networking problems, Windows 11 has elements to reorganize Ethernet network adapters and Wi-Fi to resolve the connectivity issues. Sometimes, it reduces the Wi-Fi speed on the device and surface. Reset elements will fix existing configurations and renovate the networking settings. It will reinstall the driver of the network adapter.

The user cannot choose the particular Wi-Fi; this element will automatically remove the adapter. It is essential to reinstall other networking applications after completing the process. If you report complaints regarding error messages such as Unidentified Network, no internet access, or slow Wi-Fi speeds, this article is for you. Here are some methods to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi problem in Windows 11.

Restart your desktop and ensure Wi-Fi is switched on 

Restarting the device is one of the effective solutions for many computer problems.

The device will take a few minutes to restart. Sometimes, Wi-Fi turn-off can happen accidentally.

Switch On or Off Airplane Mode

When Wi-Fi disconnects on Windows 11, a simple solution to this issue is to enable airplane mode and disable it on the desktop. It will restart the Wi-Fi connection automatically and enables radio devices on the computer, such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and others. Let’s see some steps to turn on or off airplane mode:

Connect to Wi-Fi network automatically

If the Wi-Fi network is nearby, it will not connect to Wi-Fi as the connection is turned off automatically. If you want to enable Windows 11 to connect to the Wi-Fi network automatically, follow the steps below.

Permit WLAN AutoConfig Service

WLAN AutoConfig Services deal with everything in WiFI operations in Windows 11. Users may experience Wi-Fi disconnect problems on a Windows 11 laptop or desktop when this service is automatically delayed. Therefore, you should enable the WLAN AutoConfig service for effective Wi-Fi usage on your device.

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Wi-Fi forgetting and reconnecting

Forgetting the Wi-Fi Network and reconnecting to it is the simple method to troubleshoot the Windows 11 Wi-Fi Connection Issues. To get started, follow these steps:

This step will disconnect the Windows 11 device from the Wi-Fi network and unsave the password.

Reset your network settings

Restarting the network setting on the desktop helps to flush and renew previous policies and configurations smoothly. It is the best way to resolve the Wi-Fi connection problem on Windows 11 devices. Here are a few steps to reset the network settings.  

It will install the network driver again and reconfigure the Wi-Fi or internet setting that helps to fix the Wi-Fi connection problem.

Final words 

This article assisted you in troubleshooting the Wi-Fi Connection Issues in Windows 11. After fixing the Wi-Fi connection problem, you can access the internet connection on your device smoothly. When planning for window 11 repair, you should create the backup. There is a chance of data loss many times during the window repair. Creating a data backup helps you to restore data whenever you need it. 

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