12 Best Android Apps for Writers

Being a writer is being in a great profession with a passion. If you are a writer, you will be sharing your ideas and thoughts with the people on your mobile instead of writing it in a paper. It usually is easy for us to write on our PC or laptop as we need to open either a word document or Notepad.

But it’s challenging to write in smartphones, but it will be a terrific experience. The Android apps for writers are available to improve the command over the language and can quickly write on the smartphone.  

There are hundreds of writing apps available, but here we have listed out the best android apps for writers, which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. 

1. IA Writer

This app was popular among iOS when it is initially introduced only to this device. When it enters into the Android device, it becomes more popular and one of the best apps for writers. It can be freely downloaded from the play store.

It has features that can sync the files of Google Drive and dropbox. The data in the drive can also be exported in multiple formats. This simple app has a preview option that can view the file while doing the editing process. 

2. Writer

The writer is one of the best apps for the writer as it is simple to use, and it is suitable for most of the writers. You can take hints or notes and can even write a novel by using this app. The app has the facility of having no distractions of a traditional word processor. The app has options to convert your thought into text or some statistics. 

3. Writer Plus

It is another writing app that is used by android users. The unique interface of this app motivates you to write in the app. There are options for editing and formatting the text styles in the file.

The features in this app will make it easy to open, edit, or save any of the files on your smartphone. It is also provided with the shortcuts of the keyboard, such as Undo, Redo, and other options. One of the cool feature of this app is that you can save and share the files with your friends.

4. MarkdownX

This app is one of the outstanding apps which have excellent text editing features. It also has the preview option to view the final documents even though you are in the middle of editing the files. It provides access to data present in the Dropbox folders.

These files can be exported when changed into the HTML format or can be directly shipped in the text format. This editing app is easy to use and a user-friendly app for writers.  

5. JotterPad

This app is also a simple and best one for writers where they can use it to write the documents or stories. This app has no distractions of any various options present in the interface. The app has an English dictionary, and you can find any phrase.

One of the cool features of this app is that it can save the snapshots of your works. It could be beneficial for writing documents. Due to its support to the Bluetooth device, it provides shortcuts that are useful for small-screen smartphones.

6. Monospace Writer BETA

If you don’t want to get distracted by the advanced features and facilities in the writing app, then this app is suitable for your work. It has basic formatting options for text and simple features. 

The text documents can be easily imported as the app is integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also export them to cloud storage and can be accessed anytime. It has the hashtag feature, which replaced the traditional folder system. 

7. ColorNote

This simple note app has fantastic features for writers. The original note-taking format can be divided into two categories, such as Lined paper styled text option and a checklist option. Both of the forms are easy for the writer to take notes, and you can use any one of them.

You will get an enjoyable experience by writing in this app. You can back up the notes to SD storage for safety purposes in this app. Another best feature of the app is that it gives the option of securing the records with a password. It helps to protect your notes from others.

8. INKredible

It is an excellent writing app that has the best feature of vector graphics linking technology. You will have a great experience writing on the smartphone than writing on the paper. It has the cool feature of resolution for printing or displaying purposes. The zoom option helps to clarify the font and image.

9. Ginger Keyboard

It is the best app for writers as it is a productive keyboard app. The app can match your typing skills, which make to enhance your writing. It has an advance option which can rephrase the sentences by making new variations in the sentence.

10. YourQuote

This app is one of the best blogging apps, which allows the writer to write their thoughts as words in images and pictures. You can write your text on images and make copyright for your words and creativity.

11. Evernote

Evernote is easy, which is easy and straight forward to use without any difficulty. You can write your thoughts, creative ideas, and create a to-do list. This app has various formatting options, and it helps to create notes in this digital notepad.

12. Stylish font

This app provides a different elegant font for writing, and it is light weight, easy to use. It has settings to change fonts, styles, and colors. You can view the file while editing it with the preview option.


If you are serious about your writing profession, then you have to choose the best android apps for your work. The apps mentioned above have a variety of features that makes your work easy, and it can add professionalism to your words. With these apps in your android device, you will be proud of your writing. 

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