How to install Windows 10 Like A Pro

When your computer is facing some problems on Windows 10, clean installation can be a great option to remove all the things from hard drive of your computer to start from scratch. From enhancing your computer’s performance to resolving issues regarding start-up, shut down, memory and apps this process can help you out. It also […]

How to delete search history on MacBook Tips

How to delete search history on MacBook

You may want to remove your browsing history for a number of reasons. You shouldn’t be on the lookout for a surprise birthday gift to surfing places. There is no question of removing proof from your browser’s history menu, for instance by using violet-clicking on Google to highlight the search results. Also, if you visit […]

WP-Reset WordPress Plugin Review

WP-Reset WordPress Plugin Review

WordPress is a very popular and widely used CMS or content management system. With its open source system and a multi-user approach and an easy-to-use interface, more and more users are attracted. If you want to develop WordPress plugins or wordpress themes, you may want to modify your test website. You need to retest all […]

Car GPS tracker India

A Close Look at the Top Five GPS Trackers in India

There are many GPS tracking devices in the market with variant features. A GPS tracker is an obligatory requirement these days.  It is a challenge to find a perfect dash cam for your vehicle. These devices are a very important asset for everyone to find their way. Such systems help in keeping track of people, […]

Different Types Of Handbags To Amp Up Your Style Game

Fashion does not only restrict to apparel and clothing, but it also includes all sorts of accessories, be it jewellery, watches or handbags. But the lack of knowledge about different types of handbags can make the look go wrong. Like carrying a tote bag with a party dress and a clutch to the office are […]

Video Editing software 2019

Top 5 best Video Stabilization Software 2019

Currently making a video has become the easiest thing to do, because unlike the previous days you don’t require enough technical skills. Neither you have to be an expert with video editing and its associated task. Nowadays, you will find that everybody who has a smartphone camera can record a video easily. Moreover, editing a […]

A detailed Review of the Ivacy VPN

Headquartered in the strange and magnificent island-country of Singapore, Ivacy VPN has been ensuring their client’s online experiences since mid-2007. Regardless of their great years of existence in the VPN commercial market, Ivacy is as yet a moderately obscure brand. Worked under the umbrella of PMG Private Limited, Ivacy is a naturally cryptic organization. Compatibility […] Protection Status Visit to discover Indian blogs