11 Best Sites to download Android Apps APK.

Say ‘Thank’ for the Technology to have made our professional and personal life easier. From PC, Laptop to all technical successes, it has brought all things down with a single click. At this piece of content by Blogging Coffe, we are going to update on how websites are helpful in downloading cracked android apps. We highly suggest you to visit these websites, if trying to find paid apps/games for free. So why wait for? Just check out the best sites to download Cracked Android Apps.

These sites are very genuine to expect regular updates in the real-time. It is amazing really to require the cracked apps online. Blogging Coffe has brought the best simplest sites together to download the cracked apps for android. 

Best sites to download Cracked Apps for Android

1. RevDL:


RevDL appears one of the popular sites to download best cracked apps for android. There are countless paid applications for Android likely to be downloaded for free. All you mean to ensure is find the app you search for, and then download it. This makes use of direct links to ease to download files. This is apposite for those who wish to download paid android applications for free.

Key Features of RevDL:

  • Compatible with your android, to help you to download any app totally free.
  • Best to offer you the menu including games, top games, and apps.
  • Richest of great selection of games and apps for Android.
  • Categorically organized.
  • Awesome layout and user interface.
  • Available for almost all of the games.


apKMB (1)

This is to share applications and games of android for free. It lets you to download all sorts of android apps, for example games and launcher. Also, it does not have ads. At this site, you may download directly all types of android mobile apps, games, launcher etc. to your mobile. Besides, you can get those apps and games that are not accessible in the play store. So you may consider it one of best sites to download cracked android apps.

Key Features of APKMB:

  • Numerous cracked versions of Android apps.
  • App request feature.
  • Richest of big collection of launchers, android apps and adventure games.

3. Blackmart Alpha:

Blackmart Alpha

Blackmart Alpha is helpful to download the Blackmart Alpha app. In this application, you can get nearly all the best apps and games for free. This may be the best market alternative to the Play Store for smartphones with an Android OS. This app comes with an admirable user interface that allows you find apps and games easily. Moreover, it does not involve any registration. You can download apps like Vidmate, and Viva Video etc.

Key Features of Blackmart Alpha:

  • Multi-language alternatives.
  • Available at free of cost.
  • Fast in installing and downloading of application.
  • Simple user interface.

4. Onhax:

Onhax is a good cracked android app site to use. The website is richest of best security services to prevent illicit alterations and other threats. The only problem with the website is the regular ads. Hence, you might go for an Adblocker. It can be used to download any APK finest files. The site doesn’t ask for any amount to download cracked application. It’s absolutely free to download. If you look for one of best cracked android apps, you may consider it.

Key Features of Onhax:

  • Safe and fool proof.
  • Affluent with premium features.
  • Richer of best apps.
  • Patched games are also available.
  • Accessible and straight interface.

5. ModAPKDown:

At this website, you can find your preferred cracked apps for free. The cutting-edge version of the apps is provided. Also, the website is secure and effortlessly prepared. This is another best cracked android apps website. This is available in a number of languages. It has many categories like top trending, and customer services.

Key Features of ModAPKDown:

  • Best to download cracked android apps at no cost.
  • Wealthy of both cracked and original versions of the Apps.
  • Constantly updated to find the latest versions of the Apps.
  • Quite easy to search any gaming app.

6. APK4Fun:

This appears as a file presenting service for Android APK files. There are numerous latest featured apps and games that you just can download for free; you can search apps by category. This is a safe and secure website form Spyware and Malware. You may consider it one of best cracked android apps APK. At this blog, you will find more options to know how helpful websites and apps are today, in today’s life.

Key Features of APK4Fun:

  • Best of featured apps and games section.
  • Availability of high-speed download links from popular file hosting servers.
  • Vast collection of freeware and cracked paid applications.

7. GetAPK:

This offers you applications to get the paid apps for free. This is truly a great platform to download premium apps on Android without any money. Due to the not-so-good appearance, most people do not prefer it and un-install this app. One of its best features is that you can get all versions of any forms of the application. You can definitely download old versions of any app by GetAPK app. This is a premium cracked android apps site. The problem with the website is the simple web-design.

Key Features of GetAPK:

  • Easy to use.
  • Easily downloadable.
  • Latest updated.
  • Both paid and free games available.

8. ACMarket APK:

This is an Application to use as an android market place. ACMarket is a moderately new competitor when it comes to offer free premium apps for Android devices. There are over thousands of cracked android apps and games that you can download on your Android phone. You have to download ACMarket APK on your device to get an access to all the premium apps. Therefore, you may count it among best cracked android apps APK.

Key Features of ACMarket APK:

  • Simple and easy interface with clean design.
  • Quick actions and high downloading speed.
  • Able to direct download applications.
  • 100% exclusion of advertisements.
  • Compatible with all the android devices.
  • Latest modified applications and games for free.
  • Richest with a great collection of android applications and games. 

9. APKWhale:

This is an android apps and games APK hosting platform. Users can submit their cracked applications and download them with no charges. There are an Apps (Premium) section organizing all the premium apps to their relevant categories. This is also recognized to download cracked android apps. Surely, it is a secure and trustworthy website at all.

Key Features of APKWhale: 

  • Simple yet mesmerising user interface.
  • Available with All the top apps and mods in APK Format.
  • Absolutely free.
  • Detailed features and how-to-use guide. 

10. APK4Free:

This is a perfect destination to download best android apps for free. It has by far the premium user interface that we have observed in this list. This takes in easy-to-read font, no-ads, and high-definition app screenshots. Users will also get the latest version of repaired premium apps with diverse forms of mods. Its design is very simple, but simple design gives worthwhile information. Here, you can get an infinite collection of latest apps and games including paid and free.

Key Features of APK4Free:

  • Solid UI Design.
  • State-of-the-art cracked apps.
  • Fast download links with mirror.
  • Comprehensive App description with HD screenshots.

11. RexDL:

This is richest of the latest version of paid apps and games with direct download links. All the apps and games are organized in diverse categories, so users can find their favourite finest apps games and download them without any money. You may find it another best site to download the cracked modded Android apps. At this blog, this has made clear availability of apps are easier, if finding with good source.

Key Features of RexDL:

  • Latest cracked apps.
  • Direct download links for MOD APK.
  • Non-insensitive ads.
  • Operational search function. 

Conclusion: In this blog, we have enlisted the top 11 best cracked Android apps sites to assist you download the cracked applications at no cost. So what to wait for? Just go through this blog and find one of best sites to ease downloading cracked android apps.  

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