How to Convert Word to PDF For Free?

Portable Document Format, also known as PDF, was introduced by Adobe Systems in the 1990s. People, those days, were usually using .doc or .txt formats to save their content. There can be numerous reasons why someone wants to reform his/her work from .doc to PDF.

Let’s have a look at some limitations of .doc

  1.       Formatting gets exploit

It can be considered as the primary reason why people prefer PDF over .doc. When a user opens up a word document on any other device, formatting seems disturbed sometimes. The problem does not end here; if the user opens up a word document on the same computer but uses a different printer that may not support that particular version of MS Office, all your alignment and formatting will look like a mess.

  1.       Multiple versions of MS word

MS word is available in many versions, but the issue is, the old version dismisses its some features when previewed in the latest version. For example, a document created in MS Word 2010 lacks spaces when opened in the newer version.

  1.       Installation of MS Office is a must

The main issue while using MS Word format occurs when a user needs to open the document, but he/she has not installed MS Office. Now he/she rushes to install MS Office first to view or edit the document. On the other hand, users can view PDF documents in the absence of Adobe Readers.

Now the question arises, How to convert your document from Word to PDF? You might be thinking that there would be a lengthy or technical procedure for converting a document from Word to PDF. Have you ever imagined a way to convert your documents from Word to PDF by just a single click? What if you get all this for free?

It can surely be good news because it can happen with a free online word to PDF converter.

Convert Word to PDF for Free

There are numerous online tools available to convert your word document to PDF format for free.

Let’s have a look at the top 3 Word to PDF converters.

1. DupliChecker

Doc to PDF converter by is an excellent option. It is undoubtedly the best tool you will find online. It is entirely free of cost and thus the most affordable tool. It has a user-friendly interface and provides complete understanding and tips to use. To use this tool, just do follow some simple steps, and your word document will be converted with a free Word to PDF converter tool in no time. The user will be able to download his/her file to keep a record or to share anywhere for future use.

The file can be downloaded on any computer or smartphone. The interface of this word to PDF converter is attractive and easy to use. The complete tool guide is attached under a tool description from where a new user can get more help to use it. Above all, you can get this complete package without paying a single penny. It is all free and easy to use.

  2.  I love PDF

I love PDF is a website dealing with free PDF Tools and converters. It provides a simple interface. In case if the user’s required document is saved in Dropbox or Google Drive, then this tool provides the facility to upload from Dropbox or Google drive directly to make the process convenient and short. PDF files produced by Ilovepdf are always in high quality; the user can download them for further use.

  3. Free PDF Converter

The free PDF converter is also a PDF related website having various PDF-related tools and convertors. This tool allows the users to drag/drop their files for conversion. At the attach file panel, there is a small arrow. When the user hovers on it, it displays a menu of the selection. By using this menu, the user can upload file directly from Dropbox or Google drive. This tool also allows users to paste URL and get a converted PDF of that URL’s content.

Benefits of PDF Format

  1. PDF documents are easy to access. You don’t need to download any specific software to read or view the PDF file. Accessibility makes it more appealing then .doc
  2. You can add hyperlinks, presentations, videos, and music in a single PDF document.
  3. PDF files do not disturb formatting or alignment. Even if you have created a file on MAC, you can read it on your smartphone without facing any alignment or format disturbance issue.
  4. PDF file owners can easily lock their PDF files to fulfill security reasons. For this, he/she would not require any kind of securing software. PDF provides a built-in functionality to password protect your file in case of security concerns.
  5. Using PDF format is a professional approach now. Most organizations use PDF file format for their official tasks.
  6. Quality of content remains static with PDF file format; file size does not have an inauspicious effect on the quality of the file.

By moving with the pace of the world, you may realize that there are numerous techniques to learn and perform strategically. You always choose the method which suits you the best. By the above discussion, we can conclude that PDF format is the most secure, effortless, and professional way to save and share content.

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