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Are you one of them fallen in love to play games on your Android device? If you are one, you must know one thing also that must frustrate you while playing game on android phone. The games come with locked levels, characters and other resources that require being unlocked to let you enjoy the game. To repair this issue, BloggingCoffe assists you to know an app called as Lucky Patcher for your smartphones. This app will help you enjoy any game/app without any disturbances.

Today games and applications are seen going popular. Thus their developers continue launching new games and apps every time. Lucky Patcher is a free Android app to mod many apps/games, block ads, delete unwanted system apps, shift apps to SD card, and more. So download Lucky Patcher Official APK to block boring ads, delete in-app purchase verification and many more.

Lucky Patcher may assist you to take over the installed apps on your device. The app can execute many tasks with no root access. Lucky Patcher is free to download but it is highly recommended to download it from verified sites. The latest Lucky Patcher is functional and able to adjust more android apps and games.

Name Lucky Patcher
Current Version 8.8.9
Price Free
Category Tools
Supported On Android 2.3+
Avg Rating 4.8
Last Updated 4 Aug 2020


Features of Lucky Patcher Official APK:

  • Lucky Patcher can block tedious ads from free Android apps and games. With this app, you can block ads from most of the app also.
  • The app is able to delete in-app purchase verification for many Android apps and games.
  • Lucky Patcher can adjust many popular games for Android. With this app, you can adjust many games and get unlimited gems/coins for free.
  • This can delete unnecessary apps permission. This form of permissions can be risky for you. With this app, you can delete any unnecessary app permissions.
  • This helps you to back up any android apps and games to your SD card. 
  • Lucky Patcher brings diverse color accent to realize situation of the apps.
  • Custom patching alternatives are offered. A custom patch can be used to adjust many apps and games.

Smallest necessities to download latest Lucky Patcher:

Previous to download the Lucky Patcher apk file, you should ensure that your device fulfills the system requirements. The app will operate best if these conditions are fulfilled. The requirements to download Lucky Patcher are given below:

  • It is a modding tool; it requires the android device to be rooted earlier to installing the tool.
  • It functions on smartphones with an Android version of 2.3.3. 
  • It is also attuned with Windows 7, 8 and 10.
  • It needs RAM of at least 2GB to function properly.

This app also needs some access from your Android device:

  • To draw over other apps
  • To adjust system settings
  • To comprehend the contents of the memory card
  • To adjust or remove the contents of the SD card
  • To estimate location

How to Lucky Patcher Official APK File:

Step 1: You will have to download Lucky Patcher apk file. You can download it from a trusted website.

Step 2: Before you download the APK file of Lucky patcher, you will ensure to enable unknown sources from settings. This entails changing the phone’s setting to facilitate the installation of APK files. To make this happen, go to the settings and then to ‘Lock screen and security’ alternative. Click on it and then look for the alternative of ‘unknown sources’ and swipe towards the right to facilitate the installation.

Step 3: Open the apk file of Lucky Patcher downloaded by you. To find the file, you will either go to file manager or look in the download’s list. Look on to file manager, and look for ‘Lucky Patcher apk’.

Step 4: After you have located the Lucky Patcher apk file, you should open it and click on ‘Install’. You will find the installation to have been begun. Once Lucky Patcher is downloaded in your Android phone, you may open it and access all the compulsory permissions.

Step 5: Do a Click on Yes.

Step 6: Now you will obtain a popup linked to security. Leave a click on Settings & then facilitate “Allow from this source”. After you are successful to enable it, you should go back.

Step 7: Now you will get an alternative to download Lucky Patcher official apk. Just do a click on Install and wait for few seconds.

Step 8: You will get a warning in the pop up as “Blocked by Play Protect“, but you don’t worry about this. This error is by Play Store for reasons: this app will assist you in executing free in-app purchases. Then you will click on down arrow to get an option of Install anyway. Just click on that button.

Now wait on the installation process to complete as it might take few seconds. Thereafter, you will get the ‘installed’ status being reflected on the screen. After all, you are all set to take pleasure in premium apps and indefinite gaming.

What to do with Lucky Patcher APK:

1. To remove ads:

By this app, you can remove ads that annoy you while playing game. Ads on header banner and pop up ads are more annoying. Thus you can enjoy removing these ads by clicking few buttons. This app may let you be free from ads mess. Simply download Lucky Patcher app on your Android device and get free from ads.

2. To get coins & gems:

This app may give you an opportunity to get indefinite coins, gems, and characters. If you are game lover, don’t waste your valuable money. Within a few clicks, you will get the opportunity to get what you look for.

3. To use paid apps:

If you are keen to use some paid apps, then you should not be worried. Just download Lucky Patcher official apk in your android device and enjoy using many paid apps for free. Also you will be able to get an access for the paid apps features. Surely this will save your loads of money.

4. To get the Paid Apps with no billing:

Lucky Patcher will assist you avoid the Google billing page from the users. In this way, user will be able to buy the paid apps for free. Usually app developers also release a tailored play store app to detour license verification of many android apps and games.

5. To alter apps into system apps:

You have some desired apps that you wish to change as system apps. So don’t worry as Lucky Patcher apk will offer you that opportunity to change any non-system apps to system app. It will offer you copy of that app in your system folder.

6. To shift any apps:

Some apps are downloaded in your phone storage, but you need to shift them to SD Card. In this case, many apps are not let to shift it to SD card. Here Lucky Patcher will offer you that feature to shift it to your SD card. So rely on it to make its moving happen.

7. To backup data:

You will be able to retrieve your essential app files/data. When you need these files to retrieve, you will rely on Lucky Patcher to retrieve data. You can backup/retrieve your data and files easily.

  • Backup your installed apps and games; you can backup any apps after patching.
  • It is an easy to use app; the app shows which app has Google ads on it.
  • It is recommended to you to root your smartphone/tablet before using the application.


Points to use Lucky Patcher

At this blog, it is to assist you with a small tutorial on how to use the app; you will be able to delete license verification, modify app permissions and block ads.

1. Remove License Verification (Automatic Mode):

To remove license verification, utmost constancy of the application requires to be ensured for each small part of the template. Internet connection requires building this process faster or the process will be slower. Also you can attempt auto mode inverse, if the process of auto mode fails. There is some disparity from Auto Mode.

2. To remove License Verification (Extreme Mode):

Try to make use of all templates to delete license checking. When applicant is in offline, apps become unstable. Restarting apps is hindering what screen orientation can assist.

3. To remove License Verification (Manual Mode):

Try to get rid of license with diverse method like automatic, automatic inverse and extreme. If they are not functioning, please try manual mode. It will look at the app and where license verification object will be found then, you can patch them with yourself.

First build a backup for your apps then choose the “Patch” alternative. Subsequently you need to start on this by “Launch” button. First build a backup by the button on the top of screen. Choose object “patch” option, after that open it by clicking “Launch” button. If you still face license verification issue, go back and click “restore” option and get going to the second object. After find the application and click “fix changes”, you need to save is as “save as a custom patch”. Enjoy it but you need to recognize that when the application is being updated.

4. To remove License Verification (Selected Patterns):

To delete license verification, choose template and apply this. Patch to get rid of Google Ads: If Lucky Patcher is incapable to get ads from apps but apps have still apps. Please choose this option; it may delete ads.

5. To disable Ad Activities:

In this alternative, you can put out of action apps ads activity and facilitate some activity, if any apps do not work. 

Change Permissions (Unstable Method):

To remove apps permission, be more watchful because it is an unstable method. It edits system file packages.xml. Sometimes this can build disagreeable consequences. You must get a backup of system before you will try this.

1. To delete Google Ads:

  1. Select “Remove Google Ads” alternative into the app.
  2. Choose “Patch to remove Google Ads”. 
  3. Don’t disregard to connect internet access and run the app.
  4. If the ads is still there, select “Disable Ads Activities”.
  5. It will work and ads will be disappeared.
  6. If you want to undo the change please select “Restore”.

2. To custom Patch:

  1. Select “Custom Patch” option into the app.
  2. Never overlook to fix internet access and then run the app.
  3. And it will help your app to patch successfully.
  4. If you want to return to your previous state, select “Remove ODEX with Changes”.

3. To change App Permissions:

  1. Select “Change Permissions” alternative into the app.
  2. Pick the permission for disable (Red)
  3. Opt for the permission for enable (Green)
  4. Apply (Reboot)

4. To make Modified APK:

  1. Select “Create Modified APK” alternative into the app.
  2. Choose the preference for Modification of APK
  3. Your app will be in folder /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/Modified
  4. this will not be the same as like as previous original app

Significance of Diverse Colors in Lucky Patcher Application

  1. Green: It means that it has a good chance to get registered
  2. Yellow: It says that it is previously a custom patch in this directory /sdcard/luckypatchers
  3. Cyan: It denotes that the app has google advertisement script
  4. Magenta: It utters that this apps is already in Bootlist
  5. Purple: It reflects that Google in-app Purchase has this app
  6. Red: It utters that there is no chance to be registered.
  7. Orange: It explains that it needs to be careful for any damage.

You Can download Lucky Patcher apk file Here On Click of Image

download wapking apk


Several engaging applications are going popular gradually. There is only problem that most of the android users face is applications supplement in-app purchases. To enjoy all the features of any app resources, the users have to spend their hard-earned money. Therefore, they seek diverse methods to hack the apps. However, hacking is not simple thing. It is a tricky task to hack any app as there are numerous difficult steps in it. Auspiciously, Lucky Patcher is available.

This app is attuned with almost all android devices starting from Android 2.3.3. Only it needs you to root your device before installing the app to function well. On the other hand, you can also make use of this app in non-rooted devices. Overall, it is the best app for all those people who wish to get pleasure from unremitting access to premium apps.

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