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How to Change the Default Browser in Windows 11?

How to Change default-browser window11

Microsoft has made changing the default browser in Windows 11 a little more difficult than Windows 10. This is because Microsoft wants you to use its Edge Browser so much instead of just letting you change what the Settings menu calls the “default browser,” For specific link types like.html files, html files, http, and https, you now need to modify file associations. In addition, we discovered that when we clicked the button to set Chrome as our default browser, it did not take us to the appropriate menu so that we could change these settings on our own. Fortunately, changing your windows 11 default browser if you only follow these easy methods.

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Update your PC

We’ve discussed this before, but when Windows 11 initially came out, it was difficult to change several default apps, particularly the browser. For instance, you would need to select the default programme for each protocol or file association while using a browser. However, Microsoft has recently released some cumulative upgrades that have simplified switching browsers. So, if you haven’t already, we first advise you to make sure Windows 11 is installed on your computer. You need specifically be running Windows 111 build 22000.593 or above. You can access the Settings app from the home screen to find out what version of the software you currently have installed; click down to about. 

Safe to install the applications

Expand the information under Windows information by clicking that option to view your build number. Go to the Windows Update section in the Settings app’s side menu if you do not yet have this version. Check you are linked to the network. Then, wait for updates to be downloaded and installed by clicking Check for updates. We can proceed to the subsequent step if there are no updates on your status. You will need to restart your computer if any updates are installed. Even if you don’t care about your default browser, keeping your PC updated is always a good idea because these update help improved reliability and security.

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How to install the third party Web Browser?

Installing a preferred browser would be the first step in changing it. On Windows, some excellent third-party browsers are accessible. Every web browser that works with Windows 10 also works with Windows 11. Change the default web browser on Windows 11 by installing your preferred browser and following the instructions below.

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Note that clicking a link in the Widgets panel or using the Windows search feature to conduct a web search will not alter the open browser. Regardless of which browser you use as your primary one, these links are intended to always open in Microsoft Edge. To get around this restriction, you’ll need to use a third-party app like MSEdgeRedirect, but Microsoft might find a way to prevent it from working.

You can use the options on the same page to choose whether or not to install the most recent updates for Windows 11 or whether or not you want specific protocols or files to open in different browsers to change windows 11 default browser associations. You can locate the protocols related to web browsing by scrolling down the list, which primarily consists of HTTP and HTTPS, and select the browser you want to use to open them.

Why should we change the Default Browser?

The default web browser for Windows 11 is Microsoft Edge. Any link you click in a document will open in Edge by default, although you can download and use any browser you wish. A few files, like PDFs, will also automatically open in Edge. Consider changing the default in Windows Settings if you frequently use a different browser to maintain consistency. That is all there is to know about altering the default browser on Windows 11. Check out the top Android browsers if you’re looking for a new browser for your phone.

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