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How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 11?

How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 11

Have you deleted the important files in Windows 11 accidentally? Do you want to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 11? Well! You can do it easily in two methods – restore files from the backup and the previous versions. Following the steps mentioned below helps you to perform the recovery task immediately. Besides, many other ways are there to restore the deleted files.

Microsoft’s latest operating systems, including Windows 11, have several features to recover deleted files easily and quickly. In addition, OS is compatible with several third-party data recovery software tools. It makes no shortage of recovery options when addressing data loss situations.

All of these indicate that users no longer worry about deleting files or data. They can process and restore it easily. But, knowing the right method is important to make the troublesome situation hassle-free. Keep reading to find ways to restore the deleted files in Windows 11.

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Possible situations to lose data in Windows 11

Windows 11 is designed to be easily accessible and intuitive. But, many users need time to familiarize themselves with its design and usability. It often leads to a mistake that results in losing vital files.

Corruption is another major scenario for losing data. A file can become corrupted and unable to open due to hardware and software issues. If this happens, repairing the damage using the dedicated tool or recovering the file’s functioning version from the backup is vital.

Software issues can suddenly cause the application or the whole OS to stop working. It does not leave enough time to save your work and prevent data loss. Although Windows 11 runs most software designed for Windows 10 or older, it only ensures smooth performance all the time and results in software bugs. It leads to data loss.

Although modern storage devices have ample space to store huge amounts of data, their reliability is still not up to the mark. Sudden malfunction will put the data at risk.

Upgrading is also a possible situation for data loss. When installing the new Windows version, perform a clean install to avoid data loss.

Besides, plenty of other situations bring you into the trouble of losing valuable data. So, avoid these situations as much as possible to protect your important files from corruption and deletion.

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Different ways to recover deleted files on Windows 11

The following section explains the major ways to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 11. You can pick the right way to recover the deleted files quickly. It prevents you from the costly consequences and troubles of data loss.

Method #1 – Restore files from the backup 

Before restoring a file from the backup, it is mandatory to ensure that the drive or media used to backup data is available. After that, follow these steps for recovery.

That’s enough! You can now restore the files that you accidentally closed or deleted.

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Method #2 – Restore files from previous versions

It is possible to restore deleted folders and files from the previous versions. Here is how to do it easily!

Choose the right one from the list of the available previous version of the folder or file. The lists contain files saved on the backup and restore points.

Method #3 – Recover deleted files from the recycle bin

Windows 11 has a redesigned recycle bin that functions similarly to the Windows 10 recycle bin. It lets you undelete recently deleted files without using any software.

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Method #4 – Recover files using undo delete

Undo feature helps the action you perform on the Windows back easily. This feature comes in handy whenever making a mistake, such as accidentally deleting a file. In this recovery method, ensure the folder where your files are located and press ctrl + z on the keyboard. Or, right-click anywhere in the folder and select undo delete option. You will get the file immediately. But you cannot use this method after restarting your computer.

Besides, you can restore the deleted files using the file history feature and third-party software according to your wish.

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How to protect files on Windows 11

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