How to fix Minecraft Process crashed with exit code 805306369?

All the game lovers must have perceived about the general game Minecraft. Minecraft is regarded as one of the eldest multiplayer games accessible online but its demand in today’s date is still quite notable. It is counted as the most played games as general among users all around the world. But why is it so prevalent? Have you ever pondered? Fine, all those who are steady user of this game must recognize this incredible fact that Minecraft serves their users with limitless prospect of creativity and that’s what we love right! That’s the purpose why Minecraft always stands at the highest level of success.

But let’s cut to the real-world reality behind this exploratory game. There is a reason why we are telling so because there are times when the players have to come across Minecraft crashing i.e. error happened whilst playing the game. This error guides the game to crash showing method process crashed with exit code 805306369.

We recognize it better that game time is leading time and we won’t allow any unpredicted distress ensue amidst your game. Therefore, in this blog by BloggingCoffe we mean to offer you with genuine and actual methods to repair Minecraft process crashed with exit code-805306369. So, set back to know the resulting mentioned inimitable procedures to have a peaceful time playing Minecraft game.

How to fix Minecraft Process Crashed?


The Minecraft crash happens while showing you process crashed with exit code with diverse sorts of exit code. So, let’s be clear that this blog only focuses on the ways to repair exit code-805306369. Below are the itemized 4 methods to repair Minecraft process crashed with exit code 805306369:

1: Close Inconsistent Programs

Some incarnations in the past decade failed to disregard the compatibility problems in Minecraft. In other words, your Minecraft Exit Code 0 issue could be prompted by conflicting programs on your computer. Fortuitously, the community has already offered a list as well as the identified incompatible software. Before entering the pixelated world, ensure you’re not running any itemized programs. You can also recognize and uninstall the inconsequential ones so as to diminish the risk. If MC crashes when you’re not running any wrong programs, simply have a look at the next repair.

2: Update Your Graphics Driver

One of the most mutual causes of game crashes is that you’re making use of a cracked or out-of-date graphics driver. New drivers throw compatibility problems and suggest a zero-cost performance boost. Before trying anything more complicated, undeniably check if your GPU driver is modern.

You can update the graphics driver manually, by staying the manufacturer’s website, finding the newest correct installer and installing gradually. But if you don’t have the time or endurance to update drivers manually, you can, as an alternative, fix it automatically with the best software.

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Run the software and click the Scan button. The software will scan your PC and distinguish any drivers’ issue.
  3. Update to download and install the precise version of all the drivers that are missing or outdated on your PC.

After you have updated your drivers, you may restart your PC and check if Minecraft crashes again. If the issue continues, then you can try the next repair.

3: Ensure Your Java is Up to Date

If you’re on the Java edition, check if you’re making use of the modern Java. Both Mojang and the community mention keeping your Java modern. Performing so can develop your gaming experience. And most notably, it would assist to evade most of the strange problems. If you’re not sure where to begin, follow this to update your Java. If you’re already making use of the modern Java, or you don’t wish to swindle the Java settings, simply continue to the next fix.

4: Delete All The Mods

Minecraft is identified for its litheness in mods, which provides players infinite prospect. While it’s assuredly fun to play with mods, it might also be the felon of the crash. So, if you’re making use of any mods, attempting restricting or deleting them and realize how it goes. If the game hasn’t crashed since, then it might specify that you’re using an unsuited mod. If Minecraft crashes when you’re not making use of any mods, then have a look at the next way.

5: Achieve A Clean Boot

We all have diverse computer specs and desktop setup, so it’s hard to regulate what’s reasoning the error. But performing a clean boot lets your computer to begin with only the critical programs and services, which will in a sense assist you root out the crooks.

  1. On keyboard, press Win+R at the same time to raise the Run box. Type msconfig and click OK
  2. In the pop-up window, direct to the Services tab and check the box next to disappear all Microsoft services
  3. Uncheck all the services EXCEPT those go to your hardware manufacturers, such as Realtek, NVIDIA, Logitech, AMD, and Intel. At that time, click OK to apply the changes.
  4. On keyboard, press Ctrl, Move and Esc at the same time to open Task Manager, then direct to the Startup tab
  5. At a time, choose any programs you suspect might be intrusive, and click Disable
  6. Restart your computer

Now you can launch Minecraft and verify if it crashes again. If not, you can attempt to eradicate the incompatible programs or services. A way to fix that is to recur the steps above, but restrict half of the services and programs. If this fix doesn’t assist you, then just move on to the next one.

6: Reinstall Minecraft Fully

If none of the fixes above can halt the crash, then you should ponder reinstalling Minecraft finally. When you’re doing this, you can keep a backup of your .minecraft folder which can be opened by %appdata% in the address bar in File Explorer. By the technique, ensure you’ve removed options.txt insider the .minecraft folder.

7: Confirm if Your PC is Despoiled

If you attempted all the repairs above and none appear to operate, this could infer a bigger problem with your system. But rather than reinstalling Windows, you can first make use of a repair software/tool to scan for possible problems.

8: Check the System Event Log

An ended dependence is also a common reason for Minecraft process crashed. Minecraft has some dependencies that it relies on in order to run. The game will crash if any of these dependencies are suddenly finished. Check your system event log in order to realize if this is the case. You’ll be able to recognize the precise problem from this log which will form it easier to fix Minecraft Process Crashed with Exit Code.


These are the techniques to repair your Minecraft crash issues. As discussed, and suggested, attempt applying these prime procedures to realize if the issue still continues, and if not, you are complete to enjoy your game time with Minecraft without problems. Expectantly, the blog was a great assistance to you.


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