How To Fix Windows 11 Bluetooth Connection Issues?

When updating Windows 11, certain problems have been found suddenly. Of course, users have to check everything and rectify the issues soon as possible. Among other issues, windows 11 do not connect to Bluetooth automatically. Unfortunately, users may face Bluetooth connection issues in Windows 11 sometimes. In some cases, it will work automatically, and for some time, it requires basic steps to solve them. In this post, you can check the basic steps to completely solve and Fix Windows 11 Bluetooth issue

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1. Add Bluetooth to Action Center

Most of the time, Bluetooth will work fine. But sometimes, it won’t connect to the system. At that time, you can easily add Bluetooth using the action center. 

  • First, press Windows 11 keyboard shortcut Win+ A and open the action center
  • Click the pencil icon
  • Click on add
  • Add Bluetooth to the action center
  • Now, click the Bluetooth icon, and it will load any issue on windows 11
  • Now, you can add Bluetooth in the notification area and open Windows settings via Win+ I
  • Then, move to Bluetooth and devices from the left sidebar 
  • Click view more devices
  • Now, scroll down and click More Bluetooth settings
  • Enable the checkbox for showing Bluetooth and click apply Ok button

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2. Turn on/off Airplane Mode

On the other hand, you have to turn on and off airplane mode on Windows 11 PC. However, you can easily fix and turn on the Airplane mode and turn it off again. It will disable and enable options to turn on Bluetooth easily. It includes Wifi and Bluetooth and fixes the problems completely. 

  • Open the action center at first using short cut key Win+ A
  • Click the airplane mode or flight mode
  • Disable the Bluetooth service now
  • After seconds, could you turn it off?
  • Then, check the Bluetooth has a connection to Windows 11

3. Make Sure Bluetooth is Discoverable

Now, it is possible to connect Bluetooth in Windows 11 using the discoverable option. Of course, it is easy and thus suitable for connecting to a PC. They will check based on the phone app and notice changes in the discoverable and other device options. It should be a necessary one and connect based on the network option. You can find it undiscoverable and change to discoverable options well. 

Of course, it is a simple one-step process, and Bluetooth issues will be solved in Windows 11. It will fix errors automatically and move to Bluetooth and devices to be connected. They come at the left corner and notice changes in the Bluetooth discoverable option, a toggle in the right place. 

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4. Restart Bluetooth Services

If the Bluetooth is not connected in Windows 11, you have to do restart options. However, you have to toggle to the action center and should restart Bluetooth services. It will force enable Bluetooth on your Windows 11, and you must follow the instructions carefully.

  • At first, press Win+ R to open the run command
  • Type services. msc and hit enter to open the services
  • Enable Bluetooth services
  • Under the section, navigate the Bluetooth-related services
  • Then, the Bluetooth gateway service will open and locate the services well
  • You have to locate the Bluetooth user support service
  • Enable service soon
  • Double-click and open the system settings and change the startup type
  • It will make an automatic and start the service
  • Finally, click ok and repeat the step for two Bluetooth service
  • Then, enable it again
  • Now, restart the PC and find the Bluetooth has been fixed on the Windows 11 PC

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5. Update Bluetooth Drivers

If the Bluetooth is not connecting in Windows 11, try to update the drivers. Bluetooth drivers should be automatically set and need an internet connection to update. Of course, you must update the Bluetooth drivers, which are vital for completely solving the connection issues.

  • First, click the Win+X keyboard shortcut. 
  • Open the quick link menu.
  • Click on device manager and set the update
  • Find the Bluetooth section and expand it and look for the adapter
  • It will change on Realtek, Broadcom, or Intel
  • Bluetooth is not showing up and includes an easy step for configuration 
  • You can now manually add Bluetooth device 
  • Then, update the Bluetooth drivers in the system
  • Now, right-click on it and choose update driver
  • Update on the next page and search automatically for driver update
  • Windows 11 should look for updates for Bluetooth drivers
  • Now, restart your PC and Bluetooth, which should work fine 
  • On the next page, see the settings and update that is updated successfully or not
  • Now, restart and check whether the issues will happen or not

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If it is not installed successfully, you must use the third-party driver tool in windows 11. Of course, it will take the latest driver and set out the manufacturer’s website directly.


Thus, you are now clear about how to professionally Fix Windows 11 Bluetooth issue. If the problem happens, try any of the steps discussed above. So, it considers an effective one and tries only basic steps regarding the issues.

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