How To Gather Email Addresses Of Corporate-Level Executives

A variety of options exist for how to find the email addresses of CEOs. This can be through manual research or through the use of lead generation tools that are efficient, fast, and scalable. However, when you are at a crunch for time, having to locate the email addresses by hand can be quite a struggle and time-consuming.

Why Gathering Email Addresses Are Important

Depending on the nature of your business, lead generation is a key component of your marketing strategy. That is especially true if you are in the B2B space looking to have a robust lead generation process that will get you a pipeline of consistent leads and clients.

There are several ways of going about gathering the email addresses of executives who you want to reach out to for your service offerings. The following is a shortlist of those ways.

1. LinkedIn

Many professional networking sites allow you to search CEOs based on the company type, industry, geography, number of employees, etc. They allow you to narrow down your search to precisely find the right prospects. LinkedIn is one such platform and can be one of the best places to network with professionals for your business. So, salespeople often connect with CEOs on LinkedIn and ask for an appointment, which can lead to the closing of actual deals. While it is easy to find CEOs on LinkedIn the only way to directly reach them is through their business email address. Unfortunately, no emails are given on their actual LinkedIn profile and all that you are left with is their Name and Company name.

LinkedIn offers a list of CEOs through their advanced search tools. With a list of CEOs in hand, you can now use LeadGrabber Pro to find their email addresses. The tool also automatically verifies emails for you.

2. eMail-Prospector

If you have the name and company name of a CEO you found on LinkedIn you can find their e-mail address in three simple steps with eMail-Prospector.

It searches the Internet for the CEO’s email address in seconds through the service’s built-in email finding and contact research technology. It is also useful for finding email addresses of VPs, Directors & Top Executives can be found on LinkedIn.


With the use of services like you can now know how to find someone’s email from any company in the world, in just seconds. This tool uses Machine Learning Algorithm and Big Data to find the email addresses of anyone on Earth by using the first name, last name, and the domain name of their company. The process takes just seconds with Save time with this tool and let it help you directly get in touch with as many corporate-level executives as you need.


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