20 Best Cryptocurrency Blogs to Follow In 2023

Today, the crypto market is on a run. Thus, people are thinking to take this opportunity to capitalize on cryptocurrency to build some gains. If you are thinking for the same but are disorganized about where to begin, then follow cryptocurrency blogs at BloggingCoffe.

In this blog, we are going to share a list of the best cryptocurrency blogs that you can pursue to learn about NFTs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and many more. These blogs will also assist to know about the latest trending news of current crypto markets. Thus, without any further upheaval, let us begin with the list of the best Cryptocurrency Blogs.

1. CryptoNewMedia:

CryptoNewMedia is like a news collector platform that gleans news of the crypto world from through the internet. It is like a digital newspaper that gleans all the newest news and presents to you. This makes CryptoNewMedia an admirable choice for people who wish to be updated with the news from the crypto and finance markets. On the other hand, the best thing about this platform is its Reddit-like upvote and downvote system. Anybody who has read the news can either upvote or downvote that published blog.

This assists other readers to get the best appreciated information. Furthermore, users can share alternatives in the comment section.

2. Coinbase Blog:

This is the top cryptocurrency exchange platform on the internet that lets you to steadily execute Bitcoin, and other crypto coins. Coinbase blog is their official blog where you can get the newest news about cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology. If you make use of Coinbase exchange to buy, or sell, the product news section can be an exceptional place for you. Here you will get information about all the features of the platform.

This is a boundless platform for people who wish to edify themselves about blockchain technology. Here you can get the comprehensive guides on blockchain infrastructure, and many more.

3. Bitcoin Magazine:

This is the most established crypto blog on the internet. Since its inception, it has been prevalent to provide the complete analysis and researched content about finance, and technology. This is an admirable source of the newest news, information, and expert judgment on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and the whole industry linked to blockchain technology.

This hosts crypto conferences and events where you can join and know about expert opinions on the upcoming of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

4. Bitcoinist:

This is another inordinate blog for crypto lovers there. The best thing about it is the team that arranges everything on the blog. The team behind the blog operates 24/7 and updates it recurrently with all the newest news of Blockchain technology. Along with the news authors, this has a team of crypto experts that gives their judgment about the future of crypto and the present market situation timely. Also, it has a good collection of guides that can be effective for newbie crypto investors.

5. Toshi Times:

This is named after the name of the enigmatic founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto. With this, you can simply realize what this blog will be about. This blog is totally dedicated to Bitcoin. Although there are some articles related to other cryptocurrencies, the number of such articles is pretty less.

This would be the greatest choice for people who wish to be updated with the news of Bitcoins. But other than that, this blog is not good for overall users who wish to get used to other crypto assets and blockchain technology.

6. 99Bitcoins: 

This is a blog formed to assist the beginner and general users to school themselves about blockchain, Bitcoins, cryptocurrencies, and other technology. The greatest thing about this blog is that all the articles are written in simple English. This forms it a perfect choice for those who are not aware of technology but still wish to get used to Blockchain Technology.

If you are not a complete beginner, then you can pursue this blog to clear your doubts. But if you are familiar with crypto exchanges or crypto coins, I would not suggest 99Bitcoins as most articles on this blog are pretty elementary. It has articles such as how to purchase Dogecoin, BTC, and more. Generally, it is truly an exceptional cryptocurrency blog for beginners.

7. Bitcoin Trading Ideas:

This is one of the only blogs which hasn’t been self-hosted despite being quite prevalent. As an alternative, this blog is still introduced at WordPress’s subdomain. On the other hand, it is not like other blogs where you can get the newest news about crypto and know them. In its place, this blog is especially planned to share the writer’s belief on the current crypto market.

On this blog, the writer shares his trade particulars, complete research, and probable future market scenarios. The best thing is that virtually 85% of the time, the writer’s speculation has been recognized correct. Thus, if you are interested in getting complete research, this blog can be an inordinate choice.

8. NewsBTC:

This is really one of best cryptocurrency blogs that largely focuses on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news. On the other hand, this blog isn’t inadequate to news only. It covers a group of other topics as well, as well as complete analysis, free crypto trading courses from both beginners to professional levels, and many more. The greatest thing about these free courses is that they are wholly free yet very comprehensive.

Thus, after completing these courses, you will become a good crypto trader for sure. Apparently, some things cannot be taught through courses, such as risk management and many more, but you will still have a decent base to begin your crypto journey. This also writes about crypto businesses, bitcoin brokers, and sportsbooks.

9. Brave New Coin:

Brave New Coin is the top blog for detailed research and information about the crypto world. The blog has been highlighted or supported by some important names, as well as QuantHouse, Amazon Alexa, Chainlink, Nasdaq, and more. If you are a blockchain freak, then this is going to be the top blog for you. The best thing about the BNC blog is that it gleans and offers news from a wide range of topics.

For instance, you can find the articles about CeFi, DeFi, NFT, Bitcoin, GemeFi, other cryptocurrencies, business, and finance. This also has a good assemblage of audio podcasts and technical price analysis videos available for free.

10. CoinGecko:

Unlike other Cryptocurrency blogs, CoinGecko is an essential analysis tool that assists you evaluate the current market scenario, what to assume, and more. You can make use of this tool to track the present crypto price, whole market volume, and market cap. Furthermore, if you are a beginner, you can do a Click on any coins to get exhaustive information about that coin, its determination, and more.

The best thing about it is that it combines the trending articles from the internet. Furthermore, it tracks community growth, open-source code development, main crypto and blockchain events, on-chain metrics, and many more.

11. CryptoPanic:

This is the king of crypto news collector websites. It collects crypto news from thousands of websites and curates them on a single page. CryptoPanic the most functional news aggregator website. It lets you to filter all the combined articles based on diverse categories and filters, along with using keywords.

On the right sidebar, you find the list of prevalent cryptocurrencies’ current prices and the overall change over the period 1H, 24H, and 7Days. It also comes with a trending news section. After registering on the platform, you will be able to leave comments, and reply to other users’ comments.

12. CoinCentral:

It is a great general platform for all the crypto enthusiasts there. If you are seeking for a crypto news blog, then this is not a perfect choice. You can get the price chart, volume, market cap, and supply details from the blog, though. This is more like an educational blog where you can get the complete guides about diverse things such as BlockFi, NFT, how many BTCs are left to mine, what is DeFi, and more.

Furthermore, you can get meticulously published articles about how these cryptocurrencies work, comprehensive technical and fundamental study of diverse coins, and thorough evaluations of crypto wallets, exchanges, and many more.

13. BitcoinWarrior:

It is an admirable source of Bitcoin-related news and study of the events of the Bitcoin and crypto community. This offers comprehensive informative material for free that assists new users to gain some basic understanding of how the crypto market and these cryptocurrencies operates, what blockchain is, and more.

Though this blog publishes articles about financial markets, diverse cryptocurrencies, and blockchain technology, most of its articles rotate around Bitcoin only. Thus, if you are attentive in learning more about Bitcoin, this can be a great alternative. On the other hand, it is not a good choice for people who wish to grasp comprehensive intel about the market from a single blog.

14. The Daily HODL: 

If you are a new willing to enter the crypto market, you must not be aware with the word HODL. It means nothing but misspelled word of hold. This is one of best cryptocurrency blogs that provides you expertly curated philosophies to invest in diverse crypto assets that have a bright future. Here you can find the price evaluations for the quarter and the year of a crypto asset based on present market circumstances and technical scrutiny.

On the other hand, the blog is way more than that. In consort with cryptocurrency suggestions, it lets you to read the news of financial markets across the world. This blog is great to realize how these world financial markets can affect crypto in the near future. They also have beginner guide series to assist beginners realize crypto, bitcoin, and blockchain technology.

15. Decrypt: 

We all identify cryptocurrencies are encrypted, and Decrypt is the blog that can assist you interpret them. Jokes aside, Decrypt is really a boundless platform for those who wish to be updated with the latest news of blockchain, NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and the other digital factuals. The best thing about Decrypt is that it has articles about nearly everything related to crypto.

For instance, if you are disorganized about which crypto wallet you should go with, Decrypt has got you covered. Furthermore, there is a collection section where you can get the definite type of published articles such as the bull run, current market scenario, bitcoin basics, week’s trending coins, and more.

16. The Merkle News: 

This is one of best cryptocurrency blogs loyal to the newest news around the crypto world, as well as edifying articles that can assist people know more about crypto assets, blockchain technology, and more. The blog also has a finance section where you can get all the newest news from the finance sector.

Furthermore, to all the people interested in getting the newest news about technology such as data science, machine learning, virtual reality, biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and many more, this has the tech section for you. This takes in articles explaining ransomware, malware, viruses, and more.

17. CoinTelegraph:

It came into existence in 2013 with the only aim of assisting people know about blockchain technology. But later, the platform began covering an inclusive range of topics related to crypto assets, blockchain technology, and fintech. Presently, this is one of the most active blogs for gleaning news from both centralized and decentralized worlds.

Here you can also get the complete, detailed crypto scrutiny, cryptocurrency price charts, expert opinions, and other understandings related to cryptocurrency. They run a sequence called Cryptopedia, where you can get the complete guides of Bitcoin 101, Blockchain 101, Regulation 101, what is crypto, how to, and more. We would suggest following this series to all crypto beginners.

18. The Block:

The Block boasts a big team that operates 24/7 to offer you with the greatest crypto-related content that can assist you. The superlative thing about this blog is its reports that feature profound insights into how that definite coin or technology advancement would intermingle with the global finance market, and government. Other than that, the blog also keeps you updated with the latest crypto news, and more.

19. CryptoSlate:

On CryptoSlate, you can get the articles about blockchain technology, news, security, and all about it. The blog has brought cognizance to over 526 blockchain events. It also offers simultaneous pricing and wide-ranging data such as volume, market cap, and more for over 2238 cryptocurrencies. It comes with a company directory that presently introduces253 FinTech companies with over 175 crypto products.

20. Cryptoverze:

This is just a forum and blog where anyone can enroll and post stories about the crypto world. Also, it lets all the users to connect and talk with one another. This is questionably the best feature of this platform as you can collect other users’ opinions about the trends in the crypto market and assets and what we can suppose in the near future.

Additional good thing about it is that it has subreddit-type groups that you can join to find the newest information about that definite crypto asset. Presently, it has a total of 18 public groups. Also, you can find the comprehensive lists of active, future, and past ICOs. There is also a Q&A section where you can get the answers to most blockchain-related questions.


In this blog, you would have had a list of the 20 best cryptocurrency blogs. Follow cryptocurrency blogs, as the Crypto market is highly volatile. Most of the cryptocurrency blogs in this list have thorough guides that can assist you realize crypto, blockchain technology, and how everything works. Overall, these blogs will assuredly assist you get the complete knowledge about cryptocurrencies.


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