A Close Look at the Top Five GPS Trackers in India

There are many GPS tracking devices in the market with variant features. A GPS tracker is an obligatory requirement these days.  It is a challenge to find a perfect dash cam for your vehicle. These devices are a very important asset for everyone to find their way. Such systems help in keeping track of people, vehicles, for map making, land and countless other personal and commercial uses.

1. Trak GPS Tracker

This is a personal GPS tracker designed for tracking small kids, family members and cars. It is quite easy to use, is accurate and has a number of useful features. It allows you to locate your kid’s whereabouts in real-time on your smartphone, tablet or laptop anywhere, anytime.   It is equipped with an All India Data SIM-card that has inbuilt unlimited free GPRS data which allows you to track your family members while they travel across the country.

The tracker offers three types of alerts in the form of SMS, e-mail and in-app notification so that you get instant information about any emergency. The tracker comes with an emergency button that alerts the user via SMS or email on their mobile. The device has 1000 mAh battery which runs for 4 to 5 days in battery saver mode and 1 to 3 days in active mode. It comes with 1 year warranty


This is a highly efficient real-time GPS tracker for vehicles that can track cars, trucks and motorbikes. The device has a compact size but it provides the most accurate results. It uses GPS to get real time location of the vehicle and send it to the LMROD server. If in case the vehicle goes out of network area , the data gets stored in the internal memory of the device.

This tracker shows real-time location of your car or motorbike on Google map. This device is efficient in recording distance, mileage and average speed of a vehicle. It also records the instances whenever the vehicle exceeds speed limit at particular places.


3. KENT CamEye

KENT CamEye is a one-of-its-kind vehicle security device with dual cameras to record everything that happens in and around the car.

KENT CamEye allows live video streaming of either camera, from anywhere in the world. It is a next-generation car security system that ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of your vehicle. It also acts as a vehicle tracker and helps the user to track the real-time GPS location of the car and play back the route travelled by the car on a map. It also facilitates in monitoring undisciplined driver behaviour such as AC misuse and over speeding. KENT CamEye also tracks the real-time GPS location of the car, provides playback of the driver’s route, and sends push notifications when it detects unusual activity, such as an unfamiliar driver, sleeping in the car with the AC on, or going over the speed limit. The device also features a built-in microphone and speakers to enable seamless two-way voice calling so owners can get in touch with drivers and passengers with the tap of a button. KENT CamEye provides an all-in-one solution that combines real-time location tracking, live streaming, time-lapse video recording, active monitoring, and voice communication from a single device.

4. DYTECH GPS tracker GT02A Google link real time tracking

This is an efficient mini GPS tracker for vehicles such as cars, trucks, etc. that comes with separate Android and iOS app which makes it highly compatible with all your smart devices. It is a powerful tracking device with 20 Tracking sensitivity and -159dBm Acquisition sensitivity that provides accurate location information of your vehicle. The real-time location-monitoring feature in this device allows the user to know the exact location of the vehicle at a specific time. It has three color status indicator lamps that indicate GSM status, GPS status and power status of the device. The tracker is connected to the engine using a power connector which supplies power to the tracker. This tracking device has a USB data option that is used to help the user update the device’s software.


5. ZAICUS GT02A GPS Tracker

It is a mini GPS tracker that offers real-time tracking and alerts on the mobile phone of the user. The device comes packed with Quad band and built-in antenna. This device has a tracking sensitivity of -159dBM and acquisition sensitivity of -144dBM which provides location with great accuracy even when the signal is weak. The user can access the device without any prior registrations. It is mainly used in monitoring and Management Company’s vehicle and private car anti-theft.

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