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We are in the digital world and we see so many games in the store which you can download on your phone. The most attractive and interesting games which people like a lot are online action games but today I am going to share the applications or game for which you don’t need high-speed internet nor you need high rated phones. This game you can download from 9apps games section and game known as 9apps wood block music box and the storage required to install this application or game is 30.5 MB which is the latest updated version which was done on 5th March 2019 you can also say the version number 11.


Today I am going to help you with some benefits of this application which will Increase the interest in this application which you can easily find from 9Apps Wood Block store. Before we get into it, this application is used by more than 40 thousand people from 9Apps and from another hub the overall 3 lac people are using this application (game) and the overall rating of this application is 5 star.

This is an addictive block puzzle game with a simple rule. In this game, you need to arrange the box in he gives compose slot vertically and horizontally, and fill the line. Once the line is complete from north to south or south north the line will disappear and if you place any puzzle incorrectly it will occupy the space which you need to clear before you space that occupied completely. Once your space is occupied completely the game will going to end as there will be no option to move or adjust any other block. Same thing going to happen with vertically, if the line is complete even that will going to disappear. You will keep getting point for disappearing the lines and if you disappear multiple lines vertically or horizontally in one go you will earn more points at once.

This 9apps wood block music box game don’t have many functions or option to remember nor need you to learn. It’s easy to learn and the best part you will feel fun while playing the game and soon you will become master gameplay. This game does not have any age limit this game can be played by any age people, as this game does contain any adult or any unnecessary features. This is simple block adjustment game for which you do not need to use much of your brain even kid can play that game easily and this game doesn’t need any time limit, so you can consume as much time you want as per your convenience. If you are stressed and want to get your-self relax then you can play this game and keep yourselfstress-free and it will help you to get relaxed easily and quickly.

To download this 9apps wood block music box you can visit 9App store, game section and download this game in your phone and the best part this game is also available in APK format, so if you want this app not to consume more space then you can prefer APK file and enjoy the game with all same feature and benefits.

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