Top 8 Comic Apps Like Webtoon [Free + Paid] – 2023

Are you searching for the best web comic apps like Webtoon? In this blog by BloggingCoffe, we have brought the top webtoon alternatives for you. Webtoon is one of the best digital comic applications which provides the best way to read Comics, Manhwa, and Manga. It presents over 170 featured comics, such as Tower of God, and many more. All the comics comprises of numerous categories, such as Horror, Sci-Fi, Romantic, Action, Fantasy, etc. 

It is a superb app that contains features, for example regular updates, free-to-use, infinite downloading of comics, conversant recommendations, easy interface, subscription support, FX Comics, and more. Just like with Manga, many less-than-legal places let you to read manhwa. Go through this piece of content for information on the best apps like Webtoon, where you can easily find licensed novels, comics, manhwa, Manga, etc. 

1. WebComics:


WebComics is known as one of the best leading apps like Webtoon, where you can read comics on both iOS and Android devices. It comes with an immense list of popular titles, including some genres, including fantasy comic, horror comic, comedy comic, and many more. Similarly, it also provides many new services and features which show up from its competitors. Some of its most significant features are 1080 HD strips, fast loading speed, over five hundred licensed comics, day-to-day updates, and interaction with friends.  

Key Features

  • Offers comics of distinctive genres updated recurrently from creators all around the world. 
  • Supports numerous languages, such as English, Indonesian, Chinese, and Thai. 
  • There are some special offers for new users.
  • Offers a community for fans to share what you love and connect with your favorite creators. 
  • Webcams range from Avant-garde comics to traditional comic strips and graphic novels and subjects.
  • Offers diverse genre stories like drama, romance, fantasy, action, comedy, thriller and many more.

2. Tapas:

Tapas is a free-to-use app that provides thousands of comics and web novels. It covers nearly all the popular titles and consistent updates to offer you with the newest content completely free. It is full with a community of millions of comic lovers where all the users are permitted to share their experiences and can also suggest the best comic or novel series to read.

Key Features

  • Offers to read most binge-worthy stories from a brilliant community of creators. 
  • It introduces English-language works by more than 61,000 creators. 
  • Discover an eclectic range of genres, such as action, fantasy, drama, thriller, comedy, and romance, many more. 
  • Let users to connect and communicate with readers and creators. 
  • To be updated, subscribe your favorite series. 
  • Discover the selection to read premium for free or skip the wait with its Wait-For-Free feature. 



This is a free-to-use web and mobile application particularly designed for those who wish to listen to and read new novels without any daily limit. This is one of alternative apps like Webtoon contains nearly all the advanced or leading tools and features, forming it one of the greatest novel apps. Just like other webtoon options, it lets you read scenes from your chosen novels, take a screenshot and share it to your social media. 

With an assistance of its innovative tools, you can simply find, save, and even share your favorite novels and can add these novels into your library, which forms it better than other apps.

Key Features

  • Available in more than 80 countries.
  • Discover a range of genres, such as stories with eastern fantasy, light novels, reborn heroes, sci-fi, romantic love novels, books with animation adaptations, and many more. 
  • It frequently keeps stories updated. 
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices, as well as on the internet.
  • Join its community to connect and communicate with readers, share your reading experience, and even converse your favorite novel. 

4. MangaToon:


MangaToon is one of alternate apps like Webtoon available on both Android and iOS devices. This offers Manga, comics, manhwa, & manhua at free of cost. These comics come in diverse genres like horror, action, romance, comedy, and more. It provides some features: daily updates, writing your own stories, downloading and reading them offline, free comics release every week, and more. You can read comics in several languages such as English, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesia, and Vietnamese.

Key Features

  • Offers many comics, manhua, novels, chats stories, Manhwa, and Manga.  
  • Updates stories frequently, and releases new comics weekly. 
  • Discovers some genres, such as Romance, BL, Action, Thriller, Mystery, Fantasy, Action, and more. 
  • Get free points and win reading coupons to solve paid episodes.
  • Download comics after the episodes are fully unlocked to read them offline. 
  • Available in English, Spanish, Thai, Bahasa, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Indonesia, and Vietnamese.

5. Tappytoon:

This is one of the best and alternate apps like Webtoon, where both readers and creators can interact. It offers the best comic experience like never before for readers. It comprises of thousands of characters, images, and a setting that lets anyone to make their own comic. It provides many new ways to form comics such as appear, disappear, and modern AR to cooperate with characters and use voice appreciation.

Key Features

  • It is the official place for comics, novels, and manhwa.
  • get access to the newest chapters of some Webtoons.
  • Unlock chapters with points to assist authors, artists, and creators.
  • Create an account to access your unlocked series, and novel chapters.
  • Discover some genres, such as Comedy, Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Action, Fantasy, Action, and more.  
  • Subscribe to your favorite stories and get notification whenever a new chapter is available.

6. Lezhin:

This is a webtoon portal offered in Japanese, Korean, and English. You can synchronize your reading lists and purchases across the app and desktop internet. Thus, you can endure reading faultlessly from home on your computer and on your phone at work. By arranging your library, follow the comics you like to read for life by managing the ‘My Library’ section.

Key Features

  • Stories get regularly updated. 
  • Provides some promotions starting from discounts to more free episodes. 
  • Views free content without signing up. 
  • Available in HD image quality. 
  • Manages your library by hiding/editing viewed comics. 
  • Log in to earn coins and use them to purchase paid episodes. 
  • Discover some genres, such as Thriller, Fantasy, Action, Action, Romance, Horror, Mystery, Comedy, and many more.

7. Comica:

This is one of the greatest apps developed by Comica Entertainment Crop. It is a fanciful app consisting of free and premium comics that you can access anytime, or anywhere. Besides, it even lets you to get bewildering comic creations which are entertaining for you. It has over 100 new comics from famous authors in Korea and some newcomers worldwide. It is an all-in-one comic platform that provides all the comic-related news.

Key Features

  • Contains more than 100 new comics from popular authors in Korea.
  • Discover a wide range of genres, such as Action, Comedy, Romance, Superhero, Mystery, Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, Action, Thriller, and more.  
  • Covers over 1000 titles that are regularly updated.  
  • Consists of features like a quick sharing, instant searching, search bar, and comments support. 

8. Graphite Comics:

With this, read vertical webtoons, daily comic strips, Manga, and traditional comics. It covers creator-owned webtoons, such as Knight & Beard, Fox Fires, The Middle Age, Phase, Stalker X Stalker, and more.   

The aim of Graphic Comics is to offer digital comics from all formats. Although it tries to grow its audience by sending content in more than 60 languages, its main feature is its ‘AI’, which recommend content to users seeing their taste.

Key Features

  • Hosts thousands of free-to-read comics.
  • More than thousands of comics and webtoons. 
  • Supports numerous formats such as traditional comics, web comics, and Manga. 
  • Come with an inimitable reading mode for each format. 
  • See an eclectic array of genres, such as Romance, Action, Horror, Comedy, Fantasy, Action, Thriller, Mystery, and many more. 

If you have more ideas regarding other apps or need to know alternative apps like Webtoon, let us know so that we can cover them in our next blog. 

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