How to Reset Windows 11: Step-by-Step Guide 2023

Are you facing issues or slow processing with your Windows 11 PC or Laptop? If so, you have a better option to reset the Windows 11 to default factory settings. It is one of the safer options to restore your desktop computer or Laptop along with the data. The “Reset this PC” feature is the best way for you to easily revert the system to Factory Default settings. The reset windows 11 feature will be suitable for fixing common problems along with improving the overall performance level. The feature lets you easily reinstall Windows 11, along with multiple options for starting everything from scratch.

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Why Perform A Factory Reset For Windows 11?

Normally, the Factory Reset can be processed under different scenarios. If your PC is decommissioned for sale or even transferred to another user, then you can use this factory reset option. The process will be removing all changes that are made in the PC left with factory settings.

These will be cleaning everything on the device before you handoff or sell. You can also easily apply the pending update on OS to make the devices completely secure in their current position. If you are noticing any performance or stability issues in your PC then you can opt for resetting into factory settings.

Normally any in-place upgrade cannot be restored the PC to normal operations. You can easily repair and install Windows 11 without any hassle. Factory reset lets you easily take the PC back to its earliest Windows state.

It will be a better way to fix any problems in it. The “Reset this PC” feature is one of the unique with letting you easily reinstall Windows 11 along the multiple options. It is also quite convenient to start everything the scratch, even with a clean copy. These are also much effective for easily removing everything to resolve the problems, such as

  • Removing excessive memory usage
  • Removing issues starting up or shutting down
  • Uninstalling the performance running apps
  • Removing battery-draining apps or files quickly
  • Removing tough malware

Resetting the Windows 11 features is the best option for using the original settings of the manufacturer. These will be a significant option for removing unwanted bloatware as well as configurations. There are many methods used for performing the factory reset in Windows 11

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Steps To Perform A Factory Reset In Windows 11 With Preserving The Files:

Follow the below steps to easily reset the Windows 11 laptop or desktop into factory default settings. This does not let you lose the files.

  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Click ‘System’
  • Click ‘Recovery page.’
  • Under the “Recovery options” section
  • Click the “Reset PC” button 
  • Click the Keep my files option
  • Choose the option for resetting Windows 11

Case 1: Choose Local Reinstall:

You can choose the files that are available already for resetting the PC. When you are using the brands like ASUS, Lenovo, Dell, or any others, then you can use the method for restoring factory drivers.

Case 2: Choose Cloud Download:

You can download a fresh copy of the installation from the Cloud for reinstalling Windows 11. 

  • Review apps for reinstalling after resetting factory settings
  • Click the ‘Next’ button
  • Click the ‘Reset’ button
  • Windows 11 will reset to factory settings preserving your files upon completing the steps.

What To Do After A Factory Reset?

Some people are confused about restoring the files after the Windows 11 reset. It will be a great option for checking updates for Windows 11. Normally, updating the OS will easily retrieve the security patches and drivers. You are also required to reinstall the previous apps for various purposes.

How To Check For Updates?

Updating Windows 11 lets you gain full access to security patches. These are most important for safeguarding your device from any malware threats. Updating Windows 11 also enables more numbers of features and gives you added performance level. Follow the below steps to check the updates

  • Open ‘Settings’
  • Click “Windows Update”
  • Click “Check for updates.”
  • Windows Updates are downloaded with the latest patches and driver updates

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How to Reinstall Windows in PC Settings:

Reinstalling Windows 11 with the factory setting is quite a simple step for restoring the data. Follow the below steps

  • Open ‘setting’
  • Type ‘Reset this PC’
  • Click ‘Open’
  • Click ‘Reset PC’
  • Select ‘Remove everything
  • Select ‘Local reinstall.’
  • Click ‘Change settings
  • Click ‘Confirm’
  • Confirm the settings
  • Receive the following notification
  • Select ‘Next’
  • Continue the reset process
  • Click ‘Reset’
  • Start reinstalling Windows 11
  • Computer restart after the reinstallation is completed

The Reset Windows 11 PC is the best option that quickly restores Windows to its factory default configuration. You can follow the above steps to easily reinstall Windows in a convenient method. You can start everything from scratch for the recovery partition

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