10 Best Alternatives to Zoom App in India

Whether it is a client meeting or an online classroom session, the Zoom app has always been popular among people. It has a useful feature of 40 minutes conference call with a maximum number of 100 attendees. The application is user-friendly and convenient enough. People can access any meeting at anytime easily. But this easy access has some serious security threat as well. It has been revealed that some third-party applications use Zoom’s facility of randomly generated codes for misleading acts. Some of them can find and get access to the bulk amount of Zoom IDs. With the IDs, they can get access to the meetings and misuse them. However, for these problematic issues, nowadays people are looking for alternatives to Zoom app. This article describes some of the best alternatives for the Zoom app.

1. Skype:

With a wide range of useful features, Skype is considered to be one of the best alternatives to Zoom app in India. You can call, message, and share your screen with other persons easily through Skype. It can be installed on computers, smart phones, or tablets. The diverse functions of Skype include audio and HD video calling, private conversations, smart messaging, and so on. Call recording and live subtitles are also available in it. You can make both one-to-one calls and group calls. Many business owners and professionals from other fields prefer to use Skype for their client meetings and other multiple purposes.

2. Facebook Messenger Rooms:

Facebook messenger room or messenger room is an easy and convenient way to arrange a conference video call. You can add up to 50 people to this room. With its easy, hassle-free service it is known to be a good alternative to Zoom app free. For messenger rooms, you do not need to have a Facebook account. You can join the room without a Facebook account just by clicking on the link the host shares. Facebook Messenger Rooms have other necessary features as well. While creating a room the host can manage the audience. The host can decide who can see the room and join. Alongside this, the host can remove people from the call if he wants. A room can also be locked if the room creator wants nobody else to enter. Thus, Facebook Messenger Room is a service similar to Zoom app with proper security and privacy control.

3. Google Meet:

It is an application developed by Google for providing video communication services. To arrange a meeting through this app, you just need to open a Google account. Then you are ready to start a meeting. The maximum time duration for the meeting is 60 minutes. You can add up to 100 participants. Many educational institutions, business organizations now use this app for the video communication process. It is perfectly suitable for webinars, virtual meetings, etc. In schools and colleges, online classes are going on with the help of this application. It has some important features which make the app more useful and interesting. You can share your screen with the audience in the meeting. A recording option is also available. It allows recording the screen and the whole meeting for future use. These excellent features make it a popular choice for video conferencing apps similar to Zoom.

4. Discord:

This application lets you enjoy a smooth and convenient chat with the people you want. It is a popular app among gamers for communicating with friends through calls, messages. You can communicate through private chats or communities called “server”. The server is used during interaction with a large number of people. This server helps to communicate through chat rooms and voice chat channels. It is considered to be one of the best messaging apps for gamers. Discord is compatible with Windows, Android, macOS, iOS, and other different systems.  A single user can join a maximum number of 100 servers in this communication service. The notifications from the servers can be controlled easily. It is not only for gamers. Nowadays, it is largely used for digital meetings, watching TV shows together, online classes, and so on. it is one of the best apps similar to Zoom.

5. Zoho Meeting:

Zoho Meeting is known to be one of the best alternatives to the Zoom app. It is built on Zoho and does not include any third-party app in its services. It is popular for its safety protocols and privacy measures. Zoho meeting does not share any information about the users for any kind of commercial purposes. Through Zoho Meeting you can share audios and videos easily and safely. With Zoho Meeting you can enjoy secured and smooth web-based meetings. You do not need to download any software for that. This function of Zoho meeting helps to avoid unnecessary storage consumption in your device. Zoho Meeting, however, asks for a nominal subscription. By paying a subscription charge, you can get access to all its advanced features. It has video conferencing features similar to Zoom but more secure than Zoom.

6. Go To Meeting:

Go To Meeting is a well-known video conferencing service similar to Zoom. It allows getting access to unlimited meetings. Its high-quality video conferencing feature makes it popular among the users. With this service, you can host a meeting with up to 250 participants. In this service, you can schedule a meeting in advance as well. The meeting host can share the screen easily. It is a free alternative to zoom. The meetings can be attended without any charge. The host can share the meeting link through e-mail, or messaging service. You can easily attend the meetings just by clicking on the link. Subscriptions can be added later on for advanced features. The app is compatible with various systems. You can attend the meeting from Mac, iPad, Android, etc. The instructions for using the mic and speakers of the computer or phone are also provided with the invitation link.

7. Jitsi Meeting:

With some exclusive features, Jitsi Meeting is considered to be a great alternative to zoom app free. It helps you with a flexible, secure, and free video conferencing service. It is fully encrypted and provides a wide range of facilities. With the perfect video calling feature, it lets you stay connected with your friends, family, and colleagues. Many businesses nowadays use this secure videoconferencing solution for multiple purposes. In this service, you can view an attendee’s video just by clicking on them. You can run it on both android and iOS. Jisti meeting allows you to lock rooms with the password. You can also stream the conference to YouTube live. Thus, it is a good app similar to zoom.

8. Cisco Webex Meetings:

Cisco Webex Meeting as a great alternative to Zoom offers HD video, audio calling, and screen sharing. It is used for large scale virtual meetings and many other purposes. It is a tool with multiple functions like secure video calling, free screen sharing, reliable communication service, and so on. With this app, you can easily communicate with your colleagues, friends, and other people. There is no threat to security or any chance of user data stealing.  It also has the feature of hands-free voice commands with Google assistant. Personalized video layouts and interesting virtual backgrounds make the app more appealing. You can schedule meetings at your convenience. Alongside this, you can play the recordings anytime directly from the app. Though some users complain about buzzing sounds and other minor issues, it is a useful app.

9. Whereby:

Whereby is known to be a video conferencing tool collaborating teams and people from various places.  It has an instant messaging service with a great video calling facility. Its adjustable privacy setting is an additional feature of it. It helps to keep the app more secure and private. In this app, you can access the chats without any individual login ID or specific passwords. The meetings in this app can contain a maximum number of 12 people. Unlimited screen sharing is available. The users can get an automatic full-screen view easily. With these functions, they can continue their presentations and discussions without any interruption. Its smooth communication management facility makes it a popular alternative to Zoom app free.

10. Microsoft Teams:

For businessmen, freelancers, and other individuals, this app is a wonderful collaboration platform. It is mainly chat-based. It is quite useful for any kind of business communication. It has a wide range of functions including document sharing, online meetings, and so on. The business owners can conduct the meetings, training sessions, and other similar tasks through its communication facility. You can share necessary documents with other people. The high-quality video calling feature makes it a widely accepted option among the alternatives to Zoom app in India.


So, know about these 10 best alternatives to Zoom. All of them are discussed broadly with their general functions and additional features. Zoom is undoubtedly a good choice for video communication purposes. But to avoid the negative aspects of Zoom, one can go for any of these apps. They have similar features to Zoom. Some of them have other additional features as well. You can check out the functions and choose the preferred one as per your requirements.

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