10 Best Google Drive Alternatives in 2021

Google drive has always been a widely accepted cloud storage system. You can store your files and data and get easy access to them. It is a free cloud system with convenient features. With Google Drive, you can back up data anytime at any place. You can also create and manage documents. But it has certain limitations as well. therefore, you can try some other alternatives to it. Here are the best Google Drive alternatives listed below. This article helps you to understand the advantages and disadvantages of them. 

1. Canto DAM


Canto DAM is an efficient solution that helps the users to organize, publish, and manage digital assets. You can also share the assets as per your requirement. It is one of the efficient, free google drive alternatives. It is a highly scalable option to manage your files and data. In modern days, companies are looking for proficient cloud storage. In this scenario, the Canto DAM is one of the best options. 

The pros are: 

  • It has multiple deployment methods
  • The secure file transfer option is available
  • It is affordable 
  • It is simple and easy to use
  • The app has an easy configuration and version control.

The cons are:

  • Adobe Connect needs more improvement
  • More customizations are needed for a better experience

Considering the pros and cons, it can be said that Canto Dam is one of the best digital asset solutions for businesses.

2. DropBox:


Dropbox helps you to back up your files online instantly. With the Dropbox application, you can easily manage your documents. You can also store and manage your pictures, videos, and presentations. This application is compatible with Android, Ios, etc. Dropbox is thus a useful personal cloud storage system. It is considered to be one of the good Google Drive alternatives 2021. Here are the pros and cons of the application:

The pros are:

  • It is completely free.
  • This application has convenient features.
  • You can get updated version of any file.
  • You can share the documents without any hassle.

The cons of this app are:

  • The developers or the administrators can delete the information anytime from inactive accounts. So, there is a risk of losing information if you leave your account unused for a long time.
  • Security is a matter of concern here. There are a few cases of hacking and stealing information from Dropbox accounts. 

However, except for a few limitations, Dropbox is considered to be a good application for backing up your files online. You can access the files anytime even if your personal Smartphone or computer gets damaged.

3. pCloud


PCloud is one of the most popular cloud storage systems. It is quite easy and convenient to use. pCloud one of the well-known Google Drive alternatives. You can store any types of important files and information through this cloud service. I-phone users can easily integrate it with their devices. The online good reviews for this app ensure its efficiency.

The pros are: 

  • You can have access to your data on any devices
  • It ensures strong security
  • You can share the files and collaborate with your friends
  • It is quite user-friendly.

The Cons are:

  • it takes a longer time than usual to sign up
  • Few problems sometimes occur during the sharing of the files.

The app is good enough as its pros overpower the disadvantages. For competent Google Drive alternatives free, you can go for this application.

4. Sync


It is one of the secure cloud storage for storing and sharing files. Its encrypted storage securely keeps your files and data saved. Sync is a tool that provides fast service along with end-to-end encryption. It helps to maintain privacy. You can easily upload your photos, videos, and other files to sync easily. People prefer it for its high-speed function. The Sync user gets 5 GB of free cloud storage. It is easier to use than Google drive. 

The pros are: 

  • It has convenient file sharing functionality. You can also share the files with the people without any account in Sync.
  • Privacy is guaranteed with Sync.com.
  • It allows for sharing large files without any interruption.
  • Its selective sync feature allows you to sync your files selectively to your device. You can sync them anytime with your devices.

The cons are:

  • The app requires more development and advanced features.
  • There are certain technical glitches to fix.

Thus, it is known as one of the good Google Drive alternatives.

5. Microsoft One Drive:


Microsoft One Drive is one of the most-used cloud storage systems nowadays. Microsoft office packages like Excel, Word are widely in use. Along with them, this platform has also gained popularity. It has unique features different from other similar storage systems. Let’s know about its benefits and some disadvantages.

The pros are:

  • Microsoft One Drive offers free storage of 15 GB. It also allows for earning more space.
  • Users can link their One Drive account with their social network accounts. This helps in sharing files easily with people.
  • Being a Microsoft product, it has a close collaboration with other Microsoft packages. Thus, with this, your work becomes easier.
  • One drive keeps the files well-organized. You can access them and sort out the required one easily.

The cons are:

  • Microsoft One Drive is not effective enough as a project  management tool. 
  • A security concern is there. One drive has the right to scan or review the documents if it is found objectionable. Thus, a threat to the security of the files emerges.
  • There is a problem with syncing occurs. It is suggested that the files can get altered. However, this is not a frequent problem.

For Google Drive alternatives 2021, Microsoft One Drive is a good choice.


6. iCloud Drive:

iCloud Drive

it is a well-known cloud storage system launched by Apple Inc. As per the data, millions of users now prefer to use this cloud computing system. You can sign in with your Apple id. The iCloud drive is a storage platform under the iCloud service. This drive is a wonderful space to store your documents securely. Instead of Google drive, you can use this as one of the best Google Drive alternatives.

The pros of it are:

  • It is a fine, efficient app with web interfaces. 
  • The drive is compatible with multiple systems including Windows, macOS, and various iOS devices. 
  • You can get a large 5 GB storage space with your iCloud Drive account on any iOS or macOS devices.

The cons are:

  • It has no android application facility.
  • Collaborative editing requires more development.
  • Frequent notification for upgrades should be taken care of.

Despite certain limitations, this is considered to be one of the best alternatives for Google drive.

7. BOX


BOX offers cloud content management service along with file sharing facilities to businesses. This platform is popular for efficient content management, workflow, and easy collaboration. It has a useful feature of seamless integration. BOX is a great option for free Google Drive alternatives

The pros of this service are:

  • The file uploading speed is fast enough.
  • This platform has a smooth and easy-to-use mobile version. 
  • Wide space in the cloud is available.

The cons are:

  • Sometimes, the problem occurs in accessing the website version.
  • The platform has a slow-loading problem in case of previewing the photos.
  • Quick links are required to see attached devices.

The users consider it as a good alternative for Google drive. The exceptional features of the app make it one-of-its-kind.



BLACKBLAZE is a cloud storage platform providing data backup service. The online backup service ensures maximum security. It is easy-to-use and affordable at once. Users love this app as one of the best Google drive alternatives free

The Pros are:

  • It keeps the data stores securely and restores properly if necessary.
  • It is highly scalable.
  • The storage space is simple and vast.
  • It is reliable enough to store your valuable data.

The Cons are:

  • The interface needs more development
  • Specific sync option should be there for more convenience.
  • User management should be better. People sometimes find it difficult to manage their accounts.

However, BACKBLAZE has gained popularity for easy and affordable service. You can try it as a free Google Drive alternative.



SPIDEROAK offers collaboration, online back, and file hosting services at once. It is a cloud-based system. SPIDEROAK  allows the users to get access to the files, share them, and synchronize the data. It is considered to be one of the most useful Google Drive alternatives 2021.

The pros are:

  • It allows back up from unlimited systems.
  • It is well-known for its high-end security.
  • The high upload and download speed make it popular.
  • It has a good feature of de-duplication. SPIDEROAK can detect any pre-existing file in your device. It does not back up that again.

The cons are:

  • The main disadvantage is it lacks simplicity. The complex and advanced features are tough to manage.
  • The price for the paid version is a bit higher than other similar apps.

SPIDEROAK is thus one of the useful cloud storage systems in use.

10. Tresorit


Tresorit is a cloud storage service used majorly by businesses for storing the data securely. Its advanced security system and high-end encryption ensure safety. It is a comprehensive tool with multiple beneficial features. Let’s know more about it.

The pros are:

  • The efficient and quick support system is a good feature of it.
  • You can get strong security service.
  • You can decide who can edit, view, or share the files. You can also grant and manage user access easily.

The cons are:

  • It does not support the macOS tagging system as per the users’ reviews.
  • Offline content updates need to be developed more.

Tresorit is one of the best cloud storage platforms providing a secure way to keep your data stored.

Conclusion: So, here are the top 10 best Google drive alternatives. Go through the details and choose the best for you.

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