Top 10 Best Video Game Consoles

We all have child in ourselves that ought to keep us joyful. After the whole day of hard work as left us exhausted, it is our priority to recharge us to perform well in the next day. Though there are many ways to entertain ourselves, we prefer continuing our hidden yet instinctive desire to keep on.

Here you will get to know how video games have been the most pastime pursuit that hones your analytical and targeting skills, and de-exhaust you better. Video game fans are usually observed to a new generation of consoles. In this way, this is different more than any other artform; it seems as a new way to experience music/movies. Technology upgrades over the decades in all medians, but gaming overcomes these so-called console generations.

At any time, there are generally three big companies to take attention of players. These are Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. In the last years, we’ve observed huge systems from Sega, Intellivision, and more. Today, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo dominate absolutely to the console market. As a result, the PS4 comes out the best-selling console on the market.

A system is just as good as the applications that support it. The quality of original titles can make or break a console. While we have had some technologically-powerful consoles, only a select few have been impelled by a sizable list of video game consoles.

Here at blog by Blogging Coffe, we will help you know top 10 best video game consoles in the history of gaming.

1. Sony PlayStation PS4 Pro
2. PlayStation 4 Slim
3. Microsoft Xbox One S
4. Microsoft Xbox One
5. Microsoft Xbox 360
6. New Nintendo 3DS XL
7. Nintendo NES Classic Edition
8. Nintendo Switch
9. Nvidia Shield TV
10. Nintendo 2DS

1. Sony PlayStation PS4 Pro:

Sony PlayStation PS4 Pro

The newest Sony system, the PS4, has directed the console war this generation after PlayStation 3 astounded behind Xbox 360 last round. It is easy to see why this has been so. Just see at its huge catalog of exclusives, from God of War, Spider-Man, The Last of Us 2, Death Stranding to the Final Fantasy VII remake. The exclusives have kept coming all through its life. Also, it is the only console with a “true” VR headset (Labo), which works well for a more affordable price than Oculus. The Sony PlayStation PS4 has adaptability and a unique library to boot.

2. PlayStation 4 Slim:

PlayStation 4 Slim

Like the original PS4, the Slim looks like a sandwich on the lean, but the top and bottom surfaces are completely square, giving the console a much squatter form. Lying flat on a desk, it is 3.9cm tall. While it is 2.1kg, it is a fair bit lighter than the old model; it still feels reassuringly solid with exemption of the cover for the hard drive. On the one hand, it looks nice that Sony has made it easier than before to swap the factory HDD for something bigger or faster.

3. Microsoft Xbox One S:

Microsoft Xbox One S

Microsoft Xbox One S brings amazing graphics with HDR technology, premium audio and fast, unswerving online gaming experience with your friends. The One S is designed to work decent and has a kind plastic stand to accurately prop it up. So if you wish to keep it right on side of your TV, it is what you can do. Also one of the most important cosmetic changes that has been popular about the One S is its new controller. Its control sticks are made of a slightly more long-lasting material. It has a greater wireless play range than before. So you can consider it one of top video game consoles ever.

4. Microsoft Xbox One:

Microsoft Xbox One

The Xbox One X is a console that is made for 4K TVs. This is completely super-charged, and its design is an utter spectacle of engineering. Microsoft’s new console holds the stylish artistic of last year’s One S, while pressing its Ultra HD oomph into a smaller frame. Buy the One X and you will instantly know how much tech has been fallen in love with it. This is really the smallest console Microsoft has ever been. Thereby you can add it in best video game consoles list.

5. Microsoft Xbox 360:

Microsoft Xbox 360

Microsoft Xbox 360 is a home video game console. As the heir to the original Xbox, it comes as the second console in the Xbox series. The Xbox 360 has features as an online service – Xbox Live. Available in free and subscription-based types, Xbox Live lets users to play games online, download games, and purchase and stream music, TV programs and films through the Xbox Video portals. Also to online multimedia features, it lets users to stream media from local PCs. If you are video game lover and look on a best game console, Microsoft Xbox 360 can take your attention ever.

6. New Nintendo 3DS XL:

The New Nintendo 3DS XL system regulates the 3D “sweet spot” based on the location of the user’s face. Here superior processing power lets for faster loading of applications, such as games. In addition, the improved CPU performance lets you to enjoy faster speeds for downloading software. Boost your compatible games with amiibo figures. Just tap your amiibo on the touch screen and find out the power inside. A video game lover can get it one of top video game consoles Nintendo.

7. Nintendo NES Classic Edition:

 Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Just plug the Nintendo NES Classic Edition into your TV, lift that gray controller, and relive the delight of NES games. This is a realistic recreation of the original 1980s Nintendo home console. It has 30 classic 8-bit games, completely preserved. It fixes to any current TV with HDMI, and comes with numerous slots available to freeze up progress in any game. Also it supports two-player games.

8. Nintendo Switch:

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a video game console. Released worldwide on March 3, 2017, it can be used as a home console and handy device. Its software supports online gaming through Internet connectivity, and local wireless ad hoc connectivity with other consoles. Also its design is intended at a broad demographic of video game players through numerous modes of use. Finally it is an 8th generation console that competes with Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s PlayStation 4.

9. Nvidia Shield TV:

 Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV has brought itself as a huge streaming video player for geeks. If you have a Bluetooth control, this is even a decent gaming system with PC-to-Shield streaming, and an upright selection of games to download. Also it has a pair of USB ports to connect external hard drives, and game controllers. With a new design, a much improved remote, and a really impressive AI upscaling feature, Nvidia Shield TV hones HD videos on 4K TVs.

10. Nintendo 2DS:

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo 2DS is a handheld game console. This is truly one of best game consoles, which keeps on identical hardware, parallel functionality, and compatibility with software intended for the Nintendo DS and 3DS. New Nintendo 2DS XL is mostly a 3DS XL, with a somewhat enhanced design. It offers you access to a huge collection of great games, such as past DS, SNES classics, and NES.  So why not look for Nintendo 2DS? It is a perfect video game console.

After a wide yet detailed discussion over top 10 best video game consoles, it has made clear to pick best from them to let you enjoy advancement in video games. Of course, we have spent a lot of time playing video games, but playing on these consoles can make your excitement towards game more. So do not wait, buy a best video game console to make most of time enjoyable.

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