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We recognize that everyone deserves Right to online security, thus is Blogging Coffe intending to provide you a private and safe internet experience without strings attached. Sure! No logs, no unknown fees, and no false advertising are required, but a VPN security means to. This means to be the most in-depth and trustworthy resource to assist you find the best VPN service. While the most “review” websites concentrate on the advertising claims, this ranks VPNs based on the real test results and thorough research. We aim to assist you know VPNs do the best in terms of security, privacy, and performance. If a VPN does not meet up all of the following criteria, then it will not be suggested by Restore Privacy.

In the simplest provisos, a best VPN download builds a safe and encrypted connection which can be considered as a tunnel between your computer and a server by the VPN service. When it comes to a professional setting, this efficiently builds you part of the company’s network, as if you were actually sitting in the office. While you are connected to a VPN, all your network traffic goes through this protected tunnel. If you ensure to connect websites with HTTPS, your data will continue to be encrypted even after it leaves the VPN.

What is a VPN?

A VPN, also known as virtual private network, is a technology used to protect connections from a device to the internet. VPNs build an encrypted tunnel within a shared network — most often public Wi-Fi, broadband carrier, and local area networks to keep the transmitted data private. VPNs initially came into distinction decades ago as a method for remote workers to get an access to their corporate network for confidential files.

However, VPN providers provide a simple solution for daily internet privacy and online freedom. A VPN builds a safe, and encrypted “tunnel” over the internet between your computer, smartphone or tablet. This is possible by sending your connection via a VPN server in another country, which builds it appear to a website.

The best VPNs work across desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, with assistance of an ethernet cablex. When you wish to cover your real location, simply launch the VPN app, pick the country from which you want to connect. After that, use your browser and any apps as you would generally do.

How do VPNs work?


VPN is intended to use the internet safer and more private. It creates a secure connection between you and the site/service you want to access. All traffic between you and website is encrypted, so it is insignificant to anyone else. To do this occur, a VPN finds your web traffic and re-directs it through its personal servers. It does not develop security. Although it seems the main reason for doing it, it also covers where you are. Your computer, tablet or smartphone might be in London, but the website is concerned you could be connecting from Mumbai, or somewhere else. It means VPNs to protect your privacy.

Why do I need a VPN?

There are a lot of reasons to need a VPN download. At Blogging Coffe, data security is the most important thing, especially when you are out. How have you connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot, such as in a bus terminal, train station, or airport? Wi-Fi hotspots are not principally secure things, but with a VPN you can be sure that nobody’s snooping when you send someone your secret plans.

A VPN saves you from fake hotspots, which are credible-looking Wi-Fi hotspots intended to steal people’s data / personal information. If you connect, your data cannot be stopped. VPNs can also defend your privacy by masking your location. For some of us that intends it stops those ever-present trackers from pursuing us around the internet, and it lets us to get past geo-blocking when we travel. VPN recognizes the source of an upload, or what websites a person might have visited to.

VPN Services

VPNs have also been a popular tool in the free will of speech movement. You are able to dodge censorship within organizations. If you have a view that bucks priorities of your employer, you do not worry about them discovering.

People use VPN technology to “geo-spoof” their location. This results in users customizing their location settings to use overseas services. Also you can resort to a VPN to defend yourself from hackers too. If you are outside and sign up to employ a public internet hotspot, someone could try to break into your device. This can escort to you losing valuable data, such as passwords.

However this is emerging as a popular force in the world of business. When you are traveling around for meetings constantly, it is normal to connect to third-party networks. With a VPN, you can gain an access to your firm’s intranet with no worry of being targeted by cyber criminals.

Also if you are looking to access BBC or Hulu iPlayer from a diverse region, dial into your office network or simply be safe and secure online. You will get a service adapted precisely to your requirements. In addition, a VPN can be used to keep away from having your internet connection choked, and it is certainly pertinent at the moment given what Verizon is up to over in the States.

Free vs. paid VPN: Which is truly better?

There are abundant VPN providers all around the world and many of them offer free service. However there arises a question whether free VPN download service can offer level of speed, reliability, security and support. As you use your VPN to stream content, speed and a trustworthy connection are key factors to take into deliberation when selecting a provider. In addition, your VPN connection may be taking receptive information to ensure it convey with strong encryption over a safe and proficient network.

Security is an important factor when selecting a VPN provider. In the most instances, free VPN services will provide a PPTP which is the easiest to set up. Some security flaws have been underlined with PPTP, which can build these VPN connections extremely vulnerable to attack. On the other hand, paid VPN download services offer a figure of VPN protocols including IPsec and L2TP that are intrinsically secure more than PPTP.

When it comes to know best better free and paid VPN, paid VPN wins number of users. The paid services will always have better customer service than free services. Free services will require you to fix your own VPN issues while Paid services accompany built-in aid to quickly determine the problem. Also paid VPNs provide good customer service over the phone which may be handy, if you cannot repair the problem online. Yes, paid services have a number of advantages over their free counterparts.

They have numerous VPN protocols to choose, access to a larger pool of servers, higher bandwidth for fast and efficient connections, and professional customer and technical support services.

Benefits of using VPN

  • Privacy and Anonymity: When total privacy is required, a VPN is the perfect solution. Dissimilar to proxy services that conceal your device’s IP address, a VPN provides a great level of privacy since a secure connection is made between your device and server you are connecting to.
  • Better Security: A good reason to use a VPN is the additional security that it carries. If you require to send/receive any susceptible information over the Internet, VPN is essential. Go with level of security you need to the VPN protocol to make sure you are always safe online.
  • Access Websites and Applications: VPN provides clear access to websites and apps that might be obstructed. No matter where you are sited, VPN will offer you an access to a number of servers around the world, letting you to access your favorite websites easily.


Top 13 VPN List

1. ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN download

ExpressVPN stands out from the crowd. It is known as the top recommendation on Restore Privacy. While many VPNs experience from slow speeds, bugs, and data leaks, this constantly works with exceptional performance and the most secure VPN apps. Express VPN gives a strong feature set, including the renowned kill switch that finishes your connection if a disconnection happens during internet session through their service. ExpressVPN is popular for stupendous performance in speed tests and customer support.

2. Surfshark:

Surfshark VPN Download

Surfshark possesses a private DNS and an additional security blanket via a double VPN hop. Whether you are connecting to a US or UK server, it is fast too. Also it is useful, if you are trying to access your Netflix account from abroad. It keeps its interface fully free from difficulty. You will really observe alternatives for ‘Quick connect’ and ‘All locations’, escorted by a Settings icon. Whether that level of detail is an advantage or a drawback, it totally relies on your perspective.

3. IPVanish:

IPVanish Vpn Download

IPVanish is strong performer in VPN tests. This has some impressive stats: 40,000+ shared IPs, unlimited P2P traffic, 1,300+ VPN servers in 70+ countries, 10 concurrent connections and 24/7 customer support. This is an influential highlight. Not only does it have loads of them (Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, or Fire TV), but they are utterly full with remarkable features, and settings.

4. NordVPN:

NordVPN Free Download

NordVPN is a privacy-focused VPN. It is one of the few VPNs having undergone third-party audits of both logging policies and security communications. The latest test results found that speeds need to be faster than ever before. NordVPN provides a figure of advanced privacy and security features, while working with Netflix and other streaming services.

5. Hotspot Shield:

Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is a decent free VPN, but the Hotspot Shield Premium is a whole lot better. Paying just a few dollars a month gets you limitless bandwidth, full access to 2500+ servers in over 70 countries, 24/ 7 support, and support for connecting up to 5 devices. This is a solid choice for both sporty and power users, offering exceptional security on with 128-bit/256-bit encryption and proprietary Catapult Hydra practice. This constricts data during streaming for optimized Netflix access and buffer-free streaming.

6. PerfectPrivacy:

Perfect-Privacy also provides a leak-free connection with first-class AES-256 encryption and protocol alternatives that comprise OpenVPN, IPSec, and SSH. This is committed to the privacy and secrecy of its customers. It is one of the most secure VPN providers worldwide. You can freely pick between all of these fast VPN servers. These are sited all over the globe, such as Russia, Hong Kong, Sweden, Iceland, and the Netherlands. Most of its servers have bandwidth up to 1000 Mbps and IPv6 addresses.

7. Mullvad:

 Mullvad VPN

Mullvad provides log-free website browsing for any Mac, Windows, or Linux device. Their AES-256 encryption with OpenVPN protocols were also DNS leak-free. Its server speeds even locked down our 10th spot. One of the essential features of Mullvad is its Swiss Bank-like technique of connecting you to their service. You do not require any kind of recognizing information to sign up for Mullvad. Their server park is framed of 407+ servers in 39+ countries.

8. Trust.Zone:

 Trust.Zone VPN

Trust.Zone provides a host of encryption standards, such as SHA256 authentication, AES-256-CBC cipher, and RSA-2048 handshake. This puts off your ISP from observing what you do online. The VPN protects you from unsecured WI-FI hotspots and cyber threats. It gets your freedom back on the web, rises above censorship, and avoids internet filters. This VPN company is based in Seychelles that is the privacy-haven of the world. It means Trust.Zone is not obliged to devolve data to anyone/country.

9. ibVPN:


ibVPN has ability to direct hundreds of servers all around the world. It offers personal privacy and data security services to thousands of people globally. Attuned with a list of devices (Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire, iOS, Android, Boxee Box, Chromecast, and Tomato USB routers, the best VPN download can connect to Proxy and DNS servers, and select between a list of powerful VPN protocols incorporated into our apps.

10. Norton Secure VPN:

Norton Secure VPN

Known for distinction in security products, Norton Secure VPN is a product from Symantec. It does not support P2P or BitTorrent. It does not boast a kill switch feature. When it comes to know it to old devices, the VPN app does not support Linux, routers or set top boxes. It provides VPN protection from a trusted name in security. Yes, it is exceptional free version and focuses on physical security.

11. PureVPN:


PureVPN functions a self-managed VPN assemblage of 2000+ servers in 140+ countries. It offers immediate access to your favorite content, and empowers you to access on the internet, download securely, and remain secluded all the while. After you have connected to PureVPN, your data is encrypted and firmly gone through a series of tunnels that lead to its servers.

12. AzireVPN:


AzireVPN is a smaller VPN provider with high values for physical network security. It uses only premium bare-metal servers in RAM-disk in data centers. AzireVPN provides full WireGuard support all through their network on all main devices and operating systems. While objective security is high, the VPN clients are fairly basic, with no kill switch and incomplete features.


This is a security-alert VPN that provides good performance and features. It is based in Romania and was incepted by a team of network security professionals. provides 22 diverse double-VPN server arrangements. Its complete network is arranged of the committed bare-metal servers. runs on the most popular OS’es and devices

Easy to use VPN client software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android compatible with all modern releases, working with all VPN protocols that we provide (OpenVPN, IPsec (IKEv2, L2TP), PPTP and pure TLS with our browser addon)


Usually there are thousands of VPN services available, and each one means to be perfect. Choosing the best VPN can be difficult. So to ease for the best VPN service, Blogging Coffe assists you with detailed recommendations, offering you all the information you need to make the right choice. So it leaves you nothing to find best yet reliable VPN service. At this piece of content, you will know and get assisted for safe and secure VPN for Mac, PC, and Windows.

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