New Labeling Forwarded Messages feature added in the Whatsapp Update 2018


Labeling Forwarded Messages

WhatsApp is one of the best used messaging apps across the world. Recent WhatsApp updates includes Labeling Forwarded Messages so you could receive the forwarded to excellence. Of course, this extra content makes the one-on-one group chats is easier. They also determine the friend and relatives send the message and originally for someone else.  Most of the forward label needs to have the new version update support of WhatsApp on your phone. When you paired the WhatsApp then you can use it. Also, the phone always needs to connect to the internet to work and perform. So make sure of the installation with the latest version. When you need to use this App on your computer, then let’s do the simple process.  Moreover, you can report the spam or block with contact is tap and always reach the Whatsapp directly for help. Technique one is the best option to enjoy Whatsapp free for the lifetime because it is highly convenience over others rather than you need to follow the simple steps to use WhatsApp.

  • Simple and Reliable Messaging:

Chat with your friends and family for WhatsApp uses the phone’s Internet connection and stimulate with occur the send messages and you can avoid SMS fees.

  • Groups chat:

Most of the people like group chats from family and friends. this group chats and can share the messages, photos, and videos with up to once. Moreover, If you can also Create the group name, group pictures and also customize notifications, mute and much more.  In what’s the app you can create the group with your friends and when forwarding messages, now you can send to multiple people at a time. Now a day’s free voice calling is also available in what’s app by using data connections or WIFI. In the fraction of seconds, the message will be sent and receive. Use this app to stay in touch with your family and friends anywhere and anytime.

  • Keep conversation:

Synchronization with WhatsApp on the web and desktop of your chats and computer as well as most of the devices is more convenient for you. In addition, download the mobile and desktop or visit the web portal and start the chats with family and friends.

  • Security by Default:

Most of the personal moment is available and  shared the WhatsApp and built with  end-to-end encryption and the latest versions of your applications, this end-to-end encrypted message and  calls are more secure as well as communicating the read or listen to them

One of the most important uses of Labeling Forwarded Messages is the care of their children and inspection of the proper functioning of the messages. It provides discretely and undetectable the information needed to make an exhaustive control phone usage. Whatsapp is the best application that enables you to send bulk messages related to your business. At the same time, you can send messages with audio files that offer ultimate comfort to every user. If you use WhatsApp on your computer then you can feel more excitement, because it offers the brighter view over the small screen mobiles. In addition, you no need to wait a long time to download any videos..

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