Paying GST is Easier Now: Top 10 Free GST Apps for Android 2021

Since the day GST came into use, it has become a matter of concern. Being the biggest tax reform implemented on 1ST July 2017, it startled the people with its complex features. Many people are still not aware of the intricate details of it. So, people often end up looking for GST articles, blogs, and news portals to get the right information regarding it. By why going for such a hectic process? You can now get all of the details at your fingertip without any hassle. Just download GST apps!

The finance ministry has launched apps for the convenience of the people. Alongside those apps, several companies have also launched various GST apps on which you can rely upon for any kind of information regarding GST. Also, you can pay your GST bills through the GST payment android app easily.

After extensive research and trials, we have finally listed down the top 10 free GST apps for android for you. This article will guide you regarding the features of the apps. It also tells you how to use these top GST apps

1. GST Rates Finder:

Major features:

  • It is easy to use
  • Has simple UI
  • Offline mode is available
  • Has clear sections and sub-categories

It is one of the recent top GST apps in the market launched by the government. Controlled by the Central Board of Excise and Customs, it is an easy to use GST app for android users. All of the necessary information regarding the tax rates is mentioned under two categories: “Tax Rates: Goods” and “Tax Rates: Services”. It presents a complete list of all goods and services that come under the tax slabs. The app presents a simple classification of GST rates for goods and services. The different rate slabs include 0%, 0.25%, 3%, 5%, 12%, 18%, and 28%.

2. Karvy GST:

Major Features:

  • Provides the latest news about GST
  • FAQ section clearing all possible doubts
  • Easy refunds under GST
  • Presents the key points of the model GST law

Another popular GST payment app is the Karvy GST app. In this GST payment android app, you can know all of the essential information about the GST law, latest updates, and GST registration process in detail. You can also enroll for the GST number with this app. However, this is still available for android users only.


Main Features:

  • Simple appearance and functionality
  • Has detailed information about GST
  • You can check the HSN code.

You can find this GST payment app in Google Play Store and This app helps you to get GST related information easily. It is considered one of the top GST apps in the market. CBEC GST offers lists of GST rates, Integrated GST exemption, concession lists, composition levy, and revised thresholds, and so on. This app also helps with details of GST Acts and Rules. You can also check the Harmonized System of Nomenclature or HSN codes associated with the goods and services.

4. GST Connect-Rate & HSN Finder:

Main Features:

  • Offline Access to GST Laws and acts
  • HSN search in offline mode
  • Easy access to the latest news and updates on the GST tax act
  • GST quiz

With a wide range of essential features, this is known as a useful GST payment android app. You can easily search for the recent updates on GST law and acts even when you are offline. For any kind of GST related questions and problems, you can rely upon this GST payment app. Exciting quizzes on GST is also available in this app. You can win prizes by playing the quizzes.

5. India GST Calculator & GST Rates:

Main Features:

  • Simple and handy GST app
  • All in one solutions app
  • Easy GST calculation

It is one of the top GST apps in the market for business owners to know the GST rates quickly. For any kind of GST calculation, you can easily go for this application. This app largely includes GST updates, GST calculator, RD calculator, GST informational videos, SIP calculator, and so on. You can easily calculate and take screenshots of the result for further use.

6. India GST (Goods and Services Tax Act)

Main features:

  • Digital format for complete goods and services tax act
  • Offline mode is available for reading acts once downloaded
  • Easy GST calculator
  • Save your favorite article and track the GST training schedule.
  • Resize the fonts as per your convenience

Among all of the top GST apps in the market, it is one of the best ones. With the help of this app, you can stay updated with all of the details about GST news and updates. If you want to read GST laws and regulations offline, it offers that too. However, it is an essential GST payment app that is good enough to calculate GST and get a quick result.

7. GST Helpline (GSTR Filling & E-WAY Bill Guide):

Main Features:

  • Information regarding the latest updates is available
  • A complete guide for the GST registration process
  • A wide variety of languages
  • GST E-Way Bill
  • GST calculator

If you are looking for an app with the latest updates and solutions for GST, this is the best choice. GST calculator and GST E-WAY bill are available with this app at once. You can use it in more than one language. The language variety includes Hindi, English, Gujrati, Bengali, Tamil, Marathi, Gujrati, Sindhi, and Punjabi. If you are not aware of the GST registration process, it will guide you.

8. GST Calculator- Tool

Main Features:

For Simple Calculator:

  • Includes two calculators e.g. simple and combined
  • Easy and fast tax calculation
  • Simple interface
  • You can add or remove the GST amount easily
  • Offers IGST, CGST, SGST calculations

For Combined Calculator:

  • GST calculation box shows up when you click on tax rates
  • Scrollable view for calculation
  • Calculate GST along with the basic mathematical calculation

With a good 4.5 rating, this app comprises a simple GST calculator and Combined GST Calculator. It is quite useful for easy and quick tax calculation. The combined calculator has M+, M-, GT, and MR functionalities at once. The new updated version of this GST payment android app has enhanced performance and improved UI.

9. GST Accounting App- Zoho Book 

Main Features:

  • Create and send GST invoices and recurring invoices
  • Manage refund and returns easily with credit note facility
  • Handle more than one projects at a time with a time tracking facility
  • Supports transactions in multiple currencies
  • Quick widget facility

If you want to grow your business well, you must install smart accounting software. This GST payment app helps you to track and manage all of the financial transactions of your business. From sending invoices to creating bills and collaborating with your team, it does all. It was declared as the winner in the Business category in the Atmanirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge. As a GST compliant accounting platform, it lets you manage and send GST invoices, delivery challans, retainer invoices, and so on. With a quick widget facility, you can add it to your home screen and use it instantly.

10. Gen GST Billing & e-Filing Software 

Main features:

  • Complete GST solution developed on the secured JAVA platform
  • E-Filing of GST returns
  • Generate invoice for goods and services
  • High-tech services
  • User-friendly interface

This GST payment android app is popular as a complete GST solution. With useful GST modules, this app is assists users in faster billing and tax filing process. It has innovative features for a better user experience. It helps you to generate invoices, payment vouchers, credit notes, and so on. The registered taxpayers and the transporters can use its GST e-way billing facility. With this service, they can easily import or export, generate, cancel, print e-way bills from the app.


What is the GST calculation method in India?

Taxable Amount * GST Rate= Total GST amount

Anyways, you can visit the official website of CBSC GST for more details.

Are GST apps helpful?

Yes, the GST apps are helpful enough to provide you all the necessary details regarding GST. Also, it helps in paying the bills, filing the GST returns, and other tasks.

So, here is all of the information you need to know about GST billing apps. The article discussed the top GST apps in the market describing their features and the facilities provided by them. Go through it and install your preferred GST payment app.

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