Top 50 Social Bookmarking Sites to follow in 2021

Social bookmarking sites are essential to generate quality links and increase traffic to your sites. The bookmarking sites simplify the complex task of SEO. In general, these sites allow users to add, annotate, edit, and share web content. However, the article describes the top 50 social bookmarking sites. 


Top 30 Free Bookmarking Site list 2021


1 94 95
2 78 60
3 73 99
4 93 81
5 95 81
6 92 77
7 91 87
8 89 68
9 93 68
10 92 93
11 92 82
12 91 75
13 91 75
14 93 69
15 93 75
16 91 75
17 88 72
18 77 95
19 92 91
20 55 55
21 83 63
22 76 62
23 53 56
24 80 60
25 91 70
26 87 64
27 44 53
28 39 51
29 81 62
30 80 79


1. Pinterest: It is one of the most useful social bookmarking sites currently in use. It is an image sharing and social media service to save and discover information.

2. Mix: It is a popular social bookmarking site to tag content and sharing it with others. 

3. Tumblr: This social bookmarking site helps to post your blogs and stories and find others’ blogs.

4. Digg: It is the best bookmarking site to find the most-discussed stories and articles on the internet.

5. Medium: It is a publishing platform to post blogs and articles and generate links to your websites through them.

6. Evernote: It is a great app for keeping the notes organized. You can consider it as one of the best free social bookmarking sites.

7. Reddit: It is one of the top 50 social bookmarking sites to promote content. It has options for upvoting, downvoting, commenting, etc. 

8. Diggo: It is one of the best social bookmarking sites for researchers, students, and teachers for bookmarking their references to use later on.

9. Google Bookmarks: With a Google account you can use this bookmarking site. It is one of the top 50 social bookmarking sites. 

10. Twitter: Twitter is counted among the useful social bookmarking sites with a large audience base. You can post content, links, etc. to revisit in the future.

11. Dribble: It is a bookmarking site to drive maximum traffic to your content.

12. Pocket: Put your favorite contents in this Pocket, and find them later on. However, you can read the contents later offline.

13. Slashdot: It is one of the best social bookmarking sites for the tech-lovers. You can post and share technical content on gaming, computing, cloud services, etc.

14. It provides professional ideas for content creation offering free and paid versions.

15. Bitly: It is one of the great social bookmarking sites for collecting and saving research materials. 

16. Trello: It is a flexible way to organize and bookmark projects and plans.

17. Plurk: It belongs to the free social bookmarking sites list. You can post micro-blogs here.

18. We Heart it: This belongs to the free social bookmarking sites list. It is quite easy-to-use. 

19. Instagram: It is a secured and trendy social bookmarking site. You can bookmark your favorite content on this site for future use.

20. BizSugar: it is one of the social bookmarking sites to build a reputation for the businesses.

21. Dzone: It comes under the top 50 social bookmarking sites. It is a great bookmarking site for software developers.

22. Fark: It is a good social bookmarking site to drive traffic on websites. 

23. Bibsonomy: It is one of the great social bookmarking sites for collecting and saving research materials.

24. Folkd: Here, you can save and bookmark the links online and search for more ideas.

25 Ezyspot: It is one of the most useful social bookmarking sites to share content with a large number of audiences.

26. Kenplanet: It is an excellent social bookmarking site for generating back links. 

27. Techdirt: It is a good platform to know about the technology world.

28. Flipboard: It keeps you updated about the things going around all over the world.

29. Instapaper: You can easily save the articles to read later on offline on Instapaper.

30. Zotero: Through this social bookmarking site, you can collect research materials to cite and share later on.

31. Padlet: It is a good platform to save class notes and other useful content.

32. Lastpass: It stores secret bookmarks hidden from usual browsers. 

33. Ttlink: Here, you can make different groups and share content privately with those groups. 

34. Mendeley: It is one of the best social bookmarking sites for academic researchers. 

35. Sitejot: It belongs to the free social bookmarking sites list helping to manage the bookmarks easily.

36. Listly: It is a platform for bloggers to engage the readers by content.

37. Symbaloo: It is a site with a cloud storage service. It allows users to organize web links.

38. IntenseDebate: This site improves the discussion and conversation on your blogs. 

39. Qwant: Now, with this site, you can discover and share various contents through social platforms.

40. Wakelet: You can save, organize, and share various contents across the internet.

41. Spoke: It is one of the best social bookmarking sites to increase the website’s visibility.

42. Disqus: It is a comment system used across the globe. It improves discussions and conversations on websites.

43. AllMyFaves: With this bookmarking site, you can save your favorites and manage the bookmarks.

44. Bookmark4you: You can save website links easily through this free social bookmarking site.

45. Delicious: It is a great social bookmarking website for discovering and storing website bookmarks.

46. Pinboard: It is a great platform for the personal management of bookmarks.

47. Crazybacklink: This is an easy and affordable link building platform. It is mainly used for guest posts, sticky posts, etc.

48. Emolinks: It is one of the top 50 social bookmarking sites for discovering and sharing valuable content.

49. SocialBookmarkNow: It is a good way to promote websites and get high ranks.

50. Metafilter: It is a community weblog for sharing links. It helps to drive traffic to the websites.

Conclusion: Have a look! The list can help you to drive more traffic to your website and improve SEO ranks.

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