Best Ways to Enjoy Playing games like the Forest on PS4

If you enjoy the thrill of survival games, games like The Forest won’t disappoint you. Adventure thrillers like The Forest PS4 is a horror-style survival game with challenging gameplay. As a lone survivor of a jet crash, you find yourself in a deep and mysterious forest. You get to explore various underground lakes and a network of caves.

Your goal is to survive, look for food, build your camp, craft weapons, all the while defending yourself from the cannibalistic mutant enemies. The all-encompassing gameplay is what attracts players in the first place. Cheat codes are one way you can enhance and enjoy playing games like The Forest on PS4.

Use Cheat Codes from the Main Menu

One of the easiest ways to use cheat codes is to type them in the main menu. You do not need access to any particular console. These codes have been built into the game and require you only to type them out.

Please note, you will not get any notification or confirmation when a code is typed in. If you have typed in the same code twice, the code will be disabled. You can make the game easy or challenging depending on the type of code you use.

Some of the popular cheat codes that you can use while playing are:

  1. ironforest: Any buildings you make cannot be destroyed.
  2. rawmeatmode: If you want to make the game challenging, this is the code for you. The code will delete the save file when the player dies. So you will have to play the game from the beginning.
  3. woodpaste: If any of your building materials have holes in them, maybe due to the crane or hole cutter, then the code will help fill up those holes.
  4. regrowmode: If the tree stump is still present, 10% of the fallen trees can be grown back when the player is asleep.
  5. vegetarianmode: You will be fighting enemies only during nighttime.

Use Console Commands

If you want to customize the game further, you can do so by running console commands. These commands work well on a PC. If you want to console commands on PS4, ensure you have a USB keyboard installed for them to work.

You first need to enable the console from the games title menu. To do so, open the game in developer mode and type in the command ‘developermodeon’. Next, on pressing F1, the console command menu should appear. This tells us that the console has been enabled.

Some of the popular console commands used for The Forest are:

  1. buildermode on/off:  God and buildhack mode are activated with this code. So you can build whatever you like, have unlimited stamina, stealth, and resources, and it will also keep the enemies at bay.
  2. speedyrun on/off: You can run with super speed.
  3. save: You can save the game irrespective of where you are.
  4. buildallghosts: Every ghost building blueprint laid down by you will be completed.
  5. cavelight on/ off: You can make it seem like daylight inside caves, no need for torches or flashlights.

Cheat codes can help you craft the game according to your interest. If you think the gameplay is easy or challenging, you can accordingly adjust the scenarios to suit your taste. Explore the full range of codes available to make playing horror games like The Forest PS4 an enjoyable experience.

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