How to Back Up Your iPhone Photos?

Doing Backup the photos is essential, although not more than exhilarating task that all of us mobile photographers would execute. Having the best photo backup for iPhone at any rate will assist to stop eternal defeat of your images should you ever lose your iPhone. It also lets you to empty space on your phone, if you get that your available storage is beginning to disappear. In this blog, you will find a numeral of alternatives for backing up your precious iPhone photos.

Just as with photo editing, there’s no accurate way to back up your iPhone photos. There are countless diverse alternatives and every of us will have an inimitable personal approach to forming the storage of our photos. Some folks may wish an app that backs up all images inevitably, while others may select a more manual methodology. Here my advice is to attempt a small number of methods and observe what functions best for you.

There are basically two focal alternatives to do iPhone photo backup. One mode is to back up the images to a computer. The other alternative is to back them up to cloud storage over Wi-Fi. In this piece of content by Blogging Coffe, we are going to examine some of the many alternatives available for both of these ways.

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Back Up to Your PC

Firstly, we will ruminate alternatives to back up your photos to your PC. This is an abundant preference for simple storage and access to your photos. Moreover, it usually takes in no further cost as you most likely already have the storage hardware.

There are some ways that you can transfer your iPhone photos to a computer. We are going to have a look at three of the most common ways. 

Note: If you have a Windows PC, read our tutorial to know you transfer photos from iPhone to PC. 

1. iTunes Backup:


The main preference to consider is merely backing up your photos to your computer. If you backup iPhone photos with iTunes by plugging your phone into your computer, then you are already backing your photos up to your computer this way. The obstacle to this possibility is that you don’t have straight access to the individual photos. You can make use of the backup file to re-establish your complete camera roll, if you need to renovate your current phone, but you can’t view or manually succeed the stored photos at all from your computer.

So it’s a virtuous alternative to give you peace of mind that if you have a tricky with your iPhone or you buy a new one that you can simply renovate your photos, and other iPhone files, to your phone. But it’s now good for when you wish to view and form your images on your computer.

2. PhotoSync App:

PphotoSync App-compressed

One more akin alternative to simulate photos to and from your computer is an app called PhotoSync. PhotoSync is available for Windows computers and Android devices, thus giving you even more alternatives to share your photos across devices.

One feature of PhotoSync which is mainly advantageous is that you can set an ideal device to share to and then automatically share to that device with an extensive press of the Share button. Extra benefit of PhotoSync is that if you share photos from a detailed folder on your phone, it copies them to a likewise named folder on your computer, which assists to retain your photos ordered. Also, PhotoSync reminisces which photos you’ve already copied in the past. This builds it much easier to recognize which photos to pick when storing enormous quantities of photos.

If you’re not apprehensive with manually organising your photo storage, then PhotoSync also gives an auto-backup alternative that can be organized in the settings to automatically sync photos in your camera roll to your computer. Using this option eases to do iPhone photo backup.

3. AirDrop:


If your computer appears a Mac, then one of the simplest ways to transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer is to make use of AirDrop functionality built into iOS. Simply make sure that both your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on for both devices and then choose the photos from your camera roll that you want to transfer.

Now tap the icon in the lower left corner of the screen to mention the share menu. Here, you will observe AirDrop at the top. It may take a second for your devices to sync via Bluetooth, but you will then appreciate the names of any available devices look like in that same part of the screen.

Just tap on the name of the device you wish to copy your particular photos to and they will begin to transfer. You will have to accept the transfer from the other device before it can end, but that’s it.

Back Up to the Cloud:

There are countless cloud-based storage elucidations to select from. Below are a just a handful alternatives to ruminate.



One of the best popular services for cloud backups is Dropbox. The basic account offers 2GB of storage. The free Dropbox app for iOS is easy to use. While you may organize an auto-upload of all images from your camera roll, the actual power is in managing your photos into custom folders as per to your personal inclinations.

2. Google Drive

Google Drive

Akin to Dropbox is Google Drive, which works exactly the same as Dropbox. You can accumulate images as well as other files on Drive, and accomplish them via the free Google Drive.

One key benefit of Drive is that it closely adds with the occupied suite of Google apps such as Google Docs and Gmail, forming it easy to share files across those other services with friends and colleagues. Thereby consider it best option to do best photo backup for iPhone.

3. iCloud Photos

iCloud Photos

One of the alternatives that can’t be unnoticed is Apple’s own iCloud Photos. This feature lets you to readily sync all your media files across all your Apple devices. It also lets you to share photos with friends and family via iCloud Photo Sharing. 



At this blog, you would have known how easier it has been on usage of these effectual ways mentioned above. So what to wait for? Pick one of them and ease to extract photos from iPhone Backup.

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