An easy way to delete your activities in Google search

Wandering how to delete activities on Google? Here, you’ll get comprehensive feature and easy tricks to clear history. 

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Google is always organized to add variations to the search platform to make it more informative and easy for the users. 

Reading and sharing comments are quite common these days to support your favorite brand. But while using this big platform you have to be careful because shared information will read by a ton of people, hence, its need to be correct. 

If you are thinking about how you can add your comment or delete your shared comment on the Google search results removal? Don’t worry! Here we are going to share some useful tips that you can do to delete your searches and other activities on the search engine. 

How to add a comment in a Google search engine?

If you want to add a comment for your favorite cricket team as a supporter so, how would you do? Just need to follow the given steps:

  1.   Visit from your phone or whatever gadget you’re using.
  2.   Search for any topic whether it is for your favorite sport, makeup and much more.
  3.   Click on more in the overview box.
  4.   Then click or select the option public comment.
  5.   Write your best post. 
  6.   Then click on the post button.


google comments


How to delete your posted comments in a search engine? 

In case you entered wrong words, grammar mistakes and much more than follow the following steps to remove your comments:

  1.   Enter on your mobile phone.
  2.   Search your post or use keyword whom you posted your comment.
  3.   Then click on more.
  4.   Find your posted comment or go for the post where you posted your comment.
  5.   Select the delete or Remove option.
  6.   You posted comment deleted.


delete google comments

How you can report and view the other’s comment?

There is no doubt to say that social media is a big platform and the number of peoples is active on it. 

In any case, you did not like the comment that has been shared by another person on your post or someone is making fun of your things. So, you can report him quickly in Google. Maybe you hear this option on the Google that this makes easier for you to punish the people who are making fun and pinged you? 

If you want to read and report the person who is talking rubbish in your post then report him easily by following steps:

  1.   Open the Google on your phone.
  2.   Search the topic where you’re getting pings.
  3.   Click on the overview box.
  4.   Select the read option from it “read all”.
  5.   After reading the review if you like the comment you can click on like otherwise you can delete it. If you want to block him, you can click on the report option. 


google commentx

How to delete past activities on a Google search on a computer, Android, and iPhone?

Not only the comments lots of people are searching on the internet “how to delete the searches and other activities” that have been done by them. You must have to follow the following steps that make your Google search results delete. Always keep in mind that every gadget has own options to delete the search results. 

We will cover up all, so don’t worry!

You can delete all the past searches, browsing history, comments and much more by following given steps:

  1. Go to my activity

google activity

  1.   Find the item whom you would like to delete and select your delete activity by date time what every day then click on delete option. 
  2.   For the Android or tablet uses you just need to go to the setting App to Google and then Google account
  3.   Here you will see the data and personalization option.
  4.   Under this, you will see my activity button click on it.
  5.   Select your delete activity by time date and filling out the whole down arrows. 
  6.   Then click on delete option.
  7.   For the iPhone or iPad users, you also need to go to my activity account.
  8.   On the top you will see the delete activity button where you can select your data according to the time and date.
  9.   Then click on delete option and your whole data is deleted. 

In case, if you want to delete the individual activity you just need to repeat the above listed steps. Select the particular activity which you want to delete. 

google my activity


How to safe your account from Crooks?


  • Reporting or blocking the person is an easy way to keep your account or post safe from the crapped peoples. 
  • Always update yourself with new Google Trends and options that introduced on the Internet to make your experience the best and safe.  
  • Turn on two-step verification for high security
  • Make your account private.
  • Must enter a strong password by using all characters.
  • Always protect your account form unwanted contents, ads and much more.
  • Try to keep your phone software fee form bugs by using anti-viruses.

Final words

The Internet is a big world where everything looks small, but it has multiple features for the users where they get vast experience in learning, sharing, and entertainment.

For every user, Google always updates itself to make the user experience better Day by a day. Therefore, people are engaging more in Google. About 88% of youth activate on search engines to know about upcoming trends whether it is for study, Bollywood, Games and much more.

Google is an organized platform where you’ll meet with world amenable. But yes, it’s only your responsibility to make it good. Tons of people are using social media platforms as in bullying and trolling celebs to create fun, but it sounds really bad. Use this platform wisely!

I hope this article would be helpful for you in finding your queries and making your experience better with the Google search results.

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