How to download Subtitles from YouTube?

Subtitles are generally a simple and highly effective method to create your video content more available to a wider audience. Firstly, multilingual subtitle alternatives profit people who don’t speak the audio’s innate language. But they also benefit people who may be hard-of-hearing, as well as people who take to watch your video without sound.

Additionally, viewers can make use of the text from those subtitles. For instance, if you’re attempting to Spanish, watching a video with foreign language subtitles could be a helpful tool. YouTube offers viewers the alternative to download a video’s subtitles as text, if that the video’s creator has previously added those subtitles to their video file.

Below at blog by BloggingCoffe, we are going to walk you through how to download subtitles YouTube as text files. Thus, if you need to download a video’s subtitles for offline use, here’s how to execute it:

1. DVD Video Soft – Web Client: 

DVD Video Soft – Web Client-min

The name might seem crazy, but it is one of the feature-rich subtitle downloaders for YouTube. Dissimilar to many other subtitle downloaders, this has three further benefits. 

  • Can eradicate the time stamps before every sentence.
  • Can attune the time frame to download the subtitle file.
  • Can show the file before downloading. Thus, if you wish to copy a few lines from the subtitles, then this offers a simple option.

To download by the DVD Video Soft:

  1. Do copy the YouTube video URL.
  2. Head over to the Subtitle downloader device on this program.
  3. Paste the YouTube video URL that you copied.
  4. Then do a Click on the Download button beside it.
  5. It will urge you to save the file in File Explorer. If you wish to make use of it as subtitles for your downloaded YouTube video, cancel the download.
  6. You can organize the file just like you need – set the time frame, choose the language of your subtitle.
  7. By default, Timestamps option will be set to Remove Timestamps. 
  8. Now leave a Click on Download .srt to download the file as a subtitle file. Furthermore, you also have the alternative to download the file as a text file or you can copy the subtitles.

If you like to download subtitles YouTube recurrently, then get the YouTube Subtitle Downloader from DVD Video Soft. 

2. CCTube – Android: 

CCTube – Android-min

This is an Android app to translate the subtitles using Google Translate. So even if subtitles are not offered in your native language, then you can select to translate the YouTube subtitles before downloading them.

  1. Download the CCTube application from the Google Play Store.
  2. Open the YouTube video that you are looking to download the subtitles.
  3. Click on the Share icon at the bottom of the video.
  4. Pick the CCTube option from the share list.
  5. This will open the video on the CCTube app. Hit the drop-down menu on the bottom right side of the video to choose the subtitle language. Then do a Click on the Download icon below the video to download the subtitle file. You can get the downloaded subtitle file in the CCTube app.

There is not any app that permits you to download the YouTube subtitles on iOS. But you can make use of the DVD Video Soft web tool to get the work complete. The web app is made better to work well on mobile as well.

3. 4K Download:

4K Download

In place of downloading the YouTube video and then subtitle file discretely, make use of 4K Download to download YouTube videos right with the subtitle file you need.

  1. Download the 4K Download app on your device. It is available on Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android. 
  2. Open the YouTube video that you wish to download and copy the URL.
  3. Open the 4K Download app and do a Click on the Paste Link button.
  4. In the pop-up window that seemed, you can choose the video quality and format. Likewise, do a click on the drop-down beside Download Subtitles and choose the language you wish to download.
  5. Once complete, do a Click on the Download button to begin downloading the YouTube video with the subtitle file.

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To download YouTube videos right with subtitles, make use of 4K Download. To download only subtitles, DVD Video Soft web app finds the work done on all the platforms as well as smartphone browsers. You can also make use of the CCTube app on Android to form the download process easy and straightforward.

4. DownSub:


It is a free online program that lets you to download subtitles from YouTube, Viki, Vlive, and VIU. It can download all subtitles, as well as SRT, TXT, and VTT. It does not necessitate its users to download any third-party software. They offer an online service that lets you to get subtitles by simply putting in the video’s URL and clicking Download.

The steps are simple to go with:

  1. Do Paste the video’s URL where you like the subtitles to be downloaded.
  2. To begin extracting subtitles, do a Click on the Download button.
  3. Select the type and language of the captions you like to be downloaded, then choose the Download button.

5. SaveSubs:


This is another program that may be used to get YouTube subtitles. This is alike to DownSub, however, it takes in a few further sites, such as VLive, Dailymotion, and TED. The method of getting a caption from every video on the internet is like as it was on DownSub; all users must ensure is copy the URL to the video they love to obtain the subtitle for and paste it into a blank textbox.

With this program, after copying the URL, select the “Download” option to get a summary of the video as well as the alternative to download it in some qualities. If you’re looking for captions in any language, there’s a good chance you’ll find them among the more than 100 available.


Go through the blog effective to help you on how to download Subtitles from YouTube. In this blog, we have tried to update on tools helpful to download subtitles YouTube. Besides it, we mean to update our readers on PC, mobile and technology relevant to our daily usage. 

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