How to fix Windows 10 Common Problems ?

Windows 10 is the newest operating system version in the market. It prides on having well-packed features and gets better from the older versions. While it may be controlling, Windows 10 is still susceptible to errors as much as its precursors. Since its inception in 2015, there have been diverse issues when upgrading to Windows 10. With so many people going through this problem, fixes have been found out by Microsoft. So it needs no panic there. At this content by Blogging Coffe, there is a list the 9 common problems encountered in this version, and simple tips to fix Windows 9 issue.

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1. Battery Drains Quickly

If you have upgraded to Windows 10, then chances are that the new version has distressed battery life. You can resolve this by ensuring your drivers are modern, in order that they do not damage with the new updates. You can also switch off some features you do not need, such as Cortana. Automatic Windows Update may also take fee on battery. You can stop it off by going to Update and Security, then Windows Update. Choose Advanced Options and clasp Off for Prefer how updates are carried.

2. Wi-Fi Connection Is Not Discernable:

Before anything else, confirm to observe if the VPN software you set up is not yet attuned with the new Operating System. If this is not the case, then you can pursue these steps as an alternative:

  • Push Win + X and open Command Prompt.
  • Do typing in “reg cancel HKCR\CLSID\{988248f3————-”

If this step does not function either, the problem might be on the drivers.

  • Open up Device Manager
  • Expand on Network adapters. Do a Right Click to the available wireless adapter and pick Update Driver Software.

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3. Can’t Update Store Applications

If your PC applications cannot update automatically, then you can attempt updating your Microsoft Store. In the Store, open Settings and then leave a Click on Download and updates. If this does not function, then attempt this other method:

  • Start and go to Settings.
  • Discover the Updates & Security
  • Leave a Click on Troubleshoot and then pick Windows Store Apps.
  • Windows will then automatically get and fix the store app that cannot update.

4. MS Office Files do not Open

  • Push Win + X and pick Command Prompt.
  • On the command line, input: icacls “%programfiles%\Microsoft Office <n> /grant *S-1-<n>-2-1: (OI) (CI) RX
  • Enter it to let you open the office files.
  • Repair Office installation by Office in Programs & Features.
  • Right click on Office and pick Online Repair.
  • Bonus point How to Install window 10 read below link

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5. Windows 10 does not Turn On

When you try to boot Windows 10 PC, you get a bluescreen error with ‘Your PC needs to be fixed; this is a common issue in Window 10. This mostly occurs after plugging in USB stick/Android device. This problem generally occurs due to an USB stick plugged in your computer as that may alter the hard disk’s partition numbers. Thus Windows fails to get the necessary files. Please stand with these steps to fix this issue:

  • Take out the USB stick from the PC and re-start it
  • If needed, plug in the USB stick after Windows is loaded – it will operate

If your PC is not switching on, then you may reset Windows 10.

6. Stop Automatic Driver Installations

After you upgrade your PC to Windows 10, Operating System seems to set up some drivers automatically without informing about the driver packages. Seeing this issue, you mean to immobilize this feature and avert Windows from downloading drivers automatically. Thus to solve this problem, you should immobilize this feature by the steps given below:

  • Push Win+E to open up the File Explorer
  • Do a Right-click on ‘This PC’ and go to Properties
  • Leave a Click on Advanced System Settings and pick the Hardware tab
  • Do a Click on Device Installation Settings
  • Pick ‘No, let me select what to do’
  • Confirm the option ‘Never set up driver software from Windows Update’ and push ‘Save Changes‘ and then OK.

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7. Windows Search cannot get any Applications

After you would have upgraded to Windows 10, the Cortana’s search function fails to discover any application in the system. This issue basically happens in the Windows 10 update, but the present update will evidently eliminate it. Till the update compresses for everyone, you can pursue the process below to fix the problem:

  • Do a Click on Ctrl+Alt+Del and pick ‘Task Manager’
  • Execute the process ‘Explorer.exe’
  • Push Win+R to open up the Run dialog
  • Type “regedit” and push Enter
  • In registry editor, remove the registry key:
  • In the Task Manager, go to File -> Run new task
  • Type in “explorer.exe” and push OK

8. Lock Screen Adverts to accelerate Your Machine

Windows 10 has an additional update in their lock screen feature that begins lock screen ads. This seems after a few minutes of idleness and restores your wallpaper, which may be irritating. In addition, it could hold up the switch from lock screen to wallpaper if this option is permitted.

  • Pick the cog wheel icon in the Start
  • In the Settings window, pick Personalization and then Lock Screen.
  • On the Background menu drop-down, pick the option other than Microsoft Spotlight.
  • Do a Unselect to the option to place fun facts and tips in the lock screen.

9. Windows 10 from Loads of Data

Since Windows 10 gets better to update in the real time, the Windows updates occur automatically. This intends that applications are running in the background, building this Operating System a data-consuming version. The system makes use of your connection to drive updates to other computers, but you can immobilize it.

  • In the Search box, do Type in Updates & Security.
  • Pick and do a Click to Windows Update.
  • Pick Advanced Options.
  • Do a Click on Choose how updates are sent.
  • Pick the option that says PCs on My Local Network.
  • You may also immobilize it if you wish.

That is all about Windows 10 issues and their solutions to help know how to fix Windows 10 problems. You can make use of the above tips to fix the issues that you meet. Keeping reading our blogs and update on PC technology.

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