How to Hide IP Address in PC, Android and iPhone – Keep Yourself and Your Data Secured!

IP address implies an identifier unique to every user and reveals important information to the websites and online services about your PC. This may interfere with your security and snatch away your freedom from you to some extent.

Your ISP or Internet Service Provider may also not be trustworthy, so you may want to keep your IP address secured to gain personal autonomy while searching for things on the Internet or availing of online services.

That’s why we have come up with the complete steps to enlighten you as to how to hide IP addresses in PC, Android and iPhone. Hang on and keep reading!

How to Hide an IP Address on a PC? 


Hiding the IP address in Windows PC is quite an easy task due to the availability of a large number of software and platforms for the same. Be it any Windows version, an IP address can be easily hidden in Windows OS. You can download restricted content and access the blocked websites easily once the IP address has been hidden.


Let’s have a look at the following software that will help you hide your PC’s IP address.


1. Hotspot Shield Elite 

Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best way to hide your IP address as it detours the activity path and takes your activity through their servers. In this way, your IP address is completely concealed. Hotspot Shield Elite is one such free VPN service that works well with Android. It is the most compatible with Chrome. This software will let you gain complete independence to browse anything that you desire with utmost security. You can gain access to any website or social networking ones that your ISP otherwise blocks.


2. NordVPN 

NordVPN is not a free VPN app but it is the best of the lot as it lets you choose from over 2000 VPN servers that are spread internationally. You can avail plenty of good features such as tracker protection, Kill Switch and much more. NordVPN offers excellent VPN servers that let you download and upload files in an instant.


3. ProXPN 

By installing ProXPN, you can hide your IP address. It is compatible with almost all the versions of Windows OS. To use it, you have to go for registration on the website of ProXPN. It is a free service, but you may have to encounter some ads if you wish not to go for the premium one.


How to Hide IP Address in Android? 


Several VPN apps are available for Android smartphones, and you can easily download these from the Google Play Store. It is also possible to set the VPN in your Android handset manually by going to the settings.


1. VPN from Phone Settings 

Setting up a VPN from phone settings is easy and won’t require installing any VPN service provider app. Go to settings on your phone and click on ‘More.’ From there, select the ‘VPN’ option.

Now, you have to add the VPN Profile. Give a name to the VPN and then select the type you wish to request to the VPN server. Once it is done, you have to enter the VPN address that has to be set for your phone.

Once you give the name and save it, you have to touch on the name of the VPN and then enter the username and password. Now click ‘connect’ to activate it. And, it will be done!


2. SurfEasy VPN 

This Android app offers free data of 500 MB per month that is meant to be protected. It doesn’t lag and has a simple and fast UI. With this, you are completely shielded from the attacks of hackers, web trackers and snoops.


3. Opera Free VPN 

Opera VPN is a great app that hides your IP address and lets you alter your virtual location. You can also gain access to any sites and apps that your ISP otherwise blocks. Your internet speed is also enhanced to a great extent with this app. You can avail of the service without paying any charges.


How to Hide IP Address in iPhone?


Let’s have a look at the ways by which you can surf the internet with utter freedom and without any disturbance of ads and pop-ups.


1. Tor 

Tor is free software that lets you hide your IP address, thus giving you the facility of anonymous internet browsing. When you use this, your data is transmitted to various networks. So, it becomes impossible to trace the activity to its user. The speed of Tor is relatively slow, so this won’t benefit you much in the case of streaming. Else, it is a pretty good program that helps you stay unnamed and secured from website trackers.


2. Private Internet Access 

Private Internet Access is an excellent VPN service that completely encrypts your data and creates an encrypted tunnel of data connecting the user’s computer to that of the PIA Network.

This iOS app is a good choice as it helps you stay protected from hackers and keeps your data and PC information confidential.


3. TunnelBear VPN 

It is an entirely free VPN service that lets you access any website that you like while assuring you that your browsing details won’t be disclosed to anyone.

You get an excellent downloading speed with TunnelBear VPN and offer 500 MB of free data to the users each month.


Final Words 

Now that you know clearly how to hide IP address in PC, Android, and iPhone, there is no reason why you should compromise on your security and not hide your IP address.

You can also look further for more VPN services and do a bit of research on your part. Select the one that you find convenient and embark on the journey of free and secure browsing.

Keep yourself and your data protected from the website trackers. Safe surfing!

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