How to increase followers on Instagram (Based on my experience)

Using social channels is a fundamental step to create and strengthen your brand identity; in particular, Instagram marketing proved to be the most suitable social network for this purpose.

Social Media = Future

It is the only way to sell and make people known: it is something that must absolutely be done. For years, Instagram has been number one in the US and is now growing a lot in other countries as well. Above all, it is a highly recommended tool for business.

What are the advantages of Instagram over other social networks?

Instagram is a social network that harnesses the power of images to do business: it is useful for contributing to the dissemination of the image of your products or services. Instagram, in fact, is a powerful tool for creating your own brand identity and for retaining your followers, with a very high percentage of transformation of these into real customers. To be able to achieve these goals, however, it is necessary to know how to make the most of the potential of Instagram, especially those that are more in line with the characteristics of the business to be promoted. Does influencer marketing bring benefits for all types of companies? Absolutely yes! Is it the only way? Absolutely no! There are still other ways to grow an Instagram account, thereby increasing sales through it. One of them we will discuss in the following paragraphs.

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Precisely for this reason a few months ago I started an experiment with my personal profile, considering my passion for photography, to better understand the mechanisms that regulate Instagram.

Instagram followers

In July 2015 on Instagram I had approx. 170 followers, now I have over 1,500. This is the fact. What happened? I’ve been using Instagram since it came out and I’ve only used it by taking photos with my phone and using a few, very few hashtags. I followed a few people and my social life on Instagram was zero, that is, I didn’t like or comment. In July of last year I said to myself: well since I have beautiful photos why not try to figure out how to increase followers. There are people with photos on the verge of decency with thousands of followers. Where am I wrong? So I decided. Not knowing where and how to start, I experimented with various paths and here I will summarize the most productive one, the one that can provide me free Instagram followers!

How does Instagram work?

Instagram is an image-based social network. You post pictures taken with your mobile or not. Let’s try to understand the essential data that appears when we see a profile of an Instagrammer. We know how many photos he posted, how many and which followers he has and how many and which other Instagrammers he follows (following). For each photo we see how many likes (represented by the red heart), how many comments and the hashtags used.

The more followers and likes, the more popular an account is

Yes! This is a fact, the more followers and likes an account has, the more popular the account is, and the more potential it is to be used as a medium for online business promotion. But wait! Many people buy Instagram followers and likes to increase the popularity of their account, hoping that by spending some money, they can achieve instant results. Unfortunately that won’t happen! Most sellers of followers and likes only use robot accounts or worse, a piece of software that can follow multiple accounts in a short amount of time, and then delete the follows. These methods are frowned upon by Instagram and if they seem obvious, the threat of getting banned is a real thing.


A few months ago I came across a great app, Followers Gallery. This is an Instagram followers mod apk that can give you unlimited real Instagram followers and likes. How does the principle work? Quite easy! You only need to download Followers Gallery on your smartphone, register, log in, and start earning as many coins as possible. Coins? What for? You can exchange the coins in question for free Instagram likes and followers. You can get coins by following and liking the Instagram accounts of other Followers Gallery users. The more you follow and like other people’s Instagram accounts, the more coins you will be given. The more coins, the more real people who follow and like your Instagram account. Here the Followers Gallery acts as a regulator of activities to follow and like Instagram accounts so that everyone involved is treated fairly.

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In the end, this application is very safe. Virus free, and doesn’t require any original passwords. So what are you waiting for? If I can do it, so can you!

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