4 Ways Fashion Retailers can use on Instagram to get real Instagram followers

Instagram is a great platform for fashion retailers and they know it. The retailers have made their mark on this mega-popular platform. On Instagram, female fashion is flourishing positively. If you are a fashion retailer and just starting out on Instagram, surely you want to know how you can use this platform to get real Instagram followers and increase your popularity. You are on the right page because here we are going to discuss some ways that you can use to increase your post engagement, gain new followers and generate more sales. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Post frequently
Like other fashion, retailer post frequently-means two to three times a day. Although, there are no specific rules on posting frequently when it comes to retails. There are some famous brands like Calvin Klein, H&M and Asos who post to their Instagram account more than ten times a week. While Net-A-porter post to Instagram over 26 times in a week.

Become top of mind brand:
However, in today’s market, it is difficult to become a top of mind brand but it is not impossible. There is a lot of large and small size fashion brand on Instagram. All you need to stand out from the rest in a greater way. When you share quality content that is unique and interesting and remaining present consistently in the feed of your audience then you become the top of mind brand for your followers. But don’t be annoying because there is a big difference between the present and annoying. There are more chances that you will likely to lose your existing followers due to annoyance if you post too much content in a day , so you can get followers on Instagram instantly here.

Put your product center-stage
The big fashion retailer put their product center stage instead of enhancing the background and model look. Do the similar thing and place your product at the forefront in the way that enhances it. You can also leverage the user-generated content to promote your products. Repost the posts of your followers but don’t forget to mention them in the caption of the post. Don’t push your audience to buy your product because your fans have the intent to purchase your product, they will visit your store or e-commerce website rather than Instagram. Your job is to plant the idea in the head of your audience to make them want to buy your product or shop. With this approach, your followers will get engage with the posts that help you to get real Instagram followers.

Tell a story about your product:
A lot of famous fashion retailers do an interesting thing on Instagram. They don’t post about their products rather than they choose to post on subjects that are not relevant to their products. But why they do this? The reason is that storytelling about the product is a great way of keeping your audience interested by offering the vision of a lifestyle that your business or brand represents.

If you are a fashion retailer and just starting out on Instagram, surely you want to know how you can use this platform to get real Instagram followers and increase your popularity.

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