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Many new features are introduced in the new SQL Server installation. This new installation supports Machine Learning Services. These Machine Learning Services supports R and Python. It also contains Scale Out Worker and SSIS Scale Out Master. It also includes scale out options in PolyBase.

In this article, we will learn how to install SQL server and also learn about some new features which will help us in many.

Steps to install SQL server:

  • Open the browser and go to google and search for Microsoft SQL Server download now. You can now find SQL server or download from Microsoft website. Click on it. Here you can see download for SQL Server 2017 for Windows. 
  • Now you will get 3 main options. The trial evaluation, Developer edition and Express edition.

The question is that which SQL Server edition you should use.

  1. The SQL Server trial evaluation contains all the features, it is a free edition. If you plan to buy a license later you can use this.
  2. The Developer edition of SQL server is free, but this can’t be used in production. 
  3. The Express edition of SQL server is free and you can use it in production, but hasa Storage limitation (10 GB) and it does not contain many features (SQL Server Agent, DTA, etc.). 

Run the setup file of the SQL Server installer, once downloaded. The Database with basic components will be installed by the Basic option.To learn some other features included in SQL server we will the Custom option. To install in other machines or to install later download media is used.

You can select the location of installation. 9GB of free space is required.Press Install, once selected:

In the Planning section the installer will install. 

Go to the Installation section and choose the option New SQL Server stand-alone installation. Note that SQL Server Reporting Services are installed individually.

you can choose a free edition or name a license. 

License Terms includes all the terms to install it. Accept the license terms.

If there are updates in the installer in Microsoft updates you can verify in Microsoft updates.

The Active Template Library, the registry keys and if the computer is not a domain controller all these things are verified by The Install Rules. 

Data Engine Services is the database itself, in the context of the Feature Selection.

  • If you want to duplicate your data in another server or another SQL Server instance, Replication is beneficial.
  • Machine Learning Services (In-Database). You can also install R or Python. SQL Server 2016 only contained the R Services. But now, you can install R and/or Python both.
  • For full text queries, Full-Text and Semantic Extractions for Search are used.
  • Data Quality Services is used to enhance, systematize and avoid copied data.
  • To query NoSQL Data, PolyBase is another amazing feature.
  • To produce cubes to generate Enterprise Reports with a multi-dimensional technology, Analysis Services is used in Business Intelligence (BI).

You have Stand alone and Machine Learning Services (In-Database). To install the SQL Server Database Engine the first option. The Standalone does not need a database engine.

 For every service there are account names generated automatically.To keep them is a good habit. Do not allow regulatory benefits to these accounts unless there is no other option.

To verify, there are two choices in SQL Server. To verify in SQL Windows authentication will use the Windows Account. Mixed Mode grants permission to generate internal logins and passwords inside SQL Server. By pressing the Add button or by using the Add Current User you can add accounts here.

You can also select the location of your data file and log file in the Data Directories tab. To have them in individual drives to enhance performance and strengthen safety for disaster recovery.

You can authenticate the configurations, once that you have everything installed. Press Install if everything is ok. 

Your database will be installed within 15-45 min.

Open the installer, once the database and other components installed. Choose the option to in the Installation section to Install the SQL Server Management Tools.

It will take us to the SSMS web page.Download the product.

Install the product, once downloaded.

Open the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, in the Windows menu.

Choose the SQL Server name and then press Connect.


Here, in this article we have learned how to install SQL Server and also get to know about some latest and useful options and features. SQL Server brings many new features like SSIS Master Scale Out, the Python support, worker nodes. Hopefully, this article has answered all your queries and helped you out.

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