How to Play PUBG on PC?

If the experience of the touch screen doesn’t appeal you much, you can use a keyboard and mouse to play PUBG Mobile formally on your PC.

With more than 20 million active daily users on the platform, PUBG Mobile has grown by leaps and bounds. The popularity of the title was reiterated with the recent PUBG Mobile Star Challenge 2018, where Thailand’s RRQ Athena team won and took $200,000 (approximately 1,40,13,000 INR) in prize money. 

While the way PUBG Mobile is meant to be played is to take enemies out on your phone, there is also an official alternative to do the same on a PC or laptop. If you’re fond of a keyboard-mouse combo, it’s more comfortable that you download the portable game to your PC and begin playing. Here’s our guide on how to do it easily: 

1) First download and then install the official “Tencent” Gaming-Buddy Emulator 

download wapking apk

2) Run the emulator and download game files alone 

3) Change the language of the emulator, if necessary 

4) Run PUBG and download additional game files 

5) Play and win that chicken dinner!

To play PUBG Mobile on your PC, you have to download the official Tencent Gaming Buddy Emulator. There is also a BlueStacks app to emulate the game on a computer, but it’s easier to set up the Gaming Buddy Emulator. Head over to the https:/ website and download the emulator from the middle of the page by pressing the download button. The installer for the emulator setup is about 9 MB in size but it serves as an intermediate package for downloading the additional files needed to install the whole game. 

Double click on the downloaded file to boot the installer once downloaded. Choose the location you want to install the game and hit the installation. A new window will open after installation, showing you the progress of downloading the additional files required by the emulator to get the title up and running.

You will be able to boot the game once this is done, but there are some additional settings to tweak before you can start playing PUBG Mobile on your PC. 

Post Installation

 1. The Tencent Gaming Buddy will boot up but in Chinese once installed and downloaded. Find the three stack menu at the top correct corner of the application to alter the language to English.


2. To open a fresh window, click the second last option and pick the drop-down option from the last menu. To choose from, it will present different languages. Select English, or whatever language you prefer, and click on the bottom left tab, which is essentially the choice to apply.

pubg tencent language Changes

3. It will display a prompt but don’t worry about it and click on the blue box. The mini window automatically closes. Now restart the emulator and set English to the default language. 

4. The emulator will demonstrate PUBG Mobile icon when booted up and boot the game by clicking on it. Additional files required to run the game will then be downloaded. This process is equivalent to downloading OBB files on a phone when booting PUBG Mobile for the first time. Let the game download files, but you can opt for another method described below to save time if you already have a computer where the emulator is set up and installed. 

Pro Tip

You can copy the same files to your laptop / PC to skip the wait if the Gaming Buddy Emulator is installed on another PC. To do this, go to the’ Temp’ folder on the drive where the emulator is installed (C:\Temp or D:\Temp) and copy the’ TxGameDownload’ folder to a 2 GB flash drive. Now, paste this folder on the PC in the same’ Temp’ directory where the emulator still has to download the files. The emulator will detect and verify the files and boot the game directly on the login screen. 

However, this second method requires a computer that already sets up the Gaming Buddy Emulator and the game is up and running. Let the game download extra files in case there is no such provision. After downloading files, the game starts up and from there, it’s similar to how the game acts on mobile phones. As you use an emulator, the user will only be paired with other users who also play the game on a PC. There is no such restriction, however, and one can team up with their friends on their phones playing the game.

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