InVideo Review: Is it the Best Video Creation Tool?

A good video marketing strategy can go a long way in bolstering your brand’s outreach and can greatly increase engagement if employed properly on the right platforms, such as social media. However, to carve out a niche in an environment filled with so many competitors and their respective videos, you need to be able to make content that is concise, engaging, and can capture the attention of the audience with limited screen time. One of the most important prerequisites to accomplish this is a quality Video creation Tool.

InVideo is an online video editor and it is one such option to consider using to make videos for your brand. But what exactly makes InVideo worth using over any other option available? What makes InVideo what it is and sets it apart from the competition? In this review, we shall take a deep dive into InVideo and discuss whether it really is the best Video creation available.

What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online tool that allows people to edit their own content suited to their business and its needs and share it across all their social platforms and websites. It provides businesses with a platform to create do-it-yourself (DIY) content with their custom branding and utilize it to suit their needs. With a massive library of options to enhance your videos through templates, images, video clips and a host of other useful choices, and an intuitive editing tool, it is a very convenient and simple instrument to use, which makes it perfect for any business looking to get into the competitive market of Video marketing with an advantage.

The Features on offer

To properly analyze a video marketing tool and see if it is the right fit for you, it is important to look at its most relevant features.

  • InVideo comes with a pre-built library of over 4000 video templates which can be changed around and customized to fulfill any business needs, ranging from Instagram stories to event planning and promotion.
  • It has over 9 million royalty-free and premium media, which includes a massive library of stock images that can be used to fit any and every context which your videos may require.
  • It has a large integrated audio library that fits every mood or genre you may need to enhance your content.
  • The Application can be used to customize templates by outfitting them with adaptive colors, transitions, shapes, emojis, and stickers. The templates can also be changed to fit the format of whatever social media platform you want to post the videos to.
  • The editor allows you to add a new dimension of immersion in the video with an intuitive voiceover functionality that also offers the option of automated text-to-speech voices for those who want to take that approach with their videos.
  • It has a drag and drop editor which is a huge convenience to video makers who may not be all too familiar with the process of video editing on other tools. Its flexible timeline also does a great deal to smoothen the process out and make things easier for the editor.
  • An extensive offering of graphics and audio that is available in over 75 different languages enables you to create content that can appeal to a wider audience.
  • As an added benefit, InVideo offers integrated analytics, statistics, and reports related to your content, which allows you to gain a proper understanding of how your content is doing on the very same tool you create it on. It sheds light on metrics such as impressions, social reach, and performance on various social media platforms, etc.

Benefits of using InVideo

Now that we’ve looked at some of the features that makes InVideo the comprehensive platform for video editing that it is, let us look at some of the advantages you’ll be getting if you use it over similar tools like it.

  • It offers a great deal of options that you can utilize to customize your videos, including a large library of video templates, audio samples, and various other custom elements such as animations, stickers, etc. to spice up your videos before you eventually export them.
  • InVideo can be used to create videos that can suit a large variety of needs. Whatever you require, be it Facebook ads, YouTube videos, event promotions, Instagram reels, etc, you can most definitely make them with little effort on the app.
  • With advanced features such as power transitions, automated text-to-speech/ live voiceovers, intelligent frames, and many more, you can add a sense of professionalism to the videos. The option to translate videos into multiple languages also increases the potential of your content to reach more people, as it exposes you to a larger audience. The transition between different languages and video styles is made very easy on InVideo.
  • There are brand presets to help you set up your business on InVideo very easily, thus cutting down on the time and effort required to edit.
  • Video rendering is done at a fast pace, and the editing tool is extremely simple and intuitive to use, which makes the process of video editing itself extremely efficient, no matter what your background and resources are.


InVideo offers three different options for use, and users of this software can choose the tier they wish to according to whatever their requirements are. The first version is the Free trial version. This version allows for the export of 60 videos per month, along with a watermark.

The first-priced plan is the InVideo business. For this price tier, users can pay either 30$ a month, or 180$ annually for 60 HD exports per month with unlimited access to all the media and templates.

The second-priced plan is InVideo unlimited. For this price tier, users can either pay 60$ a month or 360$ annually to get access to a large library of stock videos and images and unlimited HD video exports, templates, and media.


From the above review, we can conclude that InVideo is one of the best video creation tools that are available online. In terms of accessibility, it is top-class, and the convenience with which one can use this app is more than enough to make it a quality tool. This, coupled with its affordable pricing and a large library of templates, media, and everything else you’d ever need in a video editing tool makes it the perfect website to start your brand’s video content career, no matter how big or small.


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