Top 10 Kodi Alternatives in 2021 You must know.

Over the last few years, computers have been one of the key gadgets in everyone’s life. Former computers were largely used for official works, but people prefer it as an entertainment source. People pile up media files, movies, and songs on computers. But some access these facilities on other devices despite computers. Thus to accomplish the requirements of these people, Kodi has gained high distinction within a short span of time.

In this piece of content by Blogging Coffe, we will walk you through a list of top 10 Kodi alternatives for 2020. Now let us get started with no time to know what is Kodi. 

1. Media Portal:


Media Portal is an open source media center. It is known one of the top Kodi alternatives for people with fundamental hardware machine. You will be surprised with its feature that is its support for basic hardware system. Media Portal operates entirely well on basic hardware, while some media players need your computer to meet up assured system requirements. 

Aside from this, you can enjoy watching your preferred movies on Media Portal, listening to your favorite music, watching live TV, recording live sessions, checking weather and more. At this Media Portal, you can stream your media from your mobile and computer to any other device linked with your home network. Also you can play all kind of videos, movies and DVDs on Media Portal.

Another gripping feature of Media Portal is to access from the internet and other mobile devices. Media Portal has hundreds of plug-ins which add to the features list and builds it as one of the handy media management tools out there. Yes consider it alternative to Kodi download.

Features of Media Portal: 

  • Windows based open-source Kodi option.
  • General library of plug-ins and add-ons.
  • Remote control access.
  • User-interface customization.

2. Plex:


Plex is one of the biggest competitors to Kodi app. It has so many features that you can be besieged by them. The client-server architecture of this platform builds it right foil to stream media by different devices. This lets the same content to stream on all your supported-devices effortlessly. 

The intriguing user-interface enters in life when you use this home theater application. Plex imitates quite a lot of Kodi features when it comes to the group of channels. You can watch the content-based on whichever topic or channel you choose. Plex provides loads of kindness as a free tool. There is a smart way to put together Plex with Kodi and keep using these two worlds.

Furthermore, Plex is also exceedingly secure and trustworthy. Plex gives you the ability to stream your media contents from one device to numerous devices all in all. When you get your hands on Plex, you won’t seek any other option to Kodi ever again.

Features of Plex: 

  • Based on client-server based architecture.
  • Attuned with various platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux, and XBOX.
  • Offers DVR functionality in Beta version.
  • Has in 2 variants-free and monthly subscription-based.

3. Cinema HD:


It is one of best options to Kodi movie app as it streams HD content. Believe it as a bridge between HD movies spread all across the internet and it connects you to the right link. A new astounding feature is the scope of its library. Cinema HD comes with a big library. The interface is where differences turn up. Cinema HD is the best Kodi replacement. Its usage is limited to Android devices. This is because it can be linked with Firestick devices. This offers a comparable experience of viewing your preferred movies and TV shows on the big screen as it is with Streamio. 

A figure of further features has been added after its latest update. This comprises the addition of Youtube and other online streaming services like Hulu and Netflix. This builds Cinema HD an all in one streaming service on the lines of Streamio. 

Features of Cinema HD:

  • Perfect for TV shows and movie lover.
  • Most recent Movies and TV Shows available.
  • HD quality support with genre categorization.
  • Great user-interface.

4. JRiver:

It is a media player with admirable features. JRiver allows you to view all of them in High definition. It is always there to assist you access to all your media files in the world. It allows you stream all your personal media such as audio, video, and images to all devices on your local network. 

This media player turns out to be the best when it comes to audio and video quality. There are numerous other features which make the JRiver stand out of the competition. JRiver is also capable of holding your media gracefully even if you have a big collection. It is supported by most of the devices like iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows etc. Furthermore, they have a great community of enthusiasts, who assists each other by knowledge when required.

Features of JRiver:

  • Supports Windows, macOS, and Smart TVs.
  • A network of music, movie, photo and TV solution.
  • Most powerful media database available.

5. Stremio:

Stremio is one of the most trendy media platforms out there. This is possibly the Kodi alternative that comes closest to following the experience of using a more high-end streaming service like HBO Go or Netflix.  The best thing about Stremio is the platform’s loyalty to getting high-quality videos. Stremio is utterly laden with content that can only be viewed in HD, bringing it one of the best places to watch 720p or higher. 

At Stremio, you can build a favorite section so that you can accumulate your preferred content all into one category. This builds it easy to place your all-time favorite shows/movies in an easy location. There is also an announcement system that forewarns you whenever a new program has been included to the roster. You will always be advanced on the new offerings of this large Kodi alternative in 2020.

Features of Stremio:

  • Suitable for video content aggregation.
  • Supports remote control access.
  • Accessible to download on Play Store and App Store.
  • Supports addition with third party apps like Amazon.

6. Emby:

Emby is an open-source platform, bringing it the client-server mechanism. Emby builds it super-easy to stream media to all connected devices. There is also a bit of live TV functionality in Emby that lets you to play with DVR recordings. In addition, parental control is a tactical factor that keeps Emby apart from other platforms.

Apart from being suitable, Emby is pretty smart. It knows the hardware abilities of diverse devices and alters media components consequently. Once attached, it tells users of essential events based on their activity on the platform. The premium feature lets you access backups. Emby is about as refined as Plex is become one of the best Kodi alternatives. In simple words, consider it alternative to Kodi Streaming.

Features of Emby:

  • Open source media server.
  • Parental control incorporated.
  • Supports 3rd party streaming media.
  • Comes in 3 alternatives for Desktop, TV, and Mobile.
  • Absolutely free to use.

7. Infuse:

It is one of those media players, which has an unpredictably beautiful user-interface and a truckload of features. It supports many media formats such as Mp4, AVI, MKV, WMV and more. It has a competitive GUI with gesture controls, picture-in-picture feature drag and drop functionality and many more.

It lets you to introduce videos or other media from 3rd party apps like DropBox, iCloud, Google drive, and OneDrive. Simply browse, download and play your preferred media. Just download Kodi alternative to enjoy watching movies. 

Features of Infuse:

  • Striking user-Interface.
  • Numerous media file format support.
  • No syncing needed for streaming.
  • Supports integration with 4K media quality.
  • Gesture controls supported.    

8. Terrarium TV:

It is alternative to Kodi movie app available on Android Play Store. It supports more than 504K videos such as movies and TV shows. Here you can download, stream and watch your preferred media online without a single dime. It is completely free. It supports TV Box, Android TV, Fire Stick and Fire TV. Further features take in multi-language subtitles support, genre variety and customization of your favorites list. For all the TV show and movie buffs, this is a perfect Kodi alternative to Android.

Features of Terrarium TV:

  • Accessible only for Android platform.
  • Entirely free.
  • Supports integration with I1080p HD quality.
  • Multi-language subtitles.

9. ButterProject:

It is an open-source application that is completely free to stream and watch. Built on the most recent technology, it provides a flexible and modular design that can be used as a base for any streaming app on the market. This kodi app alternative is P2P-based and supports all main platforms like Windows, Linux and Mac. You can skip the downloading and watch straight content with Butter BY torrent streaming. It is truly a best app to enjoy watching movies freely.

Features of ButterProject:

  • Open-source application.
  • Completely free.
  • Flexible design.
  • Supports all main platforms.

10. OSMC:

It is an open-source media center, with a Kodi like interface. It can be downloaded on various platforms such as Mac, Windows and Linux based systems openly from the official website. Some of the important features take in a simplistic user-interface, and various file format support. Just consider best to watch movies easily.

Features of OSMC:

  • Kodi-like Interface.
  • Regular updates.
  • Best online community support.
  • Superior HTPC experience.
  • Own app store.


All the media players are excellent and offer a special set of features. Now relying on your requirement, you can choose any of the media players as your best Kodi option. To know more about technology, read blogs at Blogging Coffe. 

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