MWC 2018 Highlights : Foundation for the better World

Mobile is the integral part of human in today’s world. A person can’t even imagine himself without mobile phones. For everything we require this gadget whether we have to check the time or call anyone. This innovation changed the life of the modern world. Not only this there are large number of mobile companies in the world who launch their 2 or 3 mobiles every month, also people enthusiastically wait for them as well as. There are so many reputed brands in market who apply different marketing techniques to reach their customers like Apple launch their products 2 times in a year.

People compared to the past now more connected with the mobile phone which is more than two-third of the population of the world nearly over 5 billion subscribers.

People around the world fueled with innovation, revolutionizing industries and opportunities through this devices so called mobile phones.

World biggest platform for the innovation in mobiles is MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS, every year it comes with something fresh and updated element in the world of mobile phones.

MWC 2018 is held on Barcelona, Spain this year from 26 February to 1 March to represent the mobile industry and a event featuring technology, manufacturers and operators across the world. It is known by GSMAMWC name but initially named as GSM World Congress.

1. 5G is in Spotlight

From last 31 years, it is world’s biggest mobile tech show. Thisyear 5G in the spotlight. All the telecom operators promising to change people’s lives with super fast wireless mobile networks. 5G dominated the conversation.At&T already promised 12 cities with 5G by the end of the year, few days ahead of MWC. T-Mobile maintained its position high by promising 30 cities with 5G connections. Verizon yet not announced anything.

5G is in Spotlight

With 5G in focus, MWC event is filled with bezel-less phones or iphone X look a likes.

2. Nubia showcase its futuristic concept device at Nubia’s booth. This smart phone was supercar-inspired gaming phone. Company’s major issue is to solve the problem of overheating which is beared by the games during playing games. As we know Nubia is known for using the premium materials in their devices to lure people. Nubia says the phone is going to release in the middle somewhere in this year.

3. Vivo Apex was the show stealer in MWC, 95% of the front body is cover by OLED display. It placed fingerprint reader and proximity sensor underneath the screen of the device.It is missing earpiece jack as similar to MI Mix. Fingerprint is somewhat slower than real sensor in other devices.

Vivo Apex MWC 2018

4. Ulefone T2 Pro is a again edgeless phone which impressed everyone by looks. This phone has 6.7 inch display and iphone lookalike with 19:9 ratio display.

Ulefone T2 gemini-pro

Old School Concept Comeback

  • Nokia which is currently owned by HMD Global, a Finnish brand striked Barcelona with a brand new 8110 banana phone (matrix phone) which reminds all the golden era of mobile phones.By this Nokia is targeting the low budget segment phones with 4G support.
  • Lenovo also hinted about its MotoRazr Comback. Lenovo is controlling Motorola brand from past 2 years.


Latest Gadgets in MWC

1. Samsung much awaited S9 & S9 Plus released at this event. The company focused on the camera to compete with iphone X and Pixel 2 by camera first approach to make it a promising headset with sleek designwhich supports animated emojis. Samsung also worked on the increaed drop protection and more durable display with 20% thivker than S8. It is scheduled to launch in India on March.

MWC 2018 s9

2. Sony Xperia XZ2, is the latest device in Sony flagship with impressive curvy glass-clad look and reduction in bezel with 5.7 inch 1080×2160 diplay and19 MP Camera which can shoot 4K videos with 3180 mAh battery and wireless charging support.

Sony Xperia XZ2

3. Nokia 8 Sirocco is an almost all glass body with dust and water resistance and a 5.5 inch 1440×2560 curved OLED display with Zeiss-tuned12 MP  wide angle lens and 13 MP telephone one on back. Snapdragon 835 chipset and 6 gb ram and 3260mAh battery.

Nokia 8 Sirocco

4. LG V30S Thin Q is a similar to the standard V30 with 6 inch display and Snapdragon 835 chipset with 3300mAh battery. It has 6 gb ram and 16 MP lens with 13 MP.

LG V30S Thin Q

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