Questions to Ask Before Selecting a Hosted Call Centre Solutions

hosted call center solutions

A call centre solution facilitates customer servicing and engagement. A company can efficiently address consumer queries and create a loyal and satisfied buyer base. From taking down orders to gathering feedback, a call centre solution supports multiple business activities. It is instrumental in increasing sales and establishing a brand identity. 

hosted call centre solutions is a set up where the call centre software is installed remotely at a location different from the business site. It exhibits similarity with cloud-based solutions. 

The customer centre solution is a useful medium for maintaining clientele relationships. Thus, it becomes crucial to select an appropriate solution that will back efficient customer-oriented operations. 

Before selecting a hosted solution, asking the right questions will aid in making an appropriate decision. 

How Does It Work?

The software is hosted on a cloud and is usually maintained by a third-party service provider. The customer service team at the office can easily access the software with the help of internet connectivity. 

A network is created for assisting the telephonic connection between the parties. The consumers can continue getting in touch with the company by way of a call or a message. 

What Are the Access Types Available? 

The roles and responsibilities of team members vary according to their work role. Different job roles need access to different functionalities. The type of access should be defined in line with the hierarchy. Also, the modus operandi relating to new user access and revision in access type should be documented. 

What Type of Training Support Is Extended?

Implementation of a system should be backed with proper training in a hosted call centre solutions. You must discuss to know the type of training support given by the service provider. It is crucial to figure out if it will be delivered through an online or offline medium. 

Further, there should be continual support from the vendor in case of troubleshooting. There should be a dedicated team for resolving technical and other non-technical issues. The service agreement should capture the terms of training support.  

What Is the Investment Required?

The initial investment is typically lesser, as there is no requirement to purchase hardware or software. In the absence of procurements, the possibility of hardware or software redundancy gets eliminated. 

Having a third-party vendor onboard reduces the number of people required for maintenance activities. The professional fees of the vendor should be negotiated and mutually decided upon. The pricing break-up helps in knowing the end use of the amount being invested. 

Is It Scalable? 

The contact centre solution should support addition as well as the deletion of users seamlessly. Software scalability is important for smooth business operations. Having additional users should not affect software speed and efficiency. Difficulties in revising user accessibility can cause delays while customer servicing. 

Can The Software Be Accessed From Different Locations?  

As the software is hosted remotely, it should be accessible from different locations. Working from home has become the new norm, and the team should carry business as usual with minimal glitches. Further, the compatibility of the software with cellular phones would be quite useful. 

A hosted call centre solutions helps establish a strong customer base and have an efficient cost planning. Getting all concerns cleared assists in making an informed selection of the most suitable solution. 


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