The Best Tips to Set Up Your Fundraising Campaign

This article highlights the most important tips for creating a successful fundraising campaign. Regardless of why you are looking to raise money, there are certain things that all successful fundraising campaigns have.

Who Is Your Target Audience?

You will need to determine from early on who exactly you want the campaign to reach out to. Do you want to reach your current funders and donors, source and find new donors, and then, what specific sector of these groups are you looking to approach and finalize any requests for support? You also need to understand and have a clear idea as to what type of platforms that your target audience can be reached on. Where do they shop, what aspects of social media are used, and what technology do they use? These are key questions to have answers to if you intend to approach them in their own spaces.

Develop the Message

The marketing message needs to be clear from the word go – there should be no confusion or uncertainty as to what you are asking for and the support that you need. The message for some is a little different to the backstory, but the two always go together, and those that hear the message will need to know the backstory which will pull on emotions and encourage them to act.

Develop Software and Marktech Knowledge

There must be a good understanding of the various software packages and programs that can be used to develop and disseminate the message (your business marketing technology or marktech) that you have crafted. It is a knowledge of systems that must be linked to what the target audience uses. Spend sufficient time on this research or you could have a great message and a powerful backstory that is simply placed on the wrong platform and fails to reach those who you feel can help the most. If it is a text message, for example, you would need to know about Tatango, which is one of the most well-used programs and software packages used to develop cogent fundraising and political campaigns. Understand what else is available for the various types of messages that you will use to get the story out there.

There Must Be a Clear Call to Action

The people that you manage to reach must have no uncertainty as to what it is that you want them to do, and this needs to be a seamless and simple thing to do. Either there should be a link directly from the backstory and message or a very clear direction given to assist those who have heard the message, understood the backstory and now would like to help.

Design Several Ways to Be Supported

Different people will process the information provided and the call to action differently and have varying possibilities to help. When it comes to fundraising, you need to allow for various levels of support to be provided. Some campaigns even allow for volunteers to offer their help, rather than only looking for financial support. Allow all those who have processed the messages you design to contribute in whatever way that they can. Structure these options from the get-go and ensure that the help you’re asking for is what the business or organization needs.

Plan and Design the Responses

Whoever is interested enough in the campaign to make an enquiry or donate must be thanked and proof or feedback given as to what the donations have or will be used for. It is customer feedback like this that will allow you to keep details of those who get involved and will form the basis of an ongoing customer relationship to be used for future similar campaigns and fundraising initiatives.

Concluding Comments

No matter what you intend to raise money for or look for support for, you will need a solid campaign that can use the platforms that are frequented by those you aim to engage with. Thus, there needs to be a fair amount of research done in this regard. Successful campaigns are also able to convince and prove to the audience from the outset that they are genuine and that there is merit in the plans and programs suggested.


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