5 Common Signs Your Hard Drive is Going to Crash – Mac and Window Laptop

Each of us has valuable files such as personal documents, photos, videos or audio files, and usually they are saved on hard drives. Few know that the majority of electronic storage devices, including hard drives, have a limited life span, as against old storage methods. Depending on type and manufacturer, the average life of a permanent disk today is about 5 –10 years, and it decreases rapidly when there are strong changes in temperature, moisture and motion.

Given that most people have laptops and external hard disks, a realistic lifetime on the hard drive is probably about 3-5 years old. The time to reliably store important data is extremely short.

In most cases, hard disks fail step by step, enabling you to react, receive a copy of your information and replace your storage device before you face a fatal failure. Many signs indicate your hard drive is on the way to gradual failure.

Signs of hard drive failure window

window hard drive failure

Read this article to find out what signs a failure can reveal if you are not sure how much life is left on your hard drive. Some of the signs for a Windows Computer are as follows:

1. Slow down, freezes, and death-screens 

These are very unspecific signs that can be caused by a million different things. These signals are not specific. However, it is advisable that you take a backup immediately, no matter what the problem is behind the symptoms. If these problems occur in Windows Safe Mode or after a new installation, it is nearly certain that they are caused by bad hardware.

2. Corrupted Data 

You may be worried if you start finding files that are not opened or if the file is corrupt, even if the file has been saved without errors or if files suddenly disappear.

Fixing corrupt HDD data can kill data on your HDD and keeping backups is a wise option.  It can also be a typical sign for a progressive hard disk failure due to a multitude of problems.

3. Bad sector accumulation

The hard disk areas do not maintain data integrity. They are automatically masked and therefore difficult to identify by the operating system, especially if large quantities of the disks are being used. But if you’re in a bad sector, that’s certainly a bad sign.

A manual disk check may be performed to identify errors not yet detected by Windows. 

Go to > Start > Computer on Windows 7 and right click your desired disk or partition. In the Checking Disk window, put the checkmark next to > Fixed file system errors automatically and > Scan to attempt to retrieve bad-sector(s). Select “> Properties, change to the > Tools tab and click > Check Now.” If you execute a full format or chkdsk command, Windows will also check for bad sectors.

4. Strange sounds 

It might already be too late when you hear strange noises from your hard drive. The head causes a repetitive sound, also known as the death click because it attempts to enter data and recovers from errors. Noises of grinding or screeching indicate that hardware parts, such as coils or spindle engines, are in defect.

5. There are tools for preventing failure of the hard drive by reading the operating system data of S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Analysing and Reporting Technology). Unfortunately, S.M.A.R.T is notoriously unreliable in the forecast of hard drive failure, as do most of the above mentioned methods and a disaster will often occur before S.M.A.R.T warning comes in. However, when a hard drive works and you want to check the S.M.A.R.T. data, check out the tools for predicting and preventing hard drive failure.

Signs of hard drive failure mac

mac hard drive failure

Although your Mac is well cared for, your data will suffer too if your internal hard drive fails. Here, we will see common signs that are visible on a failed hard drive.

In case of hard disk failure, the data stored on that hard drive, whether on Windows-based PC or Mac, must be taken into consideration. For each user, therefore, it is very important to develop a good habit of periodically backing-up valuable data. This is because back-up data will make it easier to retrieve data from backups in case of Outlook crashes such as returning damaged PST information easily. It would also be better if you could detect the fault of the hard disk before it fails. So here we will discuss some common signs of Mac system drive failure.

1. Errors in Disk Services 

Mac has an integrated disk repair tool as we’re all aware. The hard disk can be scanned and most drive mistakes fixed. You can therefore use it to scan the hard drive on your Mac. After the tool is running, the drive will likely fail if you receive any error message like “Error: this disk has to be repaired.”

  1. In addition, if files, folders, or drive partitions become somehow unreachable, you should consider whether you have made mistakes before. Find Files / Folders / Partitions Inaccessible, otherwise, you may suspect something is wrong with your hard drive.
  2. Mysteriously similar to the one above, files / folders / partitions will go off. In case any files, folders or partitions on the Mac suddenly disappear you can understand that there is some problem with the hard disk of the computer.
  3. Furthermore, if the hard drive fails, there can be various problem areas in your Mac, including applications. In particular, if programs run in abnormal form on your Mac, such as frequent crashes, extremely slow operation, random error messages, etc., the drive may be at fault.
  4. In addition, your Mac operating system will become particularly unstable if your Mac hard disk fails. It can often crash, hang, freeze, or stop failing to respond, for example. Therefore, if you find similar cases, consider the health of the hard drive.
  5. Like conventional computers, the Mac will be unable to recognize it if the hard drive seriously fails. Therefore you can almost say that it is a problem for your Mac to be unable to detect a hard drive when it boots, and that it doesn’t boot.
  6. You definitely hear some grinding or strange noise from the hard drive that suffers as the drive head crashes. Head crash can lead to death directly and is a blazing severe case. Therefore, you should stop any operations on the drive and rely on recovery experts as soon as possible when you hear similar noises.
  7. In general, if you use it for a long time, Mac will surely get hotter. However, when the Mac gets extremely hot it’s still strange. If you think your Mac is always too hot, you can consider whether your hard drive fails.
  8. one of the worst scenarios is you smell burning plastic or solder from Mac. The hard drive may have suffered physical and serious damage under this circumstance. But you can still try to rescue it by using experts in disk repair.

Thus, we have seen key signs which are visible before the failure of hard disks in both the Windows and Mac Computers.

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