Top 10 Car Loan EMI Calculators 2023

Many people have to think about all the terms and conditions before arousing their want to buy a car. These can include the car price, amount of loan to be taken, the interest rate on each repayment, etc.

So, if you are interested in buying a car by taking a car loan then must have the knowledge of proper installments for the repayment of the loan. This is possible if you will take the help of Car Loan Calculator.

Car Loan Calculator

The Car Loan Calculator is an online calculator or tool provided by a medium for customers who wants to buy a car on loan. It helps them to get mindful of the loan repayment orders.

The Car Loan EMI amount can be calculated with the help of a mathematical formula, where three indices need to be mentioned, principal amount, interest rate, and the duration of loan repayment.

Below is the list of the top 10 Car Loan calculators.

1. BankBazaar Car Loan Calculator

BankBazaar offers a Car Loan EMI Calculator which is very simple to use. And it is of no cost.

The only details that are required to enter into the calculator are repayment time, principal price, and the rate of interest.

This totalizer will help you to work out with the monthly instalments to be paid along with an orderly loan repayment account.

You can find the Calculator on the website of BankBazaar.


2. Car Loan Calculator by Axis Bank

axis bank

The Car Loan Calculator provided by Axis Bank is available online as an instrument to let you get an idea of how you will pay the EMI. In the calculator, you just need to put the total loan amount, the period of your loan, and the interest rate on the loan.

The calculator is available on the official website of Axis Bank.


3. Groww Car Loan Calculator

groww car loan calculator

If you want to make an informed car purchase, then Groww will provide you with all the necessary help related to the EMI amount, and its other details.

Its Car Loan equated monthly installment adder will assist you to help out how many monthly installments have to be paid.


4. Car Loan EMI Calculator by ICICI Bank

icici car loan calculator

ICICI Bank’s Car Loan Calculator provides you with the opportunity adequately plan your car purchase. You just need to fill up the amount of the debenture, the duration of the debenture, and the borrowing rate.

The auto loan EMI indicator will compute your loan EMI and will present in front of you a timeline of your loan reimbursement.

Keep in mind that ICICI Bank provides car loans with guaranteed 100% funding with a repayment period of up to seven years.

You can check out the calculator on the given website.



5. HDFC Bank’s Car Loan Calculator

hdfc car loan calculator

The Car Loan Calculator made by HDFC Bank offers you to get the know-how on the car loan that you intend to take. Through this, you will be able to detect the accurate principal amount, EMI, and interest rate during a specific time.

This Loan EMI Calculator will help you to get a mannered view of your yearly principal amount and the interest on each repayment.

Visit the website of HDFC Bank.


6. ClearTax Car Loan EMI Calculator

clear tax car loan calculator

The ClearTax Car Loan Calculator is a convenient device that enables the calculation of the amount to be paid to the bank by the borrower every month.

For this, you have to mark the values of the principal amount, the time is given, and the interest rate.

You can find the calculator in the mentioned website.


7. PersonalFN Car Loan Calculator

PersonalFN Car Loan Calculator

By reading the name, you must be thinking that this website will only provide you with suggestions regarding personal loans. But it is not so that.

PersonalFN Loan adder can help you to evaluate your monthly instalment plan. This will also help you to fix your budget, thus making you financially responsible.

The calculator will not only let you know about the EMI to be paid but also the total interest payable throughout the tenure.


8. Paisabazaar Loan Calculator

Paisabazaar Loan Calculator

Paisabazaar provides customers with a user-friendly car loan calculator that will help them to compute their monthly loan installments. This calculator will inform you about both the contemporary and possible equated monthly installments.

You are just required to add all the necessary values asked by the calculator in the below website.


9. IDFC First Bank’s Car Loan Calculator

car loan idfc

IDFC First Bank’s Car Loan Calculator will let you know the accurate EMI amount to be paid. Along with that, you can also get to test whether the car you are going to buy is affordable or not by comparing it with other options available on the market.

Simply fill in the details and your loan calculator will start working to guide you.

The calculator of IDFC First Bank is really fast, giving an exact result with a flawless medium.



10. Mahindra Finance Car Loan Calculator

Mahindra Finance Car Loan Calculator

The EMI Loan Calculator of Mahindra Finance will impart you with the data needed for understanding the loan reparation statistics. You just need to put up the adequate details.

This calculator will help you to bring the car to your home with trouble-free loan processing and reimbursement.


Wrap Up

I hope that the above-mentioned Car Loan Calculators will help you to decide and organize your car buying plan.

The Car Loan Calculator can be used to measure the number of rupees that you have to pay every month for the loan taken to buy the car.

Don’t forget the calculate your EMI!

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