Top 10 reasons to use VPN on our phone

VPN or Virtual Private Network is like a blessing to all the Internet users who prefer surfing on internet on a private channel. Accessing Internet has become quite easy with its use and not to forget the security is undoubtedly a promise thing. If you want  to enjoy the best Internet experience without getting traced, using VPN is the ultimate way to do so.

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Not only will it aid in making your internet access better but also pass you via unnecessary restrictions without any hassle. Owing to its amazing benefits people love to use VPNs a lot. Let’s check out some of the key reasons why VPN is so popular among its users.

In this article, we shall cover the major reasons why the use of VPN is quite famous and people love to use Internet using this method.

Reasons For VPNs Popularity:

Given below are the main benefits that is provided when VPN is used:

1.  Secure online messaging:

Time has evolved from simply emailing to full day online chats. Smartphone applications like Whatsapp, messenger, Skype, snapchat, etc. are popular messaging platforms. But have you ever thought that these messages are not encrypted and any outsider can read them out?

But don’t worry; VPN keeps your chats where they belong by adding high level of security with the inherent encryption. So have a safe and secure chat with your loved ones by simply adding a VPN to your smartphone.

2. Secures your gaming experience:

You might not find it a good idea to use a VPN for online gaming. But you will be amazed to know the advantages of using top 10 VPN for online games. Top 10 Famous VPN are :

1. Hotspot Shield Free VPN

2. TunnelBear

3. Windscribe

4. Speedify

5. ProtonVPN Free


7. SurfEasy (Opera Free VPN)

8. PrivateTunnel

9. Hotspot Shield Free

10. Hide my Ass

VPN provides anonymity to a starter, which means it will keep your account credentials secure and safe. Other than that you can use VPN to overcome the geo-blocking restrictions. And the most important advantage is VPN can connect you to a faster gaming server.

3. Securing your VoIP:

VoIP, or voice over internet protocol is the need of today’s generation. But it has a downside that it can be acquired and analyzed in large scale. But you can protect it by sending it through a VPN. VPN encrypts the files that make it very difficult for the snoops to decrypt it.

4. Helpful in avoiding the government censorship norms:

Some of the countries have highly censored some kind of sites. If you travel to such countries it is bit obvious you have to face the same censorship. But guess what, you can install free VPN download applications to freely surf the sites you want and stay connected with your lovely family members.

5.    Best pricing of products:

Many of the times, businesses change their pricing according to the location. This change is due to local competition means price of certain product vary on the basis of location. But, a VPN can also sort out your shopping problem. Through a VPN you can select your location accordingly to shop at the best prices. If you want, you can also download VPN for PC for better online shopping experience.

6.    Use public Wifi with full security:

Many of the times you have to go outside of the home and have to use a public Wifi. But you are not sure whether they are safe to use or not. Sniffers usually target the users by scamming them through fake Wi-Fi connections. But, VPN  protocol safeguards you from these fake connections and protects your precious data from such hazardous attacks.


7. Bypasses the unreasonable restrictions posed:

Most probably internet available in schools and colleges are of filtered partially censored vision. For e.g., you want to research on topic breast cancer, but you are unable to access the site because breast word is on the restricted list, it becomes really frustrating. In such circumstances VPN is what you need to download. VPN helps you in accessing full internet by bypassing the unreasonable restrictions.


8. Reclaims your privacy:

Internet surfing has become the necessity of each and every individual. But privacy is the main concern that comes between the user and the internet. VPN serves as a middleman and reclaims your privacy through its modern protocol. It sets the encryption norms to make your data safe and secure.


9Stop Google from tracking your online sites surfing:  

Google never loses a chance of being your elder brother and tracking it all what you surf on the internet. Although they have promised to stop it out but still like a camel they stick their nose under the tent to watch what the users are searching for. Though, VPN can help you out to take the control of your  internet privacy. Users who don’t use a VPN usually get tracked with google suite of products through email then to search and further to G suite apps and at the time of using chrome browser.


10Surf Internet without any trace:

Sometimes users need to research without tipping their hand. For an instance if a company wants to check the availability of jobs at a competitor, they would prefer to do it without revealing the IP address, especially if they are doing it from their place of work. A VPN can be an effective tool for them as it will assign a different IP address to the user providing him with extra security. So isn’t it a great idea to install the top VPN for surfing without any trace.


Some Final Words

Now that you are fully aware of all the reasons why VPN is considered as a safe, secure and a reliable means of getting an internet connection, you must switch to VPN for your connection as well. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself connected to a reliable VPN network and enjoy voice calls, video calls and interruption free internet access in no time. So, Begin your journey as a smart internet user with no security barriers stopping you from today!

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