Help your foreign friends visiting the US with top translation apps

I came to the US as a college student, many years ago. At this point, my English is quite good – or at least I’d like to think it is! My friends and relatives from Germany however often struggle when they come to visit me. Restaurant menus, signs and newspaper articles can pose a problem, unless they are written in very basic English. Most of them are making an effort to learn (except for my father, he can be quite stubborn!) but a bit of help is always needed. This is where language translation apps enter the picture.

No need to pay hefty translation fees

Hiring a personal interpreter for all of our guests is not a realistic option for most of us. Unless you’re a billionaire, of course! Regardless of whether you are looking for certified translation services in San Diego, specialist legal translation services in Albany NY, or certified translation services in Sacramento, you are bound to be discouraged by the prices. If the translation does not have to be ideal and is only for personal use, it is best to employ a language translation service smartphone app and save your hard earned cash. My budget-conscious parents definitely approve of this option!

Take a photo of any sign or document & translate it in an instant

Something that has proven a literal godsend are picture language translation apps. When you’re out and about, there is nothing more useful than having a portable language translator device in form of your smartphone by your side. This has helped my German friends find their way through the concrete jungles of NYC and Chicago on more than one occasion. A good language translator camera app is particularly useful. It allows you to take a photo of any text you encounter and automatically translate it in your mother tongue. This language converter device has indeed saved my loved ones a lot of trouble.

A good language translator app will help you wherever you are

Are you having friends come over, each speaking a different language? No problem! I have been in this situation more than once and have managed to maneuver it successfully, helping my friends understand each other with ease. All you need is an all language translator app. Today, many of these offer an option to automatically translate recorded speech. Welcome to the future! This is why finding multi language translator online is key to success. No matter whether you are looking for a Spanish English translation program, want to translate Chinese to English online, or wish to translate a letter from Arabic to English, you can rest assured that you will be able to find an app that does just that and more.


“Where can I download all these great apps?”, I can almost hear you asking. It’s easy! I have found a place for you where you can download some of my favorites that have been tried and tested by my friends and relatives from abroad.

Top Translation Apps for Non-Native Speakers

Next time you have someone from China (or France or Congo or Serbia) come over for a visit, you will be able to help them find their way in the English-speaking world with ease!

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