Wifi analyzer apps for Windows, iPhone, and Android

WiFi analyzing is crucial to access Internet in no time. Once you begin using Internet via WiFi, you will have to check its speed everyday to know the Internet speed is stable or not. Whether you access it on your laptop, android phone or iphone, you will require WiFi analyzer apps to monitor this connection in no time. These Apps will be quite useful in the long run to help you get maximum optimized internet speed.

In this article, we have discussed different WiFi analyzer apps for different platforms; Windows, iPhone and Android. This will help you in selecting the right app based upon the platform you use to access your Internet.

wifi analyzer apps for android

3 Wifi analyzer apps for Windows:

Given below are the best WiFi analyzer apps for Windows that are used by majority of people:

    1. NetSpot:  This is a viable tool for both experienced network administrators and a rookie who doesn’t have any experience in this line. The User interface of NetSpot is simple to access and adapt. But it’s not the end over here, along with a well-designed interface; it has some more lavish features to showcase. Here are its key features you must know about:

  • Survey Mode: it makes work easier for the users by creating strength heat maps. They are useful in distinguishing between weak and strong signal areas.
  • Discover Mode: it showcases the velocity of data movement from the user to the internet.   NetSpot wifi analyzer apps for windows will cost you around $49.
  • It is accessible for Windows 7, 8 and 10 and MacBook

2.  Wifi Analyzer: Wifi analyzer is add free application designed for windows 10 and windows 10 mobile. This wifi analyzer application is easily accessible and is perfect for the beginners. Its professional versions include the feature of beep according to the strength of the signal. It possesses the live title support by immobilizing the screen timeout function.

3. InSSIDer: It has a well-designed tool that detects the obstacles in the network. It is available in three variable versions:

  •    inSSIDer Office
  •    inSSIDer office + Wi-Spy Mini
  •    inSSIDer office + Wi-Spy DBx

First edition of inSSIDer app does not support 2.4 GHz frequency spectrum analysis. But it stands high in reliability factor and enables the user to select the best channel according to his utility. Wifi analyzer is available for windows 10, windows 8 and windows 10 phone.

3  Wifi analyzer apps for Android:

Given below are the main Wifi analyzer apps for android users in the entire world:

1. iMapper wifi Pro: It is developed by well-established developers’ fullsunning Inc. it offers you a free edition and a full edition. The free edition is limited to the functionality. It only saves two projects. While the full edition is more reliable and accurate. It is available in the Google play store. Full edition features you to test the wifi tools through heat map survey functionality.

IMapper wifi analyzer app for Android will cost you $7.06 for the full edition.

2. Wifi analyzer and surveyor: This app is developed by ManageEngine developers. It is a free application for Android users that can be easily downloaded from Google play store. It offers you a basic survey functionality to analyze the wifi speed areas.

It does not include any premium edition.

3.  iBwave Wifi Mobile: It is a modified version of the windows PC designed by the company. It is an application that syncs the data to the cloud so that you can share and move the projects according to your convenience. It is available in a free version and a paid version.

The paid version costs you around $625 for three months and for 12 months it’s around $1250.

3 Wifi analyzer apps for iPhone:

Given below are the WiFi analyzer apps that a large number of iPhone users are using:

1. IP Network Scanner:

Many of the times users face the problem crowded location with an abundance of networks. In those situations, IP scanner makes it easy for the users by analyzing the entire wifi router that are available and checks the quality of the network before choosing open Wifi. It is one of the fastest wifi analyzer apps for iPhone that provides best and precised results. Users can customize the names to the devices that are connected with wifi. Its clean user interfaces it very beneficial for the professionals. Results can be exported through the mails within your group.It is available for iPhone and iPad devices.

2. Network Analyzer: It is a highly advanced IOS system application that assists the applicants to scan their LAN. After that, it diagnoses the network by detecting any kind of issues in a few seconds. Other than that it checks the speed of the internet connection.  It sends messages and emails to the users to report them about the outcomes. It has been designed to diagnose the issues related to wifi network setups without any difficulty.It is available for IOS operating systems.

3. Speedtest by Ookla:

Internet speed has become the most important concern for both business professionals and home-based users. Speedtest by ookla helps the users by checking the speed of ISP. Its reliability has made more than a million people to use it to check the speed of the internet connection. It provides information to users in the forms of graphs that can be easily understood by them. Through these graphs, one can easily go through the results and share it within their groups.

Some Final Words

All-in-all, you must checked all these above mentioned WiFi analyzing applications that are playing a major role in helping you get the right internet speed in no time. Not only will these apps aid in analyzing the internet speed but also help in easily recognizing the internet is coming at the same range or not. This is essential to have a stable and smooth internet connectivity without fail and you will really be happy to use these apps.

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